Bullied in the Cafeteria Part 2

by Paul 33 <Arpoador3@cs.com>


Matt, Kevin and Tom slowly made their way down the empty halls towards Father O'Flannery's office. "Your ass is toast, Green." Kevin snarled. "What dirty old man O'Flannery does will look like a baby pat next to what we do when we are done here. Maybe it won't be today, maybe it won't be tomorrow, but your ass can quiver in anticipation knowing that is coming." Matt stayed silent and continued to walk glumly towards the Principal's office.

When they reached the office the Principal's secretary, Miss Corning, was seated at the reception desk. Miss Corning was in her early twenties. She had been arrested for prostitution and Father O'Flannery hired her as part of her rehabilitation. While some of the adults at the school disapproved of her, most thought that the school was acting very benevolent in helping a wayward girl to the right path. Most of the teenage boys found her extremely hot and tried to make excuses to go to the Principal's office just to see her and fantasize about her. As a result Father O'Flannery required her to dress quite severely, in bulky sweaters and long skirts.

"Oh, boys. What now?" Miss Corning asked exhaustedly.

"Mr. Klein sent us to see Father O'Flannery." Matt offered quietly.

"Father is in the gymnasium preparing for the pep rally. Just sit down and wait until he comes back." she replied. With that, the three teens sat down on the sofa across from her desk. They could see that the door was off of Father's office and there were some workers inside plastering and painting. After a few minutes, the phone rang.

"Yes, Father. They are here waiting for you." Miss Corning said. There was a few seconds pause as she listened. "No, I haven't heard anything. I am really not sure." Pause. "But there are workman in your office." she offered helpfully. "Out here?" she asked with alarm. "Oh, Father, is that really necessary?" Pause. "Yes, of course. Yes I will tell them immediately. Of course. Okay."

"Okay, boys," Miss Corning said with embarrassment, "Apparently Mr. Klein went to see Father and he wants the three of you to remove all of your clothing except your undershorts and socks. Are any of you not wearing shorts?" she inquired quickly.

"What?" Matt asked in horror. "There are workmen in his office!"

"I know. I told him. He said to get undressed out here and wait for him on the sofa."

"Jesus Christ." Kevin moaned.

"I don't think that language is helpful Mr. Flannery." Miss Corning cautioned.

"Everyone will walk by and see us in our underwear." he added.

"Then you should be happy you go to an all-boys school." she offered. "And what about you?" Matt asked with obvious embarrassment.

"She's seen plenty of boys in their underwear." Tom said under his breath.

"Enough, Mr. Noonan." she remarked angrily. "Remember, you're the one sitting in his shorts waiting to get it, not me. Now I think it is time for bad little boys to drop their trousers and get ready for their spankings. You can put your clothes on the floor next to my desk." Miss Corning was generally very nice to all the boys, they were cute and she knew that she turned them on. But if anyone hurt her or made her angry she could easily become a cold bitch. She'd learned how on the streets.

Kevin and Tom slowly took off their shoes. The uniform for the school was khakis, blue dress shirts, shoes and socks. Matt just stood there paralyzed. Tom took off his football jersey and undershirt, and Kevin stripped to his bare chest as well. Both boys had very well-defined chests from the sports that they play. A delivery woman entered the office with packages, and was surprised to find the two boys standing there in only trousers and socks. "Oh, I am sorry." she said. "I thought this was the Principal's Office, not the Doctor's Office."

"Don't worry," Miss Corning offered, sensing her embarrassment, "these boys are getting ready to be punished." All three boys looked totally mortified at the delivery woman, and she smiled to herself and left. "Is there some problem, Mr. Green?" Miss Corning acidly inquired, seeing that Matt had not yet begun undressing.

"Can't we do this somewhere else?" Matt pleaded?

"You obviously don't know what Father O'Flannery does to boys who don't obey his instructions, Mr. Green."

Defeated, Matt began to slowly untie his shoes. Both Kevin and Tom removed their trousers and stacked their clothes next to Miss Corning's desk. Both sixteen year olds stood in front of her, Tom in blue plaid boxers and blue casual socks, and Kevin in plain green boxers and socks. Tom was totally smooth, almost hairless except for his legs, where as Kevin had a bush of red pubic hair under his belly button, and his legs were hairy. His chest, however, was smooth. Both boys were rock hard with Miss Corning seeing them undressed, but their boxers were baggy enough to conceal their adolescent tumescence.

