Cool Teenager Humiliated Part Two

by The Avenger

Daniel was sat on Max's knee - he has just gestured to the onlooking school population that naughty little boys get spanked, Daniel only has his white boxer shorts on.

To Daniels horror Max removed his boxer shorts before lifting him high in the air and saying who thinks this little baby boy should be spanked on his bare bottom for all the girls and lads he has hurt in the past. The crowd reacted enthusiastically, chanting spank him, spank him, spank him.

Before we spank Daniel we need to get rid of al the pubic hair on his body, Daniel sreamed no Max, please I am so sorry - but it was too late, agroup of boys and girls pinned Daniel down and proceeded to shave off all his pubic hair.

Max held Daniel in his arms and cradled him like a little baby, he then held him up in front of the whole school, cameras flashed, Daniels face was bright red he was naked and humiliated but it was not yet finished.

Max put him back across his knee and started to spank his bare backside smack. smack. smack. smack he continued this until Daniel was crying his eyes out.

Daniel was untied, but Max still has full control, from now on Daniel I am your daddy, and any of this kids report you being naughty I will come back and spank you again, you are not let your pubic hair grow back until you have shown me that you have matured - is that understand.

Max smacked Daniels exposed ass to hurry his answer, yes... Max smacked him again yes who Daniel - Yes daddy. Good boy.

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