Lunchtime Lessons: Beating Bad Behaviour

by Naughty Suited Boy <>

It was not my usual lunchtime haunt, but one I had visited before. It was quiet on the talent front today though - nobody seemed to want some fun, which was a pity as I did! Still, I had enough time to wait and see what came along, and I chose to do this in the solitary toilet cubicle, the door of which had a convenient hole in at standing eye-level. This allowed you to see who came in, and what they were doing at the two urinals. While waiting you could sit down and play with yourself, with your trousers and/ or underpants around your ankles or not, as you saw fit. Indeed if you struck lucky, you could stand in the cubicle doorway like that, showing your credentials in all their glory to another horny guy - or perhaps if very lucky, guys!

It was unpredictable though, you never knew if the stay would be frustratingly barren, or highly entertaining. I unbuttoned my jacket, dropped my pants, loosened my tie and sat back on the toilet, tugging at my hungry meat protruding out of my boxer-shorts, their flies warm from a morning's wear, and damp from later morning's distractions. One distraction works in the department next door; cute and blond, as I see him go past several times a day, you will appreciate the state my underwear is in. Once or twice in the past he's bent over to pick up some papers and seeing the line of his shorts under his crisp pressed black trousers, which cover his well-shaped behind, has given me the horn and an urgent reason to hurry off to a toilet!

Such was the stuff of my fantasies as I sat reading the graffiti on the walls - graffiti which in some cases only added to my state of arousal. When I heard the footsteps of somebody coming through the outer door and through the tiny anteroom, I broke from my reverie and stood up, adopting a position where feet had barely moved but the rest of my body craned forward to spy on the new arrival. He was in his early or mid-twenties I'd say. Respectably dressed - smart, dark suit, shirt and tie - and with his dark hair swept back at the sides. Nice to look at so far! My handsome visitor settled himself at the urinal and after a moment's pause I heard, but could not quite see, the jet of piss gurgling against the stoneware. I tried to imagine what his dick looked like, protruding from the flies of his suit-pants as he relieved his bladder. The sound of urine splashing forth soon ceased, but there was no immediate sign of him moving away. A tingle went through me, as it occurred to me that he might just be doing something else, but I remained patient. I was well aware that a slight delay did not necessarily mean a man was here for fun; he could easily have been simply doing up his trousers. He glanced towards my cubicle door, but did not move away from the urinal.

After a minute or two I suspected something interesting was happening with my visitor. My dick standing up, proudly saluting the sky, I slid back the bolt on the door and opened it a chink to spy out upon what the guy was doing. Instinctively he turned to look at me, and saw me stood there, trousers around ankles and a hungry wet stiffy bobbing against my shirt front. He gave a feint smile and turned his body so that his waist-line was no longer obscured by his jacket. And what a sight met my gaze.

Jutting out of his trousers in a majestic arc - truly like a ripe, fleshy banana - was a very erect and very unsatisfied penis. Given its curve I couldn't estimate length properly, but it was a sizeable slab of meat, the wet, cloven tip of his glans protruding from the cowl of foreskin.

"Go on, have a stroke." He said quietly and calmly, in a way that was as much an instruction as an offer. Either way, I was not going to decline!

His _c_o_c_k_ was warm and incredibly solid, whether as a sign of desperation or as a sign of general arousal I could not tell. It certainly felt good in my hand and was very impressive to see; getting a boner like that in your pants in the middle of the office would have been very hard to hide (I had trouble hiding mine as it was). Uncontrolled it would have split your knickers to get free!

He smiled at me as I began wanking him and he took hold of my stiffy and began to reciprocate. His grip on my tool was as firm as his member, but not unpleasantly so. He pushed my foreskin back and forth in long sensual strokes, nothing too hard or rough, but with enough effort to keep my horn horny. I ran my free hand across hiss back then under the tail of his jacket to his behind, which I began stroking and caressing through the fabric of his trousers. Probably because I was in a heavy state of arousal, this was an even more sensual experience than usual. I love guys wearing suits and love getting off with them, and there was a certain something about rubbing at a pair of hot, manly bum-halves across the wool and viscose weave, relishing the texture of that smart covering. Our lips met and started kissing deeply, still jacking each other's _c_o_c_k_s as each mouth explored the other's face.

