A Reform School Leathering

by Jon <jowil555@aol.com>

The boy had been sent to this reform school before. He hadn't meant to get into that fight, it had just sort of happened, a bit like when he was caught stealing from his school the time before.

The reform school was different to most. It was set in the country and had been a large manor house in earlier times. The head guard of the school was a 45 year old ex-army guy who had a secret passion for motorbikes and especially the leather clothing that went with them. He had carefully organised that virtually all the guards at the school had similar interests and it was quite normal for them to walk around in their full leather gear even when they were not on the bikes. Indeed, it gradually became their uniform.

Discipline in the school was especially strict and the guards usually carried a short strap with them all the time so that they could administer immediate punishment if needed to any boy. For more serious offences though, the offender was taken to the old stables to be thoroughly dealt with. In extreme cases the head guard would be called after a preliminary thrashing had been given, to complete the punishment.

The boy had been misbehaving and had been put in solitary confinement for the night. One of the strictest rules was that boys in solitary were not allowed to play with themselves. If caught the punishment was very severe. As he lay on his bed after lights out, the boy started to remember a good looking lad who had been thrashed by a passing guard earlier that day. They had just been swimming and some water splashed against the guards boots as the lads walked back from the exercise yard. The guard shouted at the lad to bend over and then, unclipping a short tawse from his belt, the guard had given the lad 6 hard strokes across his tight swimming shorts which were still wet making the strapping even more painful. The lad had begged him to stop, but the guard laid them on good and hard, bringing the final two strokes lashing down on the lad upper thighs which produced a scream of agony. The memories stirred feelings in the boy as he lay on his bed in the solitary cell and without thinking he started rubbing his warm _c_o_c_k_. He did not notice the small camera watching him as he jerked himself to a climax and turned to go to sleep.

Suddenly lights were turned on and the boy heard the key in the door.

"You're in for it now boy" the guard said as he entered. "Come with me. The head wants you, and there's no need to put any clothes on for what you're going to be getting".

He led the boy along the corridor to the Head Guard's office. They entered and the boy stood in front of the head's desk shaking slightly. The head guard was dressed in full black leather and was clearly enjoying seeing this handsome, fit young guy naked in front of him.

"You know what you've been caught doing" he said. "You will be taken to the stables and given a hiding that you won't forget for a long time. This is the second time you've been caught playing with yourself so you can expect a really severe punishment this time".

"Take him away and warm him up. I'll join you in half an hour and we'll give him a good 24 strokes with the heavy black tawses".

With this, the leather guard holding the boy led him up to the stables. The guard unlocked the door and they entered. The boy immediately saw the centrepiece of the stable they were in. It was a double frame on top of which was a black leather saddle.

"Bend over the saddle" the guard in full black leather ordered.

The boy bent over the saddle and a satisfying creak came as the leather flexed under his weight. The guard moved behind him and quickly secured his wrists and ankles to rings in the stable floor. He then fixed two broad leather straps around the boy's thighs, taking his time as he did this to feel the boy's firm buttocks and thighs and to reach under to gently massage the boy's throbbing _c_o_c_k_.

"That'll stop you moving away like you tried to last time" he said. "This time you're really going to get a hiding you'll remember. I'm going to make your arse red raw. You won't be doing much sitting for the next week I can tell you" he said. The boy groaned as he waited for the punishment to begin.

The guard stood back and gazed at the young lad secured with the leather straps over the black leather saddle, his arse in an ideal position for being thrashed. It had been a long time since he had given a boy a beating in this position and his _c_o_c_k_ began to throb at the anticipation.

