Cool Teenager Humiliated

by The Avenger

Daniel was a good looking teenager, all the girls fancied him and he was a popular member of his local school. However his status sometimes caused him to get a little big headed and at times he would get _c_o_c_k_y, he also enjoyed stealing other lads girlfriends just to upset them. However this would prove to be this fifteen year old boys downfall.

There was an 18 year old girl who had a 21 year old boyfriend called Max - Max was a huge six foot lad and he dearly loved his girlfriend, Daniel had pretended he like her and she had left Max to go out with him, but then Daniel chucked her immediately, the girl returned to Max in tears, and Max plotted his revenged carefully with a few close friends.

Max had set up for his fourteen year old brother and a few of his friends to teach Daniel a lesson, one which he would never forget.

On arriving at school a bunch of younger lads set upon Daniel they pulled off his T-Shirt and then quickly tied his hands together tightly, they then took off his shoes and socks, leaving Daniel wearing his black school trousers, they then took him to a bench in the centre of the playground were Max sat awaiting for him, the whole school were in attendance waiting in anticipation to see what would happen.

Max said 'you have been a naughtly boy haven't you?'

Daniel told him to _f_u_c_k_ off, Max pulled Daniel towards him and to his horror over his knee, people started to laugh as Max started to spank Daniel's tight little bottom spank, spank, spank, Daniel felt the pain through his thin school trousers but he was determined not to cry - smack, smack, smack - don't be messing with my girlfriend again okay.

Daniel made a mistake he will regret for the rest of his life, and told Max to _f_u_c_k_ off - Max smiled you need another spanking Daniel and this time I am going to take your trousers off, Daniel panicked - sorry Max I am really sorry - it won't happen again, the younger boys pushed Daniel towards Max who then placed him backwards across his knees before undoing his trousers, the younger lads pulled them off completely, so Daniel was now smack in the middle of the school over the knee of Max - with just a pair of white boxer shorts on.

Max wasted no time and started spanking Daniels back side hard, all the kids watching were laughing, Daniel tryed to wriggled from the knee of Max - but his hands were tied and Max was just too strong, the spanking continued smack after smack landed on Daniels bottom and the teenager was struggling not to cry, but after a few more smacks he give in and started crying like a little boy, the whole school laughing at him.

Max held Daniel up and told him to say sorry Daddy, go on say sorry Daddy, Daniel muttered through his tears Sorry Daddy, louder max said - Sorry Daddy.

Max said to Daniel little boys who are naughty get spanked by their Dads, but we are not quite finished yet.

To be continued

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