Visually, seeing his thirsty prick protruding out of those dark pants, a crimson red helmet topping a tan-skin stalk made me want to kneel down and worship him. Without a word I crouched onto my haunches and took as much of him as I could into my waiting mouth. He tasted and smelt delicious. He tasted and smelt of all the things men taste of when you suck them deodorant, pre-cum, a morning's musky perspiration and the faintest mellow-smelling trace of piss - and in seemingly the right proportions for an enjoyable suck.

"That feels good," he sighed, "Now stand up, I'll suck you."

I stood up and he crouched down, immediately deep-throating me with greedy, energetic sucks. As he slurped over my _c_o_c_k_, on hand was up the front of my shirt, running across the hair on my torso, while another was searching my arse cheeks, tweaking them before fingers probed between them with lascivious intent inside my satin boxers.

"Oh, oh boy...." I muttered, stroking his neck. His finger probed my hole for a few minutes more, sending waves of pleasure through me, before I resumed sucking him once more, with my sticky wet _c_o_c_k_ swinging blatantly between my legs.

"Oh god, yeah," he muttered, pulling my head further on to him and gently rocking his hips as I went down on him. My nose was pushed further and further into the open zip of his trousers and against some thick pubic hair, as black as that on his head, sprouting out of his boxer flies. Looking at the base of his _c_o_c_k_ I could just see the start of his ball-sac, trapped in the confines of the red-and-white checked shorts and his suit pants. I so wanted to see his balls, lick their hairy sac, suck them even. I stroked them through his trousers as I sucked his dick, and then deliberately slipped my hands up, stroking his belly through shirt and tie, before bringing them back down to his waist. "No, not here..." he said as I attacked his belt buckle.

"It's okay in here..." I replied, pushing his hands from his waist, "Trust me." I smiled

"Please..." he said, shaking his head. I ignored him as I undid the waistband of his trousers. The weight of his dangling genitals made them sag open immediately and I took hold of them and pushed them from his hips. Keys and loose change carried them further down his legs than I intended, so they came to a stop around his knees. His boxer-shorts were, as I suspected of the cotton rather than the jersey variety, quite long-legged and clinging _s_e_x_ily in various places from half-a-day's wear. Needless to say that around one place in particular you could see the tell-tale signs of his arousal prior to going on lunch, as well as a slight bloom of a urine stain under the fly.

"Nice shorts!" I said with a smile as I tugged his testicles out of the flies of his shorts (Making him drop his boxers would have been asking a bit much) so they dangled below his ever-erect penis, and gave then a lick.

"What do we do if we get caught?" he whispered loudly to me as I took both balls into my mouths.

"Yeah, tell us, what you'll do when you get caught!" A voice said, cutting away my attempted reassurance that we would not get caught. Standing in front of us were two security guards. I'd never these two about before - they weren't bad looking, albeit older than myself and my _c_o_c_k_-comrade - and both were smirking at us.

"Oh _s_h_i_t_..." I muttered, as I separated from the groin of my companion

"Oh _f_u_c_k_!" said my companion simultaneously. Desperately quick, our faces burning in shame, we dressed ourselves, watched intensely by the two security guys.

"You boys are in deep _s_h_i_t_ you know that don't you?" the older of the two said.

"Yeah... "we muttered. My companion looked terrified - I don't think I looked less fearful myself.

"What - what's g-going to happen to us?" he asked, a fraction ahead of me.

"Well now," said the youngest of the pair, tall with cropped red-blond hair, "We should hand you over to the police for indecent behaviour, shouldn't we?"

"Indeed we should." His companion concurred. He was stockier, and his dark hair peppered with grey. I couldn't help noticing, even in times like this, how flattering their uniform pants were to their crotches.

"Please - don't!" begged my friend, "I'd get fired!"

"Undoubtedly!" replied Ginger, "What do you do?"

"I'm a junior stock-broker." he confessed.

"And you?" Ginger addressed me with a cool smile and an ambiguous glance towards my re-clothed privates.

"Admin Officer." I replied. Not quite so grand as a stock-broker by any means, but still plenty of responsibility to get sacked from. The two security men exchanged knowing glances.

"Well now, "said Silver, "I think that as it's your first offence [if only he knew the truth!] for you both, we won't get the police involved...."

The pair of us flopped in relief as our careers were saved.

"But instead we'll punish you!" he concluded.

"What?" we chorused.

"You heard my colleague." said Ginger, "We aren't letting you off the hook that easy."

