Bill's Diary 01

by John C! <>

CHARACTERS (Author) BILL ANDREWS (29) is a shy man who lives in a large four-bedroom house alone. Although he is gay he has never been involved with any other man. His quiet nature makes him naturally submissive. He is 5'8" and weighs 195, he likes to go to the gym and although he's quite heavy for his height he is in good shape. In this series of stories, Bill gets spanked a lot by the other characters.

JAMES HAYES (21) is a neighbour who often goes to the gym with Bill. He is popular and quite c_o_c_k_y and well endowed. He plays soccer and works in a meat processing plant. He is 5'8" as well but only weighs 155. James ordered Bill to keep this diary and post it on the net.

GARY PETERSON (23) is another neighbour, at 5'10" he weighs 170 and is lazy, untidy and very casual. This brown-eyed stud works in a warehouse and, it must be said, he has a gorgeous arse!

ANTHONY HUGHES (21) a mutual friend of James and Bill, he is 6'1 and weighs 150. Tall, lithe and very strong he is incredibly dominating. His blue eyes and brilliant smile get him a lot of attention, he is incredibly handsome and although he plays no sport and doesn't work out he has natural musculature, no body fat and lots of tattoos.

MARTY MOORE (27) is another friend of Bill's. He's a building worker and has the build of an English Premiership soccer player. Although he's normally quiet and gentle, he tries out quite a few new things on Bill (and Gary!)

DANIEL HAYES (18) is James' younger, taller and thinner brother. If arrogance had legs it would walk like Daniel Hayes. This guy is a bully, he gets his way easily, and only James is able to stand up to him. Like Bill, Daniel is exclusively gay, unlike Bill he is a top.

NICKY HUGHES (18) is Anthony's brother and is virtually a copy of his older sibling. He is kinky in his approach to others and despite his youth he is well able to assert himself forcefully. Nicky gets very angry is you tell him he's gay, even though he quite obviously is, but at eighteen he doesn't want to get pigeon-holed (or corn-holed!)

KENNETH PETERSON (22) is Gary's cousin and James' workmate. He's 6' and weighs 165, brown eyes. This broad shouldered straight man packs quite a punch.

MARTIN PETERSON (21) is Gary's openly bi_s_e_x_ual brother and James' workmate. He's a little bit camp but certainly likes getting buried to the balls in anything that moves. He has a one-track mind and will try anything, once.

BILL'S DIARY, Part 01. TUESDAY, 13th February 2001. James and I were showering together after working out at the gym when I realized that my d_i_c_k_ was getting hard! I turned away from him a bit, but it was too late, he had already seen me getting hard. I didn't know what to think. I was getting hard in the shower with a naked twenty-one year old male. James paused for a second.

"I can tell you like my body. That's okay. I like being admired. But remember, you can look, but if you try to touch, I'll f_u_c_k_ing kill you."

With that, he turned and faced me. I slowly ran my eyes down his body. His short hair looked almost black since it was wet. He played soccer and the exercise paid off. But I was only really interested in his d_i_c_k_. I had never had a chance to get a good look at it before. Soft, it looked about four or five inches long and quite thick. Certainly he was better endowed than I was. He turned away from me. I let my eyes linger, taking in the dimpled, firm mounds of his arse before I turned away. I knew I would throw a full boner if I kept looking at him.

THURSDAY, 15th February 2001. We went for a drink together, we talked and he brought up the incident in the shower. He wanted to know what was up with me. Was I a steamer? I told him that he was just a really good-looking lad and I had just been horny that morning. He just stared at me with a smirk on his face then moved on to talk about his latest girlfriend Muriel. Later we staggered back to my place and collapsed into bed, me in the room at the back of the house and James in the front room with the bay window.

FRIDAY, 16th February 2001. We were a bit hung over the next morning, James works in a meat factory but he didn't go in that day. We cycled up to the gym at the airport and worked out a while. After cycling home he showered in my house. I was changing in my bedroom when he came through the door. He was dry, but still naked like me. He sat on my bed. I looked at him.

"I got a problem," he said.

"What's wrong?"

He grabbed his d_i_c_k_ and stroked it a bit. I watched as it grew in his hand. Within seconds, he was holding about eight thick inches. I knew my mouth had dropped open, so I closed it. He looked up at me.

"This is what's wrong. I am horny as hell and as you seem so fascinated by d_i_c_k_ here that I thought you might like to take care of him for me."

"Well, I... I think you are cute, James, but what about the fact that I'm almost ten years older than you?"

He chuckled. "You may be older but you're not going to be the one in charge here. I'm going to order you to suck me off and you'll just do as you're told. From here on in I order and you obey. Got it?"

I asked him about his girlfriend and he smiled. Muriel wasn't into sucking and James had realised that I might be willing. Even though he was being a bit forceful I wasn't go to let this opportunity slip by. I slowly dropped to my knees.

"You like my d_i_c_k_ Bill?"

I nodded.

"Well, crawl over here and kneel at my feet, c_o_c_k_sucker."

