Straigt Atlanta Guy Finds 'dad'

by Spkatlanta <>

I was always fascinated by being disciplined by being spanked. I was rarely spanked growing up but I do know I deserved and needed it at times. Some girlfriends tried but most were not into it or it was too light or just foreplay.

For some reason, I started thinking about being spanked by a 'father' type. I am straight so the idea scared me as much as it interested me. See, for me its nothing _s_e_x_ual but instead my nned for discipline and the releif and comfort alief afterwards know I was spanked for being bad. It frees the concience.

I started reading and looking on the net for information. I did learn I was not alone and there were some male disciplinarians that knew the benifits of domestic discipline and would give it. Nothing _s_e_x_ual.

Being very novice and str8, two things concerned me: 1) The spanker wouyld want or attempt something _s_e_x_ual or act in a way I was not comfortable with. 2) He would injure me and be too severe.

For me, it would be a bare bottem spanking, maybe with a paddle, on the bvare and OTK once I was comfortable with 'Dad'. Spanked like a kid, not abused or injured.

I talked to many people on the net. Many were probably OK but finaly I started talking to other novices. I. E. Approaching older men that might. I finaly Came across someone that was on same wavelength. He never really thought of spanking before but the idea intereested him. He was also local.

I am 36 and he is 60 so he really was old enough to be 'Dad".

After many conversations, I felt he was the Dad I was looknig for.

We agreed on a short first meeting. I show up, we go to living room and I either bare bottem or not, and get paddled until I say 'Yes Sir'

That is how everything went. I did bare my bottem and got 20 with the paddle.

It is nothing _s_e_x_ual for either. I know I need the firm discipline and he is willing to give it. My bottem was red and I was almost to tears.

I know I'll regret it during it but I am sort of looking forward to being disciplined the next time.

To all the straight men: Keep looking for that strict disciplinarian. You will find him.

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