"Move over to the wash basins now, you naughty boys." Silver ordered. I made to move towards the small sinks, backed by a mirrored wall. My stockbroker was more reluctant.

"What are you going to do to us?" he enquired

"Punish you the way a naughty boy should be punished." replied Silver. "Now stand next to your friend facing the mirrors." and he gave the broker a gentle shove in the right direction, so he stood next to me. Ginger and Silver stood one behind each of us.

"You two randy high-fliers need to be taught a lesson." Silver said coolly.

"Yeah, you need to be taken down a peg or two." added Ginger, a little menacingly.

"So, you bad, bad boys take off your jackets please." ordered Silver. We quickly complied, handing our jackets to Ginger who placed close at hand. Silver smiled.

"Thank you. Now bend over the basins please."

"Err why?" I ventured, suspecting what the answer was going to be.

"We're going to give you what naughty boys deserve." Ginger grinned. "We're going to give you each a good spanking. Right here. Right now."

"Oh _s_h_i_t_." came my reply, for the second time in a matter of minutes.

"No way!" replied Broker in horror, who made a small move as if to try and leave.

"Either we spank you, or we'll let the police deal with you," came the reply. Offered the two alternatives, we both calmly bent over the washbasins. Their design was such that they were slightly lower than our natural waist-level; bending right over them thrust our arses out and up in a perilous way. With our faces towards the mirrors we would see perfectly what was going to happen to us. Ginger and Silver looked very _s_e_x_y in their grey and blue uniforms, with their well-polished Doc Marten boots and burnished black belts (and very well stuffed packets). I was in no doubt that they were going to enjoy this as they smirked at our submissive postures.

"Aren't you going to lock the door - somebody might come in?" asked Broker, as the two guards assumed positions ready to begin the punishment

"Oh no." answered Silver brightly, "The whole point of this sort of punishment is the chance of people coming in and seeing you both getting your bottoms spanked good and hard!"

"In fact we hope somebody will come in - you won't look so high-and-mighty then!" said Ginger

I had expected that sort of answer, and in a strange way, the prospect of being spanked, in public, by a _s_e_x_y security guard suddenly became both more frightening, and more exciting. They each moved close to one side of each of us and taking hold of our belts with one hand pulled our trousers taught across our behinds and tight in our groins. Ginger, who was to punish me, sighed in admiration.

"Such innocent looking bottoms they both have - so respectably clad, so ready for a spanking!"

"You'd be amazed just how many businessmen have backsides that are!" replied Silver. "I've sent accountants, lawyers, bank managers, insurance clerks and untold numbers of flash City-type boys back to work with their botties burning under their suits. Even left a snotty barrister hoping he wouldn't have to sit down in his three-piece pin-stripes all afternoon after a good hard thrashing and forfeiting his y-fronts!" he mused. He then explained the proceedings to us.

"Right now listen up you naughty boys. You will each receive ten hand-slaps across your bottoms, after which you will say 'Thank-you Sir'. You will then receive another ten, and thank us, then another, and so on until we decide you have been punished enough. Do you understand?"

"Yes sir!" I replied, getting into the habit early.

"Yes sir." Broker answered. He was not enjoying this, whereas I was beginning to suspect I definitely was. Something unsatisfied was stirring in the front of my shorts - that was certain!

"We shall begin then." said Silver, who nodded at Ginger. Once more the tug came on my belt and Ginger raised his hand. He grinned.

"This will hurt us far more than it will hurt you boys!" he said and they began to spank us, their manly hands coming down across our buttocks with enthusiastic gusto.


"Thank you sir." we chimed.

Silver smiled ever so slightly. "And again."


"Thank you sir."

"Excellent." Ginger said, "And again, boys."


"Thank you sir."


"Thank you sir." .


"Thank you sir." It was not so agonising as first imagined, but it did rather take your breath away.

The initial sharp sting was gradually warming as our arses did so.

"Very good." announced Silver, giving an approving smile to Ginger.

WHACK, WHACK, WHACK, WHACK... I heard the sound of footsteps coming in, the dull squeak of training-shoe soles walking across the floor -tiles. In walked two teenage lads in their own scruffy version of school uniform - shirts out, ties askew, tatty blazers and dirty white trainers on their feet - to witness our chastisement.

"_f_u_c_k_in' hell, what are you doin'?" one asked the security guards. The other, still staring like his friend, headed over to the urinals; his friend would follow in a moment.

"These two lads are being punished for misbehaving." explained Ginger.