I did as he ordered, my knees hurting on the hard floor. But I ignored the pain and the humiliation of crawling on the floor to get closer to this handsome young stud and his throbbing hard d_i_c_k_. He just grinned and watched me. When I got in front of him, my face only inches from his d_i_c_k_, I stopped and looked up at him. He was staring down at me. His d_i_c_k_ bobbed just in front of my lips and I began to lean forward to take him in my mouth, but his hand grabbed my ear and stopped me. He pulled my head back until my eyes met his.

"I told you that we do this my way cunt. You got that? You do what I say when I say, or I'm out of here. Understand?"

I was kind of shocked to hear him call me that word, (he knew I hated the word) but just replied, "Yeah, James."

"You call me Sir, if you're going to suck my d_i_c_k_."

"Yes, Sir," I replied.

That wasn't too much to do if it got me the chance to suck his d_i_c_k_. I had accepted now that I wanted nothing more than to feel it slide into my mouth.

"Go ahead, c_o_c_k_sucker. Beg me."

"Please, Sir. Please let me suck your d_i_c_k_. I am begging you, Sir. Please let me lick your d_i_c_k_ and suck it, Sir. I want your d_i_c_k_ so bad!"

He released his grip on my ear and I captured his d_i_c_k_ in my mouth. I could taste the salty precum that was oozing from his slit. My tongue danced over the head and I listened as he moaned in pleasure.

"Yeah, that's it c_o_c_k_sucker. Work my d_i_c_k_ with that tongue. Make me feel good, faggot."

I reached up and ran my hands along his calves, feeling the sparse hairs that grew there.

"No hands! You just use your mouth."

I dropped my hands to my own d_i_c_k_ and began to stroke it as I slid my lips down the length of his hot d_i_c_k_.

"F_u_c_k_ it!" he said, yanking his d_i_c_k_ from between my lips. "I said you couldn't use your hands. Didn't you hear me?"

"I'm sorry James, please..." I began, but he interrupted.

"Shut up faggot! I told you. My way and don't forget to call me sir. You want me to stop and I walk out of here."

He pulled me to my feet and moved behind me, I could feel his shaft along the crack of my arse.

"I'm going to get me some of your cunt later. I'm going to ram my d_i_c_k_ up inside you and turn you into my cunt. Any man ever made you his cunt boy?"

"No, sir."

James grinned, "Well an old-fashioned spanking might get you warmed up if I decide to f_u_c_k_ you. Over you go." He said as he dropped himself on the edge of the bed and patted his knee.

I obediently draped myself over James' knees, my hands and feet touching the floor. He parted my legs and rubbed my bottom. Then he started spanking, alternating from left to right cheek.

By twenty, I was trying hard not to cry out. Then he stopped for a minute. And the spanking began again. Thirty, forty, then fifty and he paused to examine my bottom.

"Stand up."

My c_o_c_k_ was still rock hard.

"Back into position."

The next fifty were more painful. I was determined not to cry out, but couldn't help wriggling.

"Stand up. Hands on head. Bend over."

He examined my butt.

"Red, but not red enough. Get me a wooden spoon."

"Oh, please, James. No Sir. I'm sorry, Sir."

"Silence, boy. An extra six for that outburst."

I ran to get the wooden spoon from the kitchen. As I walked back towards him my fully erect c_o_c_k_ bounced up and down. It was humiliating. And there was nothing I could do about it. I couldn't try to push it away from him. I handed him the wooden spoon.

"I think you're ready. Bend over the bed, boy. Head down. Bum up."

I took up the required position. He stood behind me. The worst part was the waiting, knowing what's about to happen and how it will feel. I spread my legs so he could get a good view of everything.

"You agree you need a sound spanking boy?"

"Yes, Sir. I know I need it real bad, Sir. I'm ready Sir."

Whack. It stung. So did the next five quickly delivered on the same spot on my left cheek. Then six were given on my right cheek.

"Aah, Sir. Yes, oh yes. Sir, thank you. Yes Sir, thank you Sir. I can take it Sir."

Whack! I was sliding over onto the bed. Whack! I pushed myself back. Whack!

"Keep still, boy. I don't want a moving target. Don't move."

Whack! Whack!

"Sorry Sir. I'm doing my best. Sorry Sir."

Then James began to alternate sides, covering my butt all over.

"Oh, please, Sir, I promise I won't be bad again."

James got into a rhythm. Slow and steady.

Whack! Whack! Whack!

"Good, boy. That's the way. You're taking it well. Soon you'll be all hot and glowing, and ready for my paddle."

Whack! Whack! Whack!

I grunted as each stroke connected with my stinging arse.

Whack! Whack! Whack!

"That's the way, boy. Keep still for me. Take your treatment. Make an effort for me, boy," he kept encouraging me.

Whack! Whack! Whack!

"Yes Sir," I whispered back. "Thank you, Sir."

Whack! Whack! Whack!

It really hurt, a stinging pain. And I began crying. I found it real humiliating. I'm not a little kid. I'm grown up and I should be able to take it. I poked my butt right up to show him that despite the tears I'm doing my best.