Matt had taken off his shoes and began with his belt buckle when Father O'Flannery entered the room and spoke sternly: "Miss Corning, I thought I instructed you to have these boys waiting for their punishment?" Father O'Flannery was about 60, a typical old school Irish-American priest who took his job as a high school principal very seriously.

"I told them when you called, Father. Mr. Green seems reluctant to get ready."

"Mr. Green! I want you in shorts and socks this instant! And Miss Corning, in five minutes I want you to send Mr. Green to Mrs. Nelson at the Rectory for the paddle. Mr. Green if you are not back here with the paddle by the time the period changes you will receive double. Miss Corning, if there is any problem you send Mr. Flannery to get me in the gym." And with that he turned on his heal and left.

Matt looked with horror at Miss Corning at the prospect of being the one who had to go in his briefs to get the paddle. "Now, Mr. Green." Miss Corning said sternly. "I will not ask you again." Matt undid his trousers, but before he took them off he removed his shirt and undershirt. At fifteen, he was not as well developed as the other two boys. He looked much more the boy than they did. He stopped with his trousers, realizing that he was again tenting his briefs. He tried to move his dick so it was straight up and not tenting. While it was only about five inches erect, he was still wearing large boys briefs rather than small mens, and his dick was practically poking out of them. Realizing he had no choice, he quickly dropped his pants and covered his front with his hand. Tom, hard himself but concealed in boxers, snickered and Miss Corning looked up from her work. An expression of horror passed over her face as she saw Matt standing in front of her in white Fruit-of-the-Loom boys briefs with his hand on his hard penis.

"Mr. Green!" she gasped. "I'd hope you'd stop playing with yourself before you go see Mrs. Nelson. Do you want to give the poor old woman a heart attack?" With that all the boys got harder and even the workmen in the next room noticed that Matt was dripping precum through his briefs. They poked each other and chuckled quietly to themselves, talking about rich kids getting what they deserve. Matt quickly stacked his clothes next to the desk and sat down trying to shield himself.

"Not so fast, Mr. Green. It is time for you to go and retrieve the paddle from Mrs. Nelson. I am only sorry that it is not colder out. Maybe a chill would make you look like more like a boy than a yard dog."

"Please, Miss Corning." Matt pleaded. "Can't I please have my pants?"

"Go at once, Mr. Green. You are only making this worse. If you are not back by the time the next period starts you will get double, and Father is in no mood today."

Defeated again, Matt ran out of the office. In going to the Rectory he had to cross the lawn next to all the classroom windows, and all of the classes still in session sitting by the windows saw him run by in his white briefs and socks. He was only glad that his erection had gone down somewhat, but he knew that the only gift he would want for the next five Christmases and birthdays would be boxers. Father wanted to heighten the embarrassment of the punishment, and this was all timed so he would have to re-enter the school when the hall is full of boys, carrying a paddle and wearing only briefs. It was like his ass was begging for it he had to retrieve his own punishment tool.

Matt got to the Rectory and rang the doorbell. After a moment, Mrs. Nelson answered the door. She was a mean old lady with no family. She'd worked for the past five Principals and thought errant boys should be paddled more and not less frequently.

"Well, what have we here? A naughty little boy?"

Matt was ashamed to be standing in front of her in only his briefs. "Mrs. Nelson," Matt spoke shyly, "I have come to retrieve Father O'Flannery's paddle." Mrs. Nelson motioned for Matt to enter the old Rectory. It was dark and all of the walls had stains from too much cigar smoke. Mrs. Nelson had on an apron and had obviously been cleaning.

"Well," Mrs. Nelson looked at Matt with an evil grin, "you interrupted my dusting and now I have misplaced my dust rag. So, I will trade you the paddle for your briefs. Those look nice and soft to dust with."

"What?!?" Matt gasped, wide-eyed. "You can't do that! My parents won't allow it!"

"Oh yes I can, young man." Mrs. Nelson lectured. "Your parents signed a punishment waiver and Father O'Flannery called here and said I had a very naughty little boy coming for a visit. He suggested I make sure that you realize you are lucky with how you are treated at St. Patrick's. You deserve far worse. Now you can ask me politely to trade me your briefs for the paddle, or you can go back to school without either. And I think we both know what that will mean."

