Basher Reform - Part 3

by Ret

Several weeks had now transpired and the new inmates were now pretty much settled into their routine. The first few months are run like military boot camp, the most notable exception being the clothing. Inmates typically wore regulation length sweat socks, combat boots, dog tags, and caps to protect their heads from the tropical sun.

The guards and officers wear vary based upon their assignment or personal whim, clothing varied from casual crotch hugging shorts, and fatigues to W. W.II SS gear. The only equipment, which is mandatory for all guards and officers, is the essential riding crop, leather belt, or cane.

During the boot camp phase of the program an inmates daily routine consisted of getting up, exercises, showering, housekeeping for the inmates and officers, and a host of unique training activities.

The day started at 5 AM for those responsible for preparing breakfast for the facility. The other inmates got to sleep until 5:30 before having to fall in for stretching, calisthenics, and a 5 - mile run on the island. To insure that none of the inmates suffer an injury to himself during the run he is to wear a light weigh transparent jock strap. After their run the inmates serve the guards and officers then are allowed to eat and afterward clean up the dining room.

The next order of business is showering.... This exercise is supervised of course, to insure that nothing unauthorized is going on and also to make sure each man's partner does the grooming and no crevice is missed during the process. During boot camp each man is shaved of body hair, for two reasons. The first being purely psychological. During this stage of their re-programming an inmate is symbolically regressed back to an infantile state. Most importantly, the Commander felt that welts were harder to distinguish on skin covered by hair. So everyday the shower routine involved each man being totally shaved and washed by his partner.

After showers come cleaning duties. Latrines, barracks, training and meeting rooms are meticulously cleaned. All bedding in the barracks is changed and laundered as well as the guards and officers uniforms. The uniforms have to be creased in the proper places, crisp and clean. All cleaning has to done before the school bell rings.

The school curriculum consist of course work designed and concentrated on the contribution of gay men to various fields of art, literature, politics, science, and business. There are books to go through, and the inmates are expected to become proficient in their knowledge of gay history and culture.

After lunch, and a brief recess period classroom training is resumed, this portion of the school day is totally devoted to learning the basic fundamentals of man to man courtship and appreciation. It was during one of these sessions that the movie star was overheard complaining to another inmate, Tony Atkins, a former star quarterback from one of footballs winning team (More about Atkins later).

"Do you believe this _s_h_i_t_ man? I mean do these _f_u_c_k_er's really believe that we're going to go queer and hunt _d_i_c_k_ after we leave here. Hey, man, I love pussy, I mean I live for it! There no _f_u_c_k_ing way I'm going to fall in love with some guy or spent the rest of my life serving some faggot. I can't imagine either of us making out with some guy, holding his hand, or trying to get in his pants. I mean really, can you ever see yourself kissing some guy, sucking his _c_o_c_k_, or _f_u_c_k_ing him? Jesus Christ, it just makes me sick!"

"Is there something you want to add to the class, bitch Berry?

"No Sir, Captain Brown, Sir".

"I'm sure I heard you talking to your neighbor, Berry".

"Yes Sir I was just asking him about something I thought I missed in my notes, Sir."

"You know the rules, bitch, No talking ever!"

"No, Sir Captain I...."

"Shut up you lying cunt!"

"Both of you up here, front and center"

Both men rose from their seats and walked to the front of the class.

"You" pointing to Atkins. "Over here, to this table." He turned to Berry, "Stand here, and await your punishment." He turned back to Atkins, "Grab the far end of the table.

"Do you have anything to say, Atkins?"

"Yes Sir, I have misbehaved, Sir! I am a common no-good bitch and I deserve to be punished, Sir! Please correct my behavior and make me worthy to serve you. I want to be your boy, your slave, Sir, and it is my will to be punished by you until I am deemed worthy to be called your boy, Sir!

Atkins was not wearing any thing except his socks and boots, so his shaved naked ass faced the class. The Captain took off his leather belt and pulled his hairy muscular arm high in the air and brought it down on Atkins quivering exposed ass, and landed his belt squarely on Atkins exposed ass.

Atkins emitted a "Scream" as the belt stung his ass again. Wham! Wham! Wham! Wham!!

"I WILL have order and discipline during class, Atkins. You know the rules and you will be punished for any infractions. You will receive 50 strokes and you are to count out each stroke. I will start over, so you can now count out your strokes "

Atkins got through the rest of the count without a mistake, except his voice started to quiver as the strokes increased and it became very difficult to count once the quivering turned to cries of pain and humiliation.

After the 50th stroke, he got up and started to move away.

"Don't' you have anything to say Atkins?"

