Home for the Holidays Corrected

by Jtts <JTTS03@cs.com>

AUTHOR? S NOTE: Sorry this is a repost. If I? ve figured out how to make my punctuation show up, then I? ll write a new story!

Davey sat easily in the train home for the Christmas holidays. Six nearly faded cane marks still decorated his bottom, but they no longer caused him any discomfort.

Davey strongly disliked being punished at school, but he accepted his semi-regular encounters with the cane as something to be endured with as much fortitude as possible. It was pointless trying too hard to avoid punishment. If you didn't break a rule on purpose, you were bound to break one accidentally, and a trip to the assistant headmaster's office was less terrifying if one was somewhat used to it.

But Davey did consciously avoid the cane in the weeks previous to a visit home. Surviving a whole term without punishment at school was unlikely, but avoiding a spanking from his uncle during the holidays was impossible. And his uncle's terrible spankings were less of an ordeal without fresh cane marks getting in the way!

Despite the inevitable spankings, Davey loved his uncle tremendously. He and his mother had lived with Uncle Paul ever since Davey's father had died suddenly when he was six. Uncle Paul was a strict disciplinarian from the very beginning, but he also took an interest in Davey, and spent a good deal of time with his nephew in activities that didn't involve the boy's bottom being bared. It was new and exciting to Davey to have an adult showering him with attention. His own father had been rather distant, and Davey appreciated all his uncle had done for his mother and him.

As the train clattered down the tracks, Davey thought about his upcoming spanking, and found that he was not dreading it as much as he should be. Oh, it would be painful - he was not in denial of that - but not with the intense severity of a caning. On the other hand, a caning was over relatively quickly, while Uncle Paul's spankings seemed to go on and on until Davey was afraid that his bottom would actually catch on fire!

The worst thing, however, about being spanked at home, was the guilt Davey felt over letting down his beloved uncle. At school, he was usually not even a little sorry about whatever he had done to deserve a spanking, but he desperately wished to please Uncle Paul and wanted to be a good boy for him.

That was what had changed, Davey realized as he sat on the train. Oh, he still loved his uncle, and wanted to make him proud, but he was beginning to suspect that Uncle Paul was not as disappointed at having to spank him as he'd always led Davey to believe. Davey came to this conclusion a year or two after leaving for school. When he had lived at home, as a boisterous young boy, it was quite understandable that his uncle would find it necessary to spank him once or twice a week. But now that he was home only for short intervals, Davey couldn't help but notice that Uncle Paul was getting more and more strict over silly things like table manners, tidiness, and respecting his elders. His grades were always reasonably good, but his uncle would often spank him anyway, claiming that his marks could have been higher with a little bit more effort. Davey was certain that if Uncle Paul really didn't want to spank him, he would not be so vigilant in finding reasons to do so!

This time, there was no question of Davey's deserving a spanking. His school report contained a shamefully low grade in deportment this term, which would certainly result in punishment from his uncle. Davey sighed, and settled back in his seat. Oh well, if it wasn't his school report, it would surely be something else anyway!

Paul greeted his nephew warmly at the train station. He helped Davey to load his bags into the trunk of the car, then sat down in the driver's seat.

"So how was school this term, Davey?" Paul asked, before starting the engine. Without a word, his nephew handed over his school report. Paul scanned the paper silently, and his heart leapt to his throat when his eyes fell on the low deportment mark. He suppressed a smile, and forced his demeanor to become stern.

"Well, my boy," Paul said seriously. "It seems you've earned yourself some fairly stiff punishment this time."

Davey just nodded. Paul was surprised that his nephew wasn't shame-faced and apologizing, as he would have been in the past. School life must be toughening the lad up.

They talked about more pleasant things as they drove along ? cricket, Davey's horse which was in need of a good gallop, and the cake Davey's mother had prepared for his homecoming.

As they neared the estate, Paul squinted at Davey and asked a question he already knew the answer to, "You are thirteen years old now, am I correct?"

"Yes, Uncle. Four months ago."

"Then it's about time that I progressed to using a slipper on your bottom, it seems."

"I suppose, Uncle," Davey agreed, going a bit red in the face.

"Have you ever been slippered at school, Davey?"

"Yes, Uncle." Paul waited for the boy to elaborate, but when Davey did not, he allowed the subject to drop.

When they arrived home, Davey joyfully embraced his mother and greeted the staff. When the welcoming party was through, Paul cleared his throat and said, "Davey, wait for me in my study while I have a word with your mother."

