Unhindered Mischief 1

by Seth Basil <Seth_basil@hotmail.com>

((My first story. Though the main character is me, exactly as I am in real life, and there are other people exactly as they are as well, the story is only roughly based on what actually happened, as well as plenty of things from my perverted imagination.))

Rain poured down on the other side of the door to the school, I watched almost hypnotized by it, it was one of those days in Fall where the sky is perfectly gray without a cloud, and there is no wind whatsoever, allowing the rain to fall almost directly down. It was a day where the atmosphere seemed so peaceful, yet still full of life as the light rainfall didn't hinder hardly any activity. It was one of those perfect, tranquil days, I thought.

I half sat on a nearby radiator, with my back up against the cold white marble to the school corridor, school had ended several minutes ago and I now awaited the arrival of my best friend, Chris. I was used to the wait though, I would rush to get from place to place, always worrying about being late, Chris however was more carefree and would take his time, it was something I expected.

"Hey Seth, ready to raise some hell?" that light and energetic voice of my friend called out, I turned to see Chris, he wasn't particularly tall or large for our age group, but he was imposing to me anyways. He had tan skin, and had a slightly husky build, he had one of those kind angel like faces, with his very short blond hair and deep blue eyes. He wore his usual red shirt and slightly baggy black jeans.

I nodded, as he looked me over as I had him. I always wondered if Chris ever thought of just how opposite we were, I thought of it all the time, making lists in my head and finding only one or two close traits, while the rest were almost complete opposites. My skin was very pale, I was one of those excessively skinny people, and I was over a foot shorter then my friend who was somewhere between five to six feet. My face looked young, but I always had a far more serious expression then my friend, I had sharp green eyes, and my long hair, which was my pride and joy then as it still is, was naturally black with red highlights, it was combed down the middle and reached just below my shoulders. I wore a black shirt and very baggy blue jeans, which practically covered my feet.

We headed out of the school, it was our usual routine, we were two fourteen year old freshmen who had no jobs or responsibilities, except to amuse ourselves and to generally annoy everyone else. And since we both had houses nearby, and our parents really didn't care what we did, we had free reign in our town. We began our walk to the downtown area, which was only about three blocks of banks and stores from the school, we talked about the usual stuff for us, pranks, how annoying our teachers were, how dumb this one person is, one thing we never talked about were girls, I had just gotten to the point that I knew I liked guys, and I knew Chris had a girlfriend, so I just never brought the subject up, figuring I'd probably just make myself look like an idiot.

What we did everyday was completely random, although we decided to first go to a sporting good store in the downtown area because Chris wanted to look into some hockey sticks, neither of us were into sports, with exception to hockey, even though I didn't really play that much.

On the way to the store Chris jumped onto the base of a street light and flung himself off it, causing his shirt to fly up and reveal the waistband of his white briefs, catching sight of Chris' waistband wasn't rare, like almost all guys our age, he wore his pants low, however his shirt was kind of short. What made this eventful was that for the four to five months I had known Chris, he had worn boxers every other time I caught sight of his waistband, and I was very curious, as well as aroused by what brought about the sudden change.

We looked around the sporting good store some, Chris examined the hockey sticks, but either they were to much for him now, or he didn't like them, but we didn't stay very long. Once outside Chris pulled the contents of his pocket out, revealing several emblem key chains, he held them out to me, "See anything you like?"

I looked over what Chris had stolen, I was used to this kind of thing, Chris was a good thief, I was a little annoyed that I hadn't been able to catch him at it yet, even though I looked constantly to see when he did. I was to clumsy for the slight of hand thing though, if I was ever involved it was usually just to cause a diversion when he needed one, like 'accidently' knocking some things over or something, however I gladly took one of the key chains offered.

We walked around the block to this big park we normally hung out at, most of our pranks revolved around people, and the park was the largest concentration of vulnerable people we could get to easily. However the park was a bit barren of people today, some younger kids at the playground area, and some older guys by the basketball court, was basically all there was, but as we neared the playground, seeing the little kids were fighting, me and Chris looked to each other and smiled, this was one of those perfect opportunities I practically told him through look alone.

It was three boys, all of them were around nine to ten years old at a guess, it wasn't so much of a fight as it was two of them bullying the one, who had no chance whatsoever, the typical kind of thing. They had given the kid a hanging wedgie by his white briefs, he was hanging by one of the beams of the playground equipment, the other two were tickling and poking him, and were completely oblivious to us behind them. I untied this long thin chain I keep tied around my right belt loops, mimicking the wallet chains, I kept it as a weapon of sorts, people like me and Chris get into fights all the time, Chris can fist fight good enough, but I decided I needed a chain to make up for my size.