"Just look at their arse wobbling as they get smacked. Are you gonna cane them?" asked the first lad

"They're too old to be spanked!" replied the second lad

"Oh I don't know about that...." said Silver, "We're teaching them a lesson." He then addressed

Ginger: "You know, I'm not sure these two are really learning their lesson like this. There needs to be more severity, and more... humiliation don't you think?"

Ginger nodded vigorously. "Trousers down?" he suggested

"Absolutely! Trousers down!" and they moved behind us, their hands reaching under to our trouser-flies.

"Please..." I moaned ambiguously.

"...No..." lamented Broker, who tried to fidget against the weight of Silver keeping him steady.

"Ha! Look at them - the guards are pulling their pants down!" said the first lad, pissing while he watched.

"Not even my old man ever took me pants down to give me a good hiding!" laughed the second, who had finished spending a penny and was trying to get as good a view as possible of the proceedings "Such big boys getting spanked like little babies!"

"I hope you're both wearing clean underpants boys, cause we're about to find out if you're not!" said Silver

I kept my eyes firmly looking at the mirror as two pairs of sinewy security guard hands dealt with two belts and two sets on fastenings on two pairs of impeccably tailored, smart suit-trousers, whose seats were now quite warm. I was quietly bemused as Ginger's eyebrows rose a little in surprise as he brought my zipper down across a full-blown erection. Unfastened, our trousers were pulled down to our ankles, belt-buckles chinking on the tiled floor.

"Mmm..." Ginger said, appreciatively stroking my shorts, "Get a load of the silky pants!" he pulled my burgundy striped shirt tail up to give everybody a better view. I kept my head down as the school-lads wolf-whistled.

"_s_e_x_y knickers!" mocked one. The way Ginger goosed my behind suggested at least he was sincere!

"Very nice - amazing what some people wear!" said Silver. "They won't offer much more protection than the cotton drawers of our Stockbroker here. Recommence the punishment!"

"Oh god, no," moaned Broker, his face pink with the shame of being seen like this

"Be quiet boy! Such impertinence!" snapped Silver, "You don't look so flash and business-like now getting spanked across your colourful boxers!"


"Thank you sir." we said once more, above the giggles of the juvenile audience.

"Hit 'em harder!" said the second lad

"Take their undies down and spank their arses bare!" said the first

"Yeah, spank their arses bare!" affirmed the second "Give their nuts a good slap!"

"We'll spank your arses bare if you don't bugger off!" said Silver (That would have been a sight to see). The two lads stood laughing. "Don't think you're too old for a spanking - look at these two. Now scram!" Realising his seriousness, they turned and made a sharp exit, laughing at us as they went. The spanking then continued


"Thank you sir." The spanking felt more uncomfortable now that we only had our comparatively flimsy underwear to protect our butts. I wouldn't have thought my trousers - which were far from heavy-weight - would have made so much difference, but it did. The sting had returned!


"Thank you sir." I said, conscious that my boner was trying to escape my shorts.

"" gasped Broker, who obviously was well-past the "uncomfortable sting" stage. In the mirror I could see his chequered-boxered arse jiggle _s_e_x_ily each time he was spanked.


"Thank you sir." .


"Oh I say!" came a surprised voice. Stood watching us was an impeccably dressed business-type man, in his mid-fifties perhaps. His mouth gaped ever so slightly, but then we must have made a surprising sight to walk in on - two men in their twenties, having had their trousers taken down, being spanked by two strapping security men for all to see

"What's going on man?" he asked Silver

"Youthful high jinks of the worst sort I'm afraid sir," he replied calmly, "My colleague and I are just teaching them the error of their ways."

"So I see, so I see. Only proper to punish bad behaviour. Please do continue." He nodded,


"This reminds me of my days in teaching - public school mind. Best way to deal with high jinks was a good flogging - in front of the whole school if at all possible."

"Trousers-down sir?" asked Ginger with enthusiasm. He was, I could tell, now sporting a hard-on, not unlike mine that pressed into my satin-clad thigh through the packet of his uniform trousers.


"Ah, very rarely in front of the whole school. In front of a class certainly!" he gave each of our behinds hefty slaps, "A severe misdemeanour warranted a bare-bottom punishment you know?"