Totally defeated and almost crying, Matt put his thumbs on his waistband. He slid down his briefs and his half-erect 15 year old _c_o_c_k_ popped out. He was standing in front of this evil old woman in only his socks, begging her to take his briefs and give him a paddle that his bare ass will be beaten with.

Mrs. Nelson smiled meanly. "Yes, Matthew?"

"Would you please use my briefs as your dust cloth and give me the paddle so Father O'Flannery can punish me?" Matt was on the verge of tears.

"Of course, my son. You believe your bottom needs to be beaten bare?" she inquired with a false sweetness?

"Yes." Matt wept. With that she snatched the boy's briefs out of his hands and gleefully ran up the stairs. She returned with a tremendous wooden paddle that had never been used on Matt before, but he had heard from other boys about its effectiveness.

"I suggest you hurry back, Matthew. The next period is about to begin."

Matt took the paddle and ran naked across the lawn, wearing only socks. He was crying freely; he had never been so ashamed in all his life. He heard the bell ring and the hall filled with teenage boys going to their lockers. When he entered the building a Senior cried out: "Jesus Christ! Old lady Nelson stripped Green naked!" The other boys whopped and hollered and blocked Matt's way as he tried to make it back to the office. They playfully slapped Matt's bare ass as he tried to get past, struggling not to cry in front of them.

"Your ass is toast, Green." one called out. "If you already lost your shorts O'Flannery is going to turn it into ground beef."

"Look at the sniveling bare ass baby!" another chided. "I wish I could watch!"

"Hey, look at his dick! He doesn't look like much more than a baby!" Three of four boys laughed loudly.

"My little brother has a bigger dick than that!" Everyone in the hall was taking part in the ribbing, and while he would usually tell boys to "_f_u_c_k_ Off," he was totally defeated, a naked little boy trying to get to the Principal's Office as quickly as possible to he ask for his paddling.

Matt finally made it to the Office and Kevin and Tom, who were standing with their hands on their heads, backs to the walls, howled with laughter.

"Enough, boys!" Miss Corning cautioned. "Mr. Green!" she said shocked when she saw the naked boy, but for his socks and the huge paddle. "This is quite a show you are putting on!" Miss Corning did not really approve of the boys being punished and humiliated like this, but she had to go along with Father or lose her job. Kevin's dick, which had gone down a bit, became rock hard again and began poking out of the slit of his boxers.

"Kev, man, your guy is ready to roll." Tom whispered, as he motioned towards his friend's dick. Kev looked down and tried to move his boxers to cover it, in obvious embarrassment, but Miss Corning stopped him.

"I said hands on head, Mr. Flannery. And no talking Mr. Noonan. Or do you boys need to hand over your shorts as well?" Both boys fell silent and Kevin's freckled hard dick continued to protrude from his boxers. "Now, Mr. Green," Miss Corning continued, "please put the paddle next to my desk and stand along the wall, hands on head with your cohorts." Matt had become hard again being naked in front of Miss Corning, but he knew there was no escape. No other girl had seen his manhood, how he might perform in bed, and he had not expected that Miss Corning would be the first to see him hard like this, but he had no choice. He joined Kevin and Tom, his dick standing straight up towards his belly button. Kevin's dick poked out as well, hard as can be, and at 7 inches it was quite a sight; the Irish-American teen, freckled dick standing sky high out of green boxers. One guessed that Tom was the same but his boxers still covered whatever shame he had left. Even the workmen in the next room had stopped work and gathered in the doorway in disbelief. All of the boys looked like they were ready, no begging, for some naked girl to back up into them so they could _f_u_c_k_ her blind in front of the whole school. Miss Corning too, who was well familiar with male anatomy from her days on the streets, was a bit taken aback at the site of three teenage all-American boys standing in front of her in all their glory.

Just then, Mrs. Stern, who had finished her shift in the cafeteria, walked by and again saw Matt with an erection. She shook her head sadly and Matt bowed his head in shame. He'd hoped that she would not tell his parents, but he guessed she would. Everyone in his life would know that he exposed himself in front of the school.

With that Father O'Flannery re-entered the office and saw the three boys standing at attention, two with flagstaffs raised high. "Well, Mr. Green. I see you visited Mrs. Nelson." Father O'Flannery said slyly. "It certainly looks like you enjoyed your visit."