I raised my left hand and counted to three with my fingers, at one time, I whipped my chain around the right kid's wrist and tossed him to the ground, putting my foot on his back while my friend had the other kid securely on the ground in a headlock.

"Well, I see you two have been having a good day, didn't anyone teach you its dishonorable to gang up on someone?" I asked the kid I was holding, both of the hyperactive devils had been yelling insults, threats and profanity as soon as they realized what happened.

"Shut up!" Chris yelled, he had low tolerance for irritation, "That kid wasn't making a sound when you two were having your fun, at least take whatever is coming to you like men." he looked at me expectantly, always being indecisive.

"I have a few ideas, but... hey you boy, on the poll, what would you like to see happen to these two?" I asked.

"Wh-what would I like to see... happen to them?" the boy thought about it for a few moments, I took the time to admire the boys endurance and that he didn't even ask to be let down, I always had a strange code of honor, and I really respect things like that. "How about, y-you just do what they did to me?"

"It crossed my mind, but I can do better then that, hey Chris, take your kid and make him comfortable on a poll, and take his socks to." Chris looked questioningly at me, but Chris knew he was the brawn, and I was the brain, so he did as he was told. Chris reached for the kids waistband and hoisted him up by his blue briefs onto a stationary poll, he ripped off the kids shoes and tossed them to the ground, then grabbed the socks and held them out to me.

I grabbed one and instructed Chris, "Shove it into that kids mouth." Chris lit up and crammed it into the mouth of the kid, as I did the same to the kid I held. "If you ask me, these two are pretty bad boys, and you know what bad boys get?" I paused to see if they had any ideas, "A nice old fashioned whipping. Come over here, lets get the kids clothes off."

As I asked, Chris came over and started pulling off the kids clothes, he wasn't gentle, he removed the kids sweatshirt, khakis, shoes, and socks, "Undies to?" he asked, the kid whipped his head around to look at me in shock.

"Nah, leave em, I don't want to cause any bleeding, hold him down." I unraveled the chain from the boys wrist with a quick pull and twirled it around before slicing it across his butt, I watched as the kid practically flew into the air, I struck again across his brief covered bottom, again, and again, the kid who had previously been taunted was enjoying the show, and the other kid stared in horror, knowing well he could easily be next at this. I sliced down a total of twenty times, by now the kid was a sobbing mess.

"That's enough for him, introduce him to the pole and prepare contestant number two." I said with a little glee, Chris happily obliged, hanging the kid who was recently whipped and hanging him on the ever so popular poles, he then took down the other bully and ripped off his shirt and jeans and held him for me.

I repeated the twenty strokes, this kid took it a little better, he was still crying at the end, but was far more angry then anything else, without being told, Chris re-acquainted the kid to his poll, I walked over and let the one kid, who had been hanging there the entire time, down to the ground.

"Thanks a lot, why did you help me though?" the kid asked, unpicking his wedgie and putting everything back where it belonged.

"To serve our interests of fun, and turning the table on some bullies is a lot of fun, you would have joined their punishment, but I respect your bravery, so your free to go, or free to stay and torment them if you wish."

"No, they've had enough I think, but thanks again." with that the kid turned and began to walk away, he didn't show it, but he was afraid he would indeed be next if he made any wrong moves.

"So when should we let them down?" Chris asked, curious if there would be anymore fun for the day.

"Soon enough, we need to make sure they get the chance to tell their parents about us, not that it will do them any good." I explained, "they won't dare show their parents what happened to them, so they're just going to get in trouble for playing in the mud."

We got a few good laughs left out of their predicament, the rain stopped as we were waiting, we didn't even notice the five guys playing basketball come up to us from nearly every direction.

"Well if it isn't the infamous Chris and Seth, the terror of anyone weaker then them, another glorious mark I see?" one of the taller dark haired players asked me, they were all wearing shorts, two wore no shirt, two others wore t shirts, and the one who just spoke wore a tank top.

"Brad..." I muttered in annoyance, recognizing the particularly arrogant captain of the varsity basketball team, "I wouldn't call it glorious, the pickings are kind of slim today."

"Is that so? I've seen you pull crap like this in my park almost everyday, and I'm getting sick of it, so from now on if I see you do anything like that again, I'll call the cops, I know that's a pretty low level threat to you two, but I'm not going to degrade myself to your level, I was just thinking of making this a friendly little warning, until you said the little bit on turning the table on bullies being fun, so just this once I decided to do things your way, just so the message gets through." Brad explained, the players began smiling and laughing at the idea.