"We'll start with a belting to get you warmed up boy" he said as he unbuckled the belt from around his black leather jeans. It was a gorgeous belt, thick black supple cowhide about two inches wide. It creaked loudly as he unbuckled it and the boy groaned once more in nervous expectation. The guard pulled the belt through the loops on his jeans and doubled it over to produce a lethal thrashing instrument. He held the doubled belt to his face and smelt the warm cowhide as he looked at the waiting target of the boys arse cheeks. He swung the belt over his shoulder and brought it down hard across the boy's arse. The boy let out a yelp as a broad red welt developed across the centre of his buttocks. The guard paused to let the pain develop. He felt the boys arse and where the strap had landed, massaging it whilst his other hand holding the belt rubbed his own crotch. He drew the leather belt across the lower part of the boys arse cheeks, the most sensitive area. Then, raising the belt again and with great accuracy, he brought the strap down with tremendous force on this area of the exposed arse. This time the boy screamed as his arse squirmed in the saddle desperately trying to relieve the intense burning pain that was growing all the time. Immediately the guard raised the belt and again and again brought it down across this lower part of the buttocks. By the sixth stroke the boy was yelling and sobbing continuously and after a full 18 strokes slowly covering the entire arse, the guard paused, put his belt over a nearby beam and rubbed his hand over the boy's flaming red bottom.

"That's warmed you up nicely I think" he said, coming round to the boy's head and rubbing his _c_o_c_k_ through his leather jeans. The boy, although still in agony and sobbing, knew that he had to show some respect for the guard or the next part of the punishment would certainly be worse. He raised his head and rubbed his face against the guard's tall leather boots and jeans and kissed them gently. "Please, no more sir" he begged.

"You've only had the beginning of your punishment" laughed the guard. "The really good bit is still to come, and it'll get you red raw". He gave a shout and the stable door opened and the head guard entered. He was also dressed in full black leather and came over to the flogging saddle.

"His arse looks good" the head guard said, grinning at the other guard who had given the belting. "Do you think he's ready for a good strapping now?"

"I reckon he is" said the other guard. "Let's really flog the hide off him"

The two guards came close to each other, each thinking about the beating they were going to give the lad. They felt each others leather clad bodies, rubbing each others _c_o_c_k_s through the jeans and smiling as they realised how they were both so turned on by the punishment of this strong young lad bent over the saddle. They went over to a cupboard at the far side of the stable and returned, each carrying a long black leather strap divided into two tails at each end. The head guard had experienced the Scottish tawse when he was young and these two straps were made on the basis of the experiences that he had of the tawse. They were made of a specially selected heavy supple leather and were designed so that when used, the tails whipped around the arse cheeks producing a pain that was indescribably intense. They were usually used singly. This time though there were going to be two of them giving the thrashing, one each side. The boy had dreaded this from the moment the sentence had been passed on him. He was due to receive two dozen strokes, although everyone in the reform school knew that if you were sentenced to this form of punishment, the strapping would continue until the guards wanted to stop. The guards positioned themselves either side of the saddle running the thick leather straps through their hands as they measured the distance that the tails would reach around the boy's still throbbing and reddened arse. The flogging started with each guard in turn bringing the strap down hard across the boy's upturned buttocks. They paused some ten seconds between each stroke, causing the pain to be maximised, and from the start the boy was yelling and pleading for them to stop. The guards were both thoroughly enjoying it however, each seeing whether they could get the boy to scream even more loudly and watching as deeper and deeper red welts began to form as the thick leather straps cracked across the bare arse cheeks. The twenty-fourth stroke was reached but the guards just continued until the boy's arse was a uniform dark red colour.

"That'll teach him not to play with himself when he's in solitary" the head guard said. "I'll come and untie him a bit later when he's cooled off".

"Or we give him some more to really see how much he can take?" suggested the other guard. "Hmm" said the head guard "That sounds interesting. I think I'd like to see you use that new leather belt that you warmed him with. Now his arse is this red it'll be good to give him some extra punishment with the belt again! But before that I've got a better idea!"

The head guard moved over to where the other guard was standing and they started to feel each other through their heavy leather jackets and jeans. Both were greatly excited by the leathering they'd given to the lad and soon were jerking each other off as they smelt the warm aroma of their leathers and the straps they had been using and would soon be using again on the lad's firm well thrashed arse.

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