"You need it harder boy?" he asked.

"Yes Sir. Please Sir. I can take it."

"Good boy. That's what I like to hear."

I was determined to keep my butt poked up for treatment but after the second set of six, I was really sobbing. But I kept pushing my butt right up. The strokes got even harder.

"This is what you need," he says. "Don't wriggle. We've only started, my boy."

I sobbed, gasping for air. Whack! Whack! Whack! James placed a firm hand on my back.

"I see I'm finally getting through to you. Another twenty-four of these should do the trick. I'd like you to call them for me."


"Oh, one, Sir!"


"Oh, two, Sir!"

It seemed endless. I concentrated on counting and deep breathing between strokes. If I got a number wrong that one doesn't count. If I completely lose count, James said he would start again from one. So I concentrated real hard.

My bottom felt like it was on fire.


"Twenty four Sir. Thank you Sir."

After the spanking he moved back in front of me and put his hands on my shoulders. He pushed me to my knees and again I found myself with my mouth just inches from his hard d_i_c_k_. Another drop of precum had formed and I leaned forward and licked it off eagerly. I heard him laugh.

"_d_a_m_n_. What a f_u_c_k_ing faggot! So hot for my juice you can't even wait for me to shove it in your mouth."

As he said that, he thrust his hips forward and several inches of his thick d_i_c_k_ slid into my mouth. He pulled his knob back to just inside my lips and then thrust back in, a bit deeper each time. His knob reached the entrance to my throat and as I gagged, he held my head firmly between his hands and forced it in deeper. Soon, my nose rested in his black pubic hair. He held there, his d_i_c_k_ cutting off my air and I fought the urge to gag.

"Yeah. Soaking my d_i_c_k_ in your throat, boy. Feels good!"

His hands held my head more tightly. After a few seconds I began to struggle, needing to get air.

He held his d_i_c_k_ completely down my throat for another few seconds, until I began to get desperate, then he let go. I quickly dragged my head back and inhaled deeply through my nose. I could hear James laughing. He thrust in again. Soon, he had set up his pace and was roughly f_u_c_k_ing my face.

"Yeah, boy. Take my d_i_c_k_. Muriel won't let me f_u_c_k_ her throat raw, but you've got no choice, do you boy? F_u_c_k_ing eat my meat. Yeah, c_o_c_k_sucker, you were born to suck a man's d_i_c_k_. You need a rough f_u_c_k_ in the mouth real bad and I'm the man to give it to you!"

The speed of his hips had increased. My eyes were watering and my lips and throat were starting to go numb from his pistoning d_i_c_k_. Still, my own d_i_c_k_ throbbed and twitched between my spread legs. My arms pulled at the tie around my wrists and I could tell that James liked watching me struggle, but there was no way I could get free. I felt him twist my head back, managing to get even deeper in my throat. I could now look up at him. His lips were parted as he panted with the effort of his f_u_c_k_ing. He was looking right down at me and my eyes met his.

"Going to cum in your mouth, c_o_c_k_sucker. Fill you up with my wad and watch you drink it, bum-boy. _d_a_m_n_, a big man like you swallowing my f_u_c_k_ing sperm. I can't wait to watch you drink my wad, boy. Yeah! Almost there! OHH yeah! F_u_c_k_ing cumming in your mouth! Swallow it, Bill, swallow the cum right out of my balls!"

I had no choice but to swallow. His d_i_c_k_ was buried deep in my throat when the first spurt shot forth and I never even tasted it. But the force of his orgasm jerked his hips back and two large salty spurts covered my tongue. He then plunged in again, emptying more of himself down my throat. Then he pulled back and held the head on my tongue. Another larger spurt of his hot cum shot out, then he milked the shaft with his hand for a second. I flicked my tongue over the head, lapping up the large drop of sperm he had squeezed out. Then the palm of his left hand pushed against my forehead and knocked me back onto the floor on my butt.

I looked up at James. His chest was covered with a thin sheen of sweat and his face was flushed. He was still taking deep breaths from his exertions that gave me a great view of his magnificent chest expanding and contracting. My own d_i_c_k_ was leaking precum and in desperate need, but there was no way I could give it any attention. James caught his breath, staring down at me almost contemptuously and moved back to the bed. He sat on it again, his legs spread wide. I saw that his d_i_c_k_ was still hard. Looking at him, sweaty and his hard d_i_c_k_ throbbing and covered with my spit had me even more turned on. I definitely wanted to suck this stud again! I didn't realize that his plans were a lot different.

He looked at his watch "s_h_i_t_! Is that the time? I have to meet the lads for a pint!"

It was only six o'clock but he had arranged to meet the others to watch a match in the pub. He quickly pulled on some clothes and left me kneeling naked on the floor, embarrassed but glowing with happiness after the time we'd had together.

After James had left I stood up. My jaws were sore after their first experience of sucking d_i_c_k_, but my arse was sorer from the spanking. I went into the shower and washed in cool water, the hot sensation of my cheeks reminded me of what had happened. I watched television for a while and then at about ten I went to bed.

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