"Yes, Captain Sir. Thank you for correcting me. I wish I had always had a strong loving father like you to guide me and teach me respect for my fellow man. Sir, I truly want to please you and make myself worthy of your fatherly guidance, Sir"

"Now, I want the both of you to report to the Commander's office right now, we still have some unfinished business which the Commander needs to a part of. About face, March"

The Commander's Office

Commander Greer was just about to enjoy a nice long leisurely bath which his personal assistant was about to assist him into, when he was advised that Captain Brown was in the office of his home requesting an audience, "Tell Captain Brown that he's going to have to talk with me here in the bathroom. I don't want to upset James, he works so hard to see to my comfort. Show him in and get him a chair"

Knock, Knock.

"Come in Captain and have a seat." The Captain entered the bath saluting his superior and sat in the chair facing the large oversized tub holding the Commandeer and his assistant. His assistant was busy scrubbing his back and neck.

"OK James, nice and slow, just like Big Daddy likes it" Greer instructed his aide.

"Sorry to disturb you Sir during quality time with James, but a situation has come up and I need your advise on what would be the most appropriate action to take."

Captain Brown on to relate exactly what he had overheard in class and what action he had taken with Atkins.

"However, Sir, I am not sure what action to take with Berry. I have a feeling that our usual methods for dealing with the stubborn one's have not been as effective as I feel they should be with Berry. We're getting close to the end of the first phase of re-programming and he's not been as receptive as the rest of his class. He's got a real stubborn streak in him, as a matter of fact, I think he's made up his mind that he can't be changed. In the whole history of this program, we've never had a failure that lived, and before we had to resort to the island, I wanted to seek your advice.

Greer sink back in his tub and James moved to his chest, covering it with suds.

"You're right Jim, he has to succeed. His success is of paramount importance to the program and I know personally it would help ease the pain some of the pain you've experienced in loosing David in seeing his success. We also need this jerk for our plan to expand our program into the film industry. He'd make a great poster boy for the program.

Listen, bring in that Atkins character, I've always had a feeling about him and if my hunch is correct I think we might have a solution."

"As you wish Sir." Captain Brown rose with a puzzled look on his face.


Atkins approached the Captain with his eyes downcast; the Captain grabbed him by the _c_o_c_k_ and pulled him into the bathroom. Needless to say, Atkins was scared _s_h_i_t_less! He immediately stood at attention, eyes facing forward.

Commander took a drag from his Cuban cigar while studying the big quarterback standing naked except his socks and boots, shivering in front of him.

"At ease, boy. I have something to talk to you about inmate Atkins, and I want the truth out of you, NO BULL_s_h_i_t_. I don't like my time being wasted"

"Yes, Commander Greer, Sir."

"I want you to tell us exactly what Berry told you, word for word."

Well Atkins sang like a bird, relating the story word for word, but it did not end there. He added that he needed discuss something very personal with them.

"Go ahead son, (sensing something heavy coming down). Feel free to be as open as you want. We're family here."

"Well, Sir, I haven't been very truthful about myself with you or anyone else and I need to come clean. Sir, I am gay. I've always known it, but I've spent years hiding it, psychological counseling, religion, and _s_e_x_ with women. I've spent my whole life working to make sure no one ever knew. I've worked hard at trying to be the macho straight stud I thought I was supposed to be. I've just been so miserable and I can't stand it any longer. In some weird way, I feel coming here has saved me.

I guess it was my own self-hatred that led me to beat up that reporter who had threatened to OUT me. I was so afraid of everyone knowing my secret. I went berserk! So when I found the guy and he told me he was going to expose me, I lost it! I just couldn't stop hitting him, in some sense, it was if I transferred my self-hatred to him and tried to beat it to death, but I ended up beating him to death and ended up here. I know I will spend of my life paying for it and I'm prepared for that.

When Berry said what he said, I couldn't help but think, I used to be like that, and it made me sick. I can't stand it any longer."

"Commander, Captain, I am willing to take any punish you feel is necessary to atone for my past. I deserve it and much more. I am at your service. All that I ever owned, money, cars, homes. I'll give it to the program, it's yours, just tell me what you what"

The Commander looked into Atkins' eyes. He certainly was no push over, but he was touched by his confession. He looked over at Captain Brown who was looking out the window in a daze.

"Captain Brown with your permission, I would like to use this boy to instill some right thinking into Berry. I have an idea I think would be beneficial to everyone involved. "

"Captain I would you to call a general assembly tonight. Hal Berry will be making his stage debut tonight and this Atkins boy is going to be his co-star.

Also, tell Lt. Nelson that we are going to need him and that big beautiful fat black _c_o_c_k_ of his to perform for us tonight. "

"Now if you two will excuse us, I would like to finish my bath." With that the Captain and Atkins exited the Commander's bathroom. As he was exiting the Captain heard the Commander telling James, "Son you've got a show to arrange tonight."