"Really? With a cane or the hand?" asked Silver, intrigued

"Occasionally, but not necessarily my man! If the youth wore a belt it would be taken out of his trousers, his trousers and underpants taken down, him put across your knee in front of the class and the flogging carried out. The older boys found it a most embarrassing punishment. Observe thus!" Before any further action could be taken he had pulled Broker by the scruff of the neck away from the washbasins. He dropped to one knee, tossed the poor professional lad over that and, without ceremony, whipped down the lad's boxers with a note of disdain and a crack of split stitches.


"Aargh...." came Broker's slightly strangled response.

"Boys never wore such frivolous frillies in my day!" and pulling Broker's belt from the trouser loops, he doubled it over and began flogging him soundly across his glowing red arse. [All this, you understand, I saw in the mirror and out of the corner of my eye - I didn't dare move away from Ginger] "When I was Housemaster my boys wore sensible white underpants or none at all!" WHACK, WHACK, WHACK, WHACK, WHACK, WHACK, WHACK, WHACK, WHACK,

"Aaargh!" grunted Broker in distress.


"Uuurgh...." moaned Broker, as the buckle jabbed into his cheeks.....

"Any boy caught in non-regulation underwear was publicly debagged and given six-of-the-best!"


"You see it's all a question of establishing the power base gentlemen." he explained while flogging for all he was worth, "As master you have the power to punish, but you also have the power to humiliate, do you not?"

"Indeed we do." replied Silver. Ginger affirmed with a nod.


"What you punish a boy with causes varying degrees of pain, and of course, whether cane or ruler is applied to a lad's hand or behind - bare or clothed - has an impact too. Yet the lasting impact of the punishment is not so much the pain as the shame and humiliation!!"


"Should I flog the other miscreant sir?" Ginger asked Silver

"Yes, but best do it there - not enough space over here."

Ginger crouched down and unthreaded my belt, and then standing up, I felt his hands upon my shorts. These he tugged down over my behind until the waistband was just nesting under my arse; at the front my raging hard-on was - by his design - still covered (just) in cummy, wet satin.

"Oh... please..." I gasped as he folded my thick leather belt over and began flogging


"Aaargh!" I gasped in shock. My erection nearly split my boxers!


"Good rhythm man!" said the former school master. "As I was saying gentlemen, the far more lasting part of a punishment is the humiliation. Six-of-the-best across your behind is painful enough for some lads, but it can be made much worse."

"Undoubtedly." affirmed Silver, who resumed punishing Broker.


"The level of indignity rises depending on the location and whether you have any audience present. Anything between master and student alone is idyllic, compared to, say, in front of your fellow miscreants, or in front of your whole class. Worst of all is in assembly - having to stand there, bend over and raise your arse for the cane in front of the entire school!"

"Not only your punishment but your demeanour during the punishment being watched by everybody," said Ginger, "Trying not to blub as you get whipped - or risk being called a girlie whimp if you do!"


"Exactly. Degradation can be compounded by the student's state of dress. Imagine what could be worse for a growing lad than to have his trousers taken down in front of all his chums and perhaps his underpants too! The horror of your master and other students fully clothed while you are bent over, half-naked, and unable to hide from their critical gaze, the cruel and critical gaze upon a lad's tackle! I've known many a lad shamed into everlasting good behaviour after everybody saw what was between his legs."


I was wondering if this would ever end; Broker had tears dripping down his cheeks.

"Whether they were first-form brats or sixth-form rugger stars, they soon learnt their place when everyone gossiped about how big or small their pricks were or were not and whether or not their pubes had sprouted or not and what colour they were! They weren't so _c_o_c_k_y then, I can tell you. No matter how old you are, you don't want your privates put on display, especially if they do unpredictable things as they are wont to!"

"Excruciatingly embarrassing I suspect to be seen getting an erection by one's peers!" said Ginger My own privates were doing very predictable things at the moment. My backside was in agony from the flogging, on fire almost, but so was my _c_o_c_k_....


"The ultimate was perhaps to have Matron punish them. The terror of a woman doing it was incredible for some lads! It was almost emasculating for the seniors - here was a woman with the power to take down your trousers, your underpants, put you over her knee, and spank you and see your tackle too!"


"And as for these two wastrels here, well, look at them both!" he moved between Broker and me, "By your dress, respectable, responsible young men of business not given for adolescent frivolities. Yet you stand here now for all to see, humiliated!"