Paul's sister looked stricken, and the staff shot accusing glances at their employer as they dispersed. Davey's mother didn't complain often to her benefactor, but it was obvious she was concerned that her brother had been too strict with his nephew of late. However, Paul was certain that she would not dispute his judgment on this occasion.

Paul was right; his sister was horrified at her son's poor deportment score, and immediately condoned any action Paul might choose to take. He reassured her, once again, that her precious Davey would survive his punishment, and come out a better boy at the other end. Paul reminded his sister that he didn't cane Davey, and never would, as he considered the instrument cruel and cold. She kissed him, and told him she appreciated his kind and loving approach to her only son's discipline. So Paul strode off toward the study, content to have his sister's blessing.

Davey was waiting obediently in the corner when Paul entered the study.

"Come here, Davey," his uncle commanded. Paul sat down on the sofa, and stood his nephew before him.

He reached for and undid the buttons on Davey's trousers. Thirteen or not, Paul was not willing to relinquish the job of undressing to his growing nephew. Davey stood patiently as his uncle slowly lowered his pants and then, even more slowly, his underwear.

Paul glanced briefly at Davey's developing penis, and noted, almost with disappointment, the strands of dark hair beginning to sprout around the base. As he gently lowered his nephew over his knees, he gazed at the firm, full buttocks offered up for punishment. He remembered, with a pang of regret, when this same bottom was so small and adorable that he could cover the entire thing with one large hand Oh well, little boys couldn't help but grow up. At least a larger bottom warranted a longer spanking!

"Well, Nephew, here we are again. And this time you've thoroughly disappointed your mother and I."

"Yes, Uncle. I'm sorry," the boy replied. But he sounded distant, a bit bored even, when, in the past, he would have already had silent tears of remorse streaming down his face. Is this what too much of the cane was doing to the boy? Making him immune to the milder punishments of his uncle? Paul decided that he would have to remind his nephew just how painful a mere spanking could be! But not just yet . . .

"Do you know why you're over my knee, Davey?"

"Yes, Uncle. I misbehaved in school," came the calm reply.

"And I suppose these are the result of that misbehavior." Paul's finger slowly traced one of the faint cane lines running along Davey's lower bottom. He felt the boy squirm deliciously at the touch.

"Yes, Uncle," Davey said, his voice finally wavering a little.

"I count six stripes here. I thought the most you'd ever gotten was four?"

"I got six for the first time two weeks ago," Davey admitted.

"Why?" His uncle inquired.

"Two other boys and I went into town without permission."


Paul brought his hand down hard across the center of Davey's bottom. His nephew squeaked and jumped in surprise.

"That is not acceptable behavior, young man!" Paul said sternly. "I see that it will take a severe spanking to knock that sort of nonsense out of you, so I'd best get started."

With that, he raised his hand and began to spank his nephew fast and hard. He alternated between sides, thoroughly reddening the center of each bottom cheek. Davey took his spanking quietly for the first twenty-five or so smacks, then began to wriggle and whimper as his uncle started in on the sensitive lower portion of his bare bottom.

Paul began a circuit of spanks, starting at the crest of the left buttock and proceeding all the way around, until the entire bottom had been thoroughly smacked. He completed a second circle, then started again, this time giving each spot five stinging spanks before moving to the next section.

Meanwhile, Davey had begun to cry quietly, which rapidly progressed to noisy sobbing. As he wailed, he twisted on his uncle's lap, waving his bottom wildly from side to side in an attempt to avoid the burning blows.

"He may be thirteen," Paul thought smugly, "but a spanking can still reduce him to a crying, squirming little boy!"

Paul decided to give his nephew's bottom a rest, so moved his efforts to the tops of the boy's thighs. When the kicking legs were nicely reddened, and Davey was nearly hysterical, Uncle Paul paused to survey his work.

His nephew's skin was a bright scarlet from his waist to the backs of his knees. Normally, Paul would have been satisfied, and stopped here, but today he was determined that his errant ward would receive a spanking that he wouldn't forget for a long, long time. In a resolve to find every inch of spankable flesh on his nephew's backside, Paul used one hand to spread the boy's bottom cheeks, and began to smack the tender area surrounding Davey's little, puckered hole. This action elicited fresh wails from the punished boy, and encouraged Paul to seek out more new territory.

Paul gently separated Davey's tightly clenched legs, and using one cupped hand to protect his nephew's delicate privates, proceeded to spank up and down the still-pale inner thighs. Davey, too exhausted even to kick and squirm, lay sobbing softly as he absorbed this new punishment.

When Paul was finished with Davey's legs, he returned to his nephew's crimson bottom, