I Pee Nightly

by Frank

It is around 6am as I wake ofter a great night at John's place playing cards and drinking till late the night before. As I lie there feeling the rubber sheet under me I remember the last time I stay the night and the fun that john and I had for the next two days. As I lie there thinking of John and that firm hands he has and the fellings that this leives on my ass when ever he see the need to punish me. It has been three weeks since the last time that John and I had cought up with each other and it had been that long since I had had a good spanking and made love to a firm master. John is 42 5.11 and slim I am 35 5.11 and slim and can I advise you now that if you are not into spanking humilation water sport and other sm subjects then I sojest that you leive this story now. As I lie there thinking of the last time I stayed at Johns I could feel this urge to piss so I just lay there and let lose and what a feeling as this hot liquid ran up my stomach and then between my legs owe this felt good as I slowly moved around in this warm liquid as I then began to feel guilty as I know that John would be down to check on me soon first to see if I was dry or not and I can advise that if he found me wet then it was straight into punishment. As I lay ther I begain to think a bout the instruments hanging in the woodrobe there were three very think belts a strape and think wooden paddle inside the bedside cabinet there were butt plugs and _c_o_c_k_ rings a pair of handcluffs. I remembered how john had used these on me last time owe what a feeling I was getting first there was the excitement of john finding me wet again and then there was the warry about what he was going to do to me as I heard him open the door as I pretened to be asleep as he can over to the side of the bed and slid his hand under the blankets to find that I had wet myself. He then pulled the blankets off the bed and said

"You lazy little _s_h_i_t_" Get you ass of that bed and stand to attention boy"

As I rose and put my feet on the floor he grabbed my right arm

"how many times do I have to teach you boy the differents between a bed and a toilet "

as he pulled me to the end of the bed making me look at what I had done.

"I thought that you would have learned from the last time you were here I guess it was lucky I put that rubber sheet on this bed as I thopught that it would not be the last time I would have to punish you for your lazyness"

as then pullled me to the side of the bed as he pushed my face into my wet bed rubbing it around as he felt my ass and then proceeded to give it a few good slaps After about ten of these he let me up and said

"get me a belt from you know where boy"

As I walked to the woodrobe opened it and found hanging on the door three belts a long think one an inch wide one and three inch sized one as I grabed the three inch sized one as I know that this did not hurt as much as the inch think one as I turned around and proceeded to work back to him he said

"not that one that is for good behavour get me the thin one boy and hurry up about it"

As I replaced the belt and pulled the thin one down I turned and walked to him as I precented the belt he said

"what it this for boy" What would you like me to do with it boy"

I replyed "I have have been a lazy boy sir"

But you are always lazy boy"

"Sir I have wet my bed sir and await my retribution sir"

as he just stod there looking at me standing infront of him in my wet pj's.

This just standing there seemed to go on for ever before I broke the sinclents


he still just stod there


"first boy get out of that wet gear"

As I striped he went to the bedside draws and open the top one and pulled out the butt plug and _c_o_c_k_ rings and then the handcuffs and placed these on the bed. After this he went to the woderobed and brought out the wooded paddle and the strape and layed these down beside the belt. By this time I was naked and had started to get goose bumps over me and I could feel my _c_o_c_k_ beg to grow as he called me over to himwhere he then secured the _c_o_c_k_ rings on me very tietly. The _c_o_c_k_ ring had hanmging off them two small chainswhich he just let hanf as well as this it had a leather cord hanging off the last ring (there were five rings) He then picked up the leather slap off the _c_o_c_k_ rings and started to pull on it as he pulled me to the side of the bed and then started to use the strap to wack my now straning _c_o_c_k_ about 10 times before pushing me face first back into my wet sheets as he went behind me and between my legs as he spread my legs apart. He then picked up the handcuffs and told me to put my hands behind my back as he secured them. Lieing there now helpless he came to the side of the bed and picked up the belt. As he did this he used the other hand to grabe a handful of my hair and pulled my head back as he said

"so you have been a very lazy boy havenet you?"

Yes sir yes sir"

Well let me think how many strocks did you get last time boy"

"20 sir"

"Owe yes well this is your third time now that I have found you in a wet bed when I have checked and you did not seem to learn last time did you boy"

"No sir"

Well in that case I am going to give you 40 strokes of this belt what do you think of that boy"

"yes Sir"

"Good now you are going to repeat what I say after each stroke what I say is that under stood boy"

Yes Sir"

Good as he droped my head back into my wet sheets and he moved into posision and started to flex the belt>

WACK "I" Isir" wack "will" Will Sir" wack "Not" Not Sir "wack "wet" Wet Sir" wack "my" My sir" wack bed" Bed sir" wack "how many boy" 8 sir. wack and he started to repeat it again and when he had finished he asked again "how many boy" 16 SIR" as the pain started to take over as he started again and again asking when he had finshed how many "24 SIR" at this time he stoped and grabed me by the hair and pulled me to my feet as he then toke hold of the strape at the end of the _c_o_c_k_ ring and started to pull he behind him as he toke me out of the toilet and down the coridoor until we came to the toilet as he opened the door and pushed me in saying

"what is this place boy"

A toilet Sir"

And what do we use toilets for boy"

"To pee in sir"

"my god the boy know what it is for as he pushed my head into the toilet saying

"then why do you think a bed is for the dame use then"

before I could answer he had pulled the chian and smothered me with toilet water.

He then pulled me back to my room and again pushed me face first back into my wet sheets as he then proceeded to repeat the rest of my punishment. gicving me more than he had said which was always the way becouse he new that I would expect this to be over when he got to 40 but I was wrong.

"how many boy"

48 SIR" as I forced the answer out.

where he then stoped lieving me there as he hung the belt back up in the woodrobes and returned coming between my legs he riched down between my legs and grabed the two small chaind and pulled them behind me with I must admit a lot of force before picking up the butt plug and he fitted the two small rings at the end of the _c_o_c_k_ chians to the butt plug before proceeded again with a bit of force pushing the plug up my ass untill the chains had pulled my _c_o_c_k_ between my legs and the plug was securely inplace. where he then gave my ass three good slap with his hand before undoing the handcuffs.

"there boy now clean this mess up and you can take those wet things to the wash house and wash them by hand except your wet pants as I have not finished which your ass yet boy.

I proceeded to clean up the mess and toke the wet things to the washouse and washed then

As I stod there naked with movement difficult looking out over Johns nice gardens and big enclosed section I remembered the last time I was out there and then remembered that I was going to beout there againbetween to long. When I had finished washing the sheets etc I found John sitting in the sun purch and beside him was the strap and wooden paddle.

"Have you finished boy"

"Yes sir they are all washed as requested sir"

"Good then I guess it is time that we toke these out and hung them out on the line to dry don't you"

"Yes Sir" As he fulled me back to the washhouseand I picked the washing up and was about to take them out as he though my wet pj pants on my head saying

"let us not forget this then boy"

Once out at the cothes line and I had hung the sheets out he then grabed my arm again and handcuffed one to one side of the line and then the other so I was spread egled as he then toke my wet pants and made me open my mouth as he pushed these in saying

"we cant let the nabours hear you they will just think that I am beating my mats as I do this quite often"

he then started to turn the handle on the line that to the line up and pulled me with it until my feet were just tutching the ground as he then proceeded to give me a good thrashing with the strap. ofter about thirty he stoped and said

"since your sheets have to be out here to dry you can stay there untill they are understand boy"

as I nodded and he could see tears dripping from my face.

"good" as he left. about two hours later he returned and let me down as he lead me back inside to the lounge where there were two of his friends sitting and one said

Hay John see you have yourself another bed wetter to punish I do know how much you like to punish them"

the other then said

"just had him out to dry have you"

John then replyed "yes and I ant finished with this lazy _s_h_i_t_ yet and you two can help me"

As he then got each of them to take my arms and hod me over the back of the soffer. He then picked up the wooded paddle and brounght it to me and said "kiss it boy" then one of the other guys siad "how many are you going to give him John" "Well I don't know last time I found this _s_h_i_t_ in a wet bed I gave him 8 what do you guys think you have both had it before" The older of the two siad well I think 16 what do you think mike \" Yes that sould do" as John came do my side and siad "well boy it looks like 16 so get that lazy ass ready to get a good hidding"

As he then proceeded to give it to me amking me again repeat I will not wet my bed and telling how many strocks I had recieved and again this did not stop at 16 but went to 20. as he let me up he then said " Well boy I hope that you have learded your leasson and what do you say' As he pushed me to my knees and I looked up at his

"thank you sir for your punishment and understanding"

He then said "well you have two of my frieds to thank as well in the normal way" as I crowld across to the first guy mike who was well built and proceeded to undo his belt and pull his now hard _c_o_c_k_ out.

"may I thank you sir for helping me to meand my ways sir" as he nodded aproval and I started to suck on his very nice large _c_o_c_k_ and with in two or three minute he had fulled my mouth with his manlyhood. It was then Mikes turn as I asked him the same question and again gotr his aproval. I had been sucking on mike for about two minutes when he pushed me to the groud saying to John.

"I think this boy needs to be showned how to give a good blow job as I don't thing that he is doing it right" as John picked up the paddle and I started to protest

"I will do it better sir' Please sir know more sir" Please sir " as the first slap fell right on the middle of my ass pushing the butt plug in further and then the next and another and even more until he had given me 10 before telling me to resum my thank you's. Mike cam in less than two minutes that time and boy he had a load.

John then said "well boy now it is time to thank me. as he removed the butt plug and chains and bent me over a chair as he then proceded to insirt his very hard eight inch _c_o_c_k_ as deep as he could and with in five minutes he had fulled my ass with his juices. After he had pulled out he then said.

"Well boy I hope that you have learned your leason and are ready to have some fun as we all said there talking for a time before we were all into a great foursom. This is a true story and I am pleased my master has given me promition to write and tell you all and if you would like to hear more or tell me about similar stituations then please feel free to e-mail me.