Spanked at Church

by Professor

Boys will be boys! And that's never more true than at church.

It was a normal church service with singing, preaching, and all the things you associate with "the sacred hour." But for one boy of maybe 10 or 11 years old, it proved to be an "afterglow" of special meaning.

After the benediction, I went to the back of the church to retrieve some materials. As is often the case, this is the time for children to play which usually includes running. For the boy in our story, he ran straight into his grandmother. Being from the "old school," this grandmother expected better behavior at church. She took the boy by the arm and hauled him into one of the Sunday School rooms. After a few minutes of lecture, she proceeded to the car where she quickly returned with a belt. It was evident that granny had administered the belt of "holy correction" several times. It was also evident by his conversation with friends in the hall anxiously awaiting the result of his disobedience that he wasn't overly worried about the "coming persecution."

With belt in her hand, she hauled the wayward lad back into the room, told him to bend over a chair, and proceeded to whack his butt at least 10 times. All the friends in the hall were amused with the event, and so was the "young sinner." He opened the door of the Sunday School room with a grin and his face that would turn to a laugh once he was out of hearing distance of his grandmother.

Boys will be boys! Spare the rod and spoil the child. The grandmother just needs to learn how to better administer the rod.

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