The curtain went up on that evening's performance right on time in the Make-sift Theater in the round. Everyone in the facility had been invited to catch Berry's stage performance. He had been given a sedative that afternoon to relax him so he would be rested for his performance. Hal Berry never looked better after spending the afternoon being dolled up.

"Since you're so into straight _s_e_x_ we thought we would give you a little taste of it, honey. From a different perspective of course", Captain Brown had informed Berry before the show.

James and another boy had spent two hours powdering and painting Hal's _s_e_x_y, square-jawed face. They even polished the protesting he-man's fingernails.

Next they instructed Hal to position himself onto a steel examing table into a sited position while James snapped a lacy black brassiere over his smooth hairless pecs. Poking shamefully through the scalloped holes at the center of each of the bra's cups were the swaggering movie star's plump pink nipples.

A pair of small black silk panties were pulled over his sturdy legs and up to his genitals. Put purposely on backwards they would insure easy access to his virginal hole when the time came. Above the table, mirrors were positioned so that everyone in the room was given the best possible view of what was happening on the table. A pair of metal stirrups descended from the ceiling. The butch pussy-pounders' legs were lifted, spread wide and his feet were forced through the stirrups. A pair of spiked-heel "come _f_u_c_k_ me" pumps were then fitted onto Hal's bare feet. To preclude any possibility of escape Hal's arms were strapped to the sides of the table with bands of heavy leather. For a little special effect, James spritzed some perfume behind the wild-eyed movie stars ears and into the crack of his upended ass.

Clenching his balled-up fists he tossed his head wildly from side to side and seemed unable to believe that the ridiculous reflection in the mirror able was really him.

"What have you done to me?" he shouted at the top of his lungs. "You _f_u_c_k_ing degenerate bastards! I'll kill you if you try any queer _s_h_i_t_ with me! I swear to God! I'll _f_u_c_k_ing rip your hearts out!!!"

"You don't have a choice bitch. First, we're giving you what you want. Second, You are in no position to make such violent threats, my dear. Relax, lay back, and enjoy it. Laughing as he drew his fingers along the insides of Hal's defoliated thighs. Remember you are at my mercy." Captain Brown sneered.

At this point Atkins and Lt. Nelson walked out on stage to loud applause.

"What are you gonna do to me?" he barked as he wiggled his buttocks away from the fingers slowly circling his exposed anus. "You better leave my ass alone you mother_f_u_c_k_er. I'm warning you! Don't even think about puttin' nothing up my butt!

"I'm so pleased that you're straight, said Captain Brown. Watching you squirm is so very pleasurable. I can barely recall the last time I enjoyed myself so much." The finger that had been petting Hal's pucker disappeared from sight into the cursing macho man's tight anus. Working it around inside his _s_h_i_t_ty tunnel Brown jabbed and scraped the sensitive walnut-size gland buried deep with Hal's guts. "See how his _d_i_c_k_ responds, Atkins, to my manipulation of his prostate. I think it is time dear boy for you to get that beautiful _d_i_c_k_ of yours up for us. It is you after all whom Commander Greer has selected to rape his virgin ass."

"Tell Tony to _f_u_c_k_ you, ass-hole. Beg him to ram his big hard _d_i_c_k_ up your stinking straight ass. Tell him you want to be his bitch. Let him know how badly you need his prick or I will just have Lt. Nelson ram all 14 inches of his bat between his legs up right your ass."

Hal knew he didn't have a choice. Crying he looked over to Atkins and softly called his name.

Do it, Tony. Please _f_u_c_k_ me. I want to be your bitch tonight. But please... Take it easy man. Don't make this any worse for me than it has to be. I've never been...I mean no one has ever touched me there before. Don't rip me up too bad, Tony. Promise me you won't.

Atkins squeezed his _c_o_c_k_ and tugged on his balls but nothing happened. His _d_i_c_k_ felt numb and lifeless. Increasing the pace of his masturbatory groping didn't help.

'You seem to have a slight problem, dear boy," Commander Greer snickered. "But don't worry, there are "other ways."

Ron, go over and show Tony what you can do with that mouth of yours. Ron kneed down in front of Tony and went to work on Tony's meat. Before he knew it, Tony rod had become swollen and stiffed as hard as a rock as it grew to its full throbbing 11 1/2 inches. Ron could barely contain the juicy purple head in his mouth.

"Let's get the show on the road", ordered Commander Greer.

The sight of the quarterback's huge frame and enormous rock hard _d_i_c_k_ jetting out in front of him on it's way to his ass, scared the living daylights out of Hal. He had never been on the receiving end of a _f_u_c_k_. The butch, stud though of himself as all man, and in his mind, he did the _f_u_c_k_ing. His whole image of himself was about to be altered forever.........


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