Hard Days

by Spankish <Serespoz@hotmail.com>

"you both are stupid" I told them. It was not the first time i fought against boys from the town since i was living at the orphanage. My parents died when i was six, and then when i was eleven, i could hardly remember them. My real family were my mates and my teachers and housemasters. I knew they loved us although punishments were really hard for our age.

And i was there again, fighting and saying really strong words. The boys from the town really annoyed me, they were always hanging around our school telling us names and even throwing stones. But this time it was too much for me. When i went down to the backyard, i could see them, a couple of ten year old boys hitting my room mate. His name was Peter and he only was eight, brown haired and quite small for his age.

It was quite common in our school to see young boys sharing room with older guys. Since he arrived at the school, one year ago, we had been really good friends. i was for him something like his older brother. I tried to help him every day as he had had very bad moments after his father died. I really loved him.

So when i saw that couple of boys hitting Peter i really went crazy, i lost my nerves and jumped at them really furious. Although they only were one year younger than me, i was quite bigger and stronger so i did not have any problem in hurting him really badly. when i finished they were on the floor bleeding a lot.

My face turned pale when i saw the headmaster standing behind me. He had seen everything. His words sounded really serious: "You both come with me"as he pointed to Peter and me. By that moment the boys from the town had ran away in order not to have bigger problems, so we were alone.

The headmaster started to walk to his office and we followed him without hesitating. During the way i tried to give him some explanations but it was a lost of time: "you both better be quiet" he said firmly.

When we arrived to the dark office, the headmaster sat down and i was really afraid, i also could see the fear in Peter`s eyes. "Sir, Peter has done nothing, he hasn`t fought at all, Please sir let him leave", I said not very self-confident. Mr. harrison looked at him and said: Is it true?" Peter only nodded, too afraid to speak. "You can go to your room" Mr. Harrison said and peter left the office almost running.

The headmaster`s eyes turned to me and i tried to defend myself: "Sir i am sorry, they were hitting peter and i only tried to defend him", I said. "Is that the way to solve problems we have taught you", He inquired: "No sir", I replied almost crying As he saw the tears in my eyes, he stood up and walked towards me. He gave me a hug and said: "you know we love you, but you have to learn what is right and what is wrong" "I know it sir, i am really sorry, i won`t do it again", I answered. "I kow you will not, but your behavior deserves a punishment" He told me as he took a thick wooden ruler from his desk. I only nodded as i started crying like a littel girl.

"Pull down your pants" He ordered and i did it quickly in order not to make things worse. "Bend over my desk" and i also did it. I put my arms and chest over the cold desk, he stood behind me, and the ruler came over my bottom really hard.

I screamed not too loud, and counted as we were used to do:





I could count over twenty-five when he told me: "Your punishment is over, you can stand up" And i did it, i rubbed my ass before pulling up my pants. Can i leave sir?" I asked in tears. "Of course you can" he said as he gave me another hug.

I left the office and walked to my room feeling the fire on my bum. When i arrived there i could see peter sitting in a corner crying: "I am sorry" He said as i came into the room, i walked towards him and helped him to stand up. "It is not your fault, I did it because i wanted to do it. Don`t worry about this, it has not been so bad"

Of course, i was lying because i could hardly walk. I pulled down my pants and lied on my bed. When peter saw my bruises his face turned pale and started to cry again. He sat next to me and gave me a big hug as he cried.

I think that we fall asleep in that way because when i woke up next morning my bottom was bare and peter was sleping next to me. When we came down for breakfast i met the headmaster again and he told me: "I hope i have not been too severe with you" " No sir, i am right. I am sorry i won`t do it again".

Mr. Harrison smiled and rubbed my hair: "You are a great boy, i am sure you won`t" He said and keep on walking.

Of course he was wrong. Later on, he had to spank me lots of times, but i still remember him as my real father.

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