"Alright fine, you made your point, we'll keep off this park, just let us go, we're not going to cross you." Chris pleaded, obviously coming to see the reality of the situation.

"Like I said I planned on doing just that, but you two creeps have quite a record of getting away with everything, so I figured you should get some of the payback that is due you."

"What should we do Seth?" Chris asked, raising his fists.

"Nothing, we're outmatched, even if we managed to get away we'd only be due a worse fate later, perhaps from the entire varsity team," Seth said, Chris didn't look happy about it, but he understood, "Do what you must."

The players seemed a little annoyed that we were just going along with them, but they didn't complain, Brad directed us to the basketball court.

"I may be doing things with a little of your style, I however prefer a cleaner and more organized version of it, both of you strip to your underwear now, you can put them on that bench." Brad instructed.

Never being the modest one anyways, Chris took the lead, removing his shirt, jeans, socks and shoes quickly and tossing them on the bench, he was indeed wearing a pair of white briefs, they were a few sizes to small and were quite tight however, it was somewhat obvious that he was beginning to get hard. I followed, removing my shirt, socks and shoes more slowly, placing them on the stool, ignoring my shyness I removed my baggy pants, my tight red briefs were exposed, Chris became quite embarrassed when I caught him starring, despite the circumstances I made a mental note to ask him about that later.

"Hug each other." Brad said.

"What?!" Chris yelled.

"You heard me, I want you two to hug each other, and hold on tight." the varsity captain said grinning, a grin shared by the rest of the players.

Hesitantly we both did as we were told, I put my arms around Chris' mid section, and he put his around my shoulders, I'm sure Chris was as afraid of what might be on their minds as I was, even though I'd probably enjoy it, for once I was glad for my height as my crotch was at Chris' thigh level, Chris' however wasn't so lucky, his ever increasing boner was jutting into my chest.

"Oh don't worry, I'm not going to make you do anything you might enjoy." the captain lead the rest of the team to the collective of backpacks and bags, each taking out some manner of leather belt, the returned, circling like vultures around us, "But I will put you through the whipping you two misfits need."

With that said they began slinging their belts at us, I would feel two to three lashes at once, never in the same place, the team continued to circle us, striking quickly. The hole of the hits landed on my ass, but some hit my back and legs as well, whenever I tried to protect myself with my hands, they would get struck repeatedly until I put them back around Chris, a few times the belts would strike between my legs, causing hell for my balls. Unable to protect myself, or even cradle my damaged areas I buried my head in Chris' chest, trying to take comfort in his being there with me.

My dick was larger then it had ever been, and though I'm not sure of that for Chris, his had become very large as well, sometime halfway through I felt Chris blow his load, his briefs became warm and damp against my chest and he lowered his head moaning.

After about what I guessed were ten minutes the basketball players stopped their attack and let us compose ourselves, Chris' main concern was his wet and almost transparent underwear, mine was just the pain, I knelt on the concrete floor, hoping it would pass.

"I think that got the message through right enough huh?" Brad said with his usual arrogant demeanor, "Just remember, from now on this park is off limits, you can go find your own turf."

With their threats made, the five players left quick enough, leaving us to ourselves, I was still crouched with my head between my legs when Chris put his hand on my shoulder, "You alright Seth?"

I looked up slowly and leaned up against his arm, "I would most certainly not be ok, that is I wouldn't be if you weren't here, with me."

Chris sat down next to me, so he could be at eye level, "Same here." Chris came at me quickly and kissed me, at first I was shocked and tried to move back, but then became submissive to my friend.

"You..." I thought for a minute after it ended, "You have feelings for me? What about your girlfriend?"

"There wasn't any girlfriend, I was just afraid of losing the only thing I had with you, our friendship, but its different now." Chris said, showing a depth of seriousness I had never seen in him.

"For the better." I finalized, Chris helped me up and we put our clothes back on, Chris and I leaned on each other for support and made our way to a nearby table behind the court, he gave me a thorough back and ass massage, trying to relieve the pain, as I did the same to him after he finished with me.

Our relationship developed into much more from that day forth, apparently Brad didn't teach us our lesson though, as we continued our activities for some time, but those are other stories.

((So how was that for my first story? Suggestions, criticism or ego stroking, I welcome them, so if you feel like it, please take a moment to e-mail me your thoughts, if for some reason you didn't see it, my address is on the top of the page.))

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