Miss Corning dropped her head in embarrassment. "Now, boys." Father O'Flannery continued. "You know that we cannot tolerate ribaldry in the cafeteria. For that you must be punished, but we cannot use my office as the workmen are still here. But the gym is almost ready for the pep rally. If we hurry, we can use that."

"But there are other people in there!" Matt cried.

"Mr. Green, I don't think that you should be worried about anyone seeing any more of you than we already have. You have nothing left to hide." With that, Father Flannery motioned towards Matt's dick which seemed to get even harder.

"However, Mr. Noonan, I am reluctant to paddle you with the game tomorrow. I want nothing to interfere with a victory for St. Patrick's." Father was a big football fan and definitely wanted the school to win. Tom knew his ass was on the verge of being saved.

"Father," Kevin, who had the most Irish-American credence of the lot, said with his heaviest accent, "Tom was not really involved. I was. Let me take Tom's punishment."

"Such a fine young man, Mr. Flannery." Father beamed. "Is that true Mr. Noonan?"

"Yes, Father," Tom said. "Matt threw his food at me and Kevin came to my rescue. But I don't want Kevin to take my punishment; I can take it."

"Liar!" Matt screamed.

"That will be all from you Mr. Green!" Father shouted. "The only thing we know for sure is that you will be punished long and hard."

Matt fell silent. "Kevin, I cannot tolerate your hitting another student, even if it was to honor the school by protecting our star football player. So you must still be punished; but due to your generous offer, from which Mr. Green here could learn something, I will not punish Mr. Noonan and allow your friend to administer the punishments."

"No way!" Matt cried. "That is not fair. They hit me!"

"Enough, Mr. Green!" Father lectured. "Or once Mr. Noonan is done with you I will punish you myself. Mr. Noonan, please get dressed so we can decide on appropriate punishments."

Tom and Kevin smiled wildly as Tom put back on his trousers and football jersey. Kevin's dick had receded into his green boxers and Matt felt more naked than ever, still standing in front of the whole room with a 15 year old hard on that would not go down.

"Well, Father," Tom smiled, "I think that Matthew needs to be corrected on the bare, but I would like to paddle Kevin over his trousers."

"Sorry, Thomas. All paddlings at St. Patrick's, whether administered by me or the injured student, shall be administered on the bare. That is in the waiver agreement. I am afraid that Mr. Flannery will need to drop his shorts for his punishment, but I trust that you will use an appropriate amount of force for the crime. You need to save that arm of yours for tomorrow's game as well as Mr. Green's behind." Father smiled broadly.

Matt looked glum at all of this, but he almost went ballistic by what he heard next. "Well, also Father," Tom continued, "Matthew has disrespected Miss Corning by standing in front of her, in, well, you know, an aroused state." Miss Corning looked like she was ready to die of embarrassment, and both Kevin and Matt perked up to practically dripping precum.

"Yes, Mr. Green should be ashamed. So what do you suggest, Thomas?" Father asked.

"Well," he continued, almost not believing himself that he was actually going to say this, "it seems Matt enjoys exposing himself to people, and punishments are not intended to be enjoyed, so I would like him to relieve himself of his pleasure before I paddle him."

Matt shrieked and Miss Corning quickly excused herself to go to the restroom out of pure shame at what she just heard. Not only has she had a teenage boy stand starkers in front of her for the last twenty minutes looking like he wanted to cum all over her desk, but now he might be asked to do just that.

"Thomas," Father was clearly shocked at what he just heard, "the Church does not sanction masturbation. What comes out of a boy naturally during the night is one thing, but I cannot ask this child to play with himself in front of us! I want to believe that he has never played with himself and never will."

"I know, Father. But I have seen Matt play with himself in the locker room. He is enjoying this. It may be the only way he understands the shame of his actions. And we all only want what is best for Matt." Tom smiled sickly.

"Liar!" Matt shrieked. "I won't do it!"

"You will do it, if I ask you, young man!" Father obviously had an Irish-American temper. "I see what you mean, Thomas, about Matt needing to be brought down a peg or two. I can't partake in that, but it is your punishment, and if you have seen him do it before I guess it is okay. It can't be in front of Miss Corning though. The cafeteria is empty before the floor waxer comes in. Use there. But hurry back as these boys need to be paddled before the pep rally."

"Sure thing, Father. Can Kevin come with us to ensure Matt does not make a mess?"

"Yes, yes, just hurry."

to be continued...

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