"Not so grand any more are you, eh? You've been made to bend over, had your trousers taken down, and your prissy girlie underpants too, which we can all see! Finally you've had your bare bottoms thrashed like little children! Grown men treated as little boys, getting a hand-spanking and a whipping with your own belts! Every scrap of dignity and power quite literally stripped away and replaced by shame!!" he finished on a crescendo and took a deep breath, "If you'll excuse me please gentlemen for a moment."

He entered the cubicle and shut the door. After a moment there were some strained grunts from within and then we heard a random plop-plop-plopping, the familiar sound of cum being shot into a toilet pan. The toilet flushed and the "school master" stepped out, his face flushed a little from excitement. He addressed Silver and Ginger.

"Good day to you gentlemen. I see you are now experts in your task."

He left and Ginger and Silver released their holds on us both. It was obvious that our stock-broker had suffered much, with belt-wide welts striping his butt. His once-proud boner had shrunk down to a wretched but nevertheless still large state of non-arousal. Silver helped him pull up his trousers and shorts for him, before stopping to admire the lad's prick.

"You took your punishment well boy," he said, "now let me deal with that."

Before the guy could make any protest, Silver had delved into his as-yet-unfastened trousers and pulled out said offending member, and briskly began wanking it.

"Oh, _f_u_c_k_...." muttered Broker, eyes half-closing with joy.

"Look what this naughty boy had hidden!" said Ginger, and he pulled down my shorts so that my erect _c_o_c_k_ sprang up and batted the front of my shirt. Silver shook his head.

"Such a dirty great stiffy! You'd better deal with that for him!"

"He can deal with this for me then!" said Ginger, and he unzipped himself and from the restriction of his snug-fitting uniform pants his long springy member was brought forth.

"And say sorry to your whiz-kid friend too," said Silver, pushed my erstwhile companion towards me as Ginger bent me over. Finally I got to resume sucking off that gorgeous erection jutting from Broker's loins!

With one _c_o_c_k_ being thrust enthusiastically into my mouth the slimmer, longer red headed tool of Ginger was slid into my arse, with the help of a rubber and a bit of rough determination. A thrashing did not quite prepare the arse-hole for _f_u_c_k_ing after all....

"Your arse will be sore inside too, now!" growled Ginger.

"It is..." I mumbled, my mouth stuffed with man-_s_e_x_.

Silver unzipped his own _c_o_c_k_ thick and chunky like its owner and rubbering up, eased it inside my companion's behind, his shorts and trousers falling down his legs once more and the pain and discomfort of penetration subdued by my handsome efforts upon his own arousal. It was obvious that neither of us were virgins when it came to taking it up the arse, but the sensations still took your breath away.

It was fast and frantic, given the state of arousal we were all in - so my arse and my face-cheeks got well punished this time. Having just been spanked you can imagine the soreness as Ginger's still-trousered hips crashed against my throbbing rump. Generously, he grabbed hold of my _c_o_c_k_ and, in rhythm to the banging at both ends, wanked me until I spunked over my legs, boxers, and the floor. Silver climaxed in heavy shoves into Broker's arse, who then washed my tonsils with his thick cream and choked back cries of relief. Finally, in a series of hearty thrusts, Ginger shot his juices up my freshly abused, red-raw poop-chute, making me come.

"Thanks...." Broker whispered to me as he dressed, and with a pained smile from fastened trousers across throbbing arse-cheeks, he quietly left.

We cleaned up, and Silver left first to his dismay, due to a call on his walkie talkie. Ginger helped me tidy up and then, just as I thought we would part quietly and anonymously, kissed me full on the lips.

"Remember - if you misbehave again in here we'll give you more of the same!"

"I'll be on my worst behaviour always!" I replied

"Good. I'm glad to hear it!" and he patted my behind. I winced a little.

"Sore?" he asked, stroking it more gently now.

"Tender. Not the first time I've been spanked and won't be the last!"

"Really? I'm Adrian by the way, the other guy is Jack." He smiled again as he wrapped the spent rubber in a tissue. I'd noticed he was wearing white jersey type trunks under his trousers. They had probably been crisp and white this morning, but I was sure they were almost as sweaty and sticky as my own pants were.

"I'm Nick, and," glancing at my watch, "And I'm very late for work!"

"You naughty boy! I wouldn't want you getting a spanking for being late - run along quick!" and he kissed me on the cheek before waving me off.

"Yes sir!" and very late, rather sore, but incredibly horny, I went back to work, with my arse glowing under my suit pants, just as I'd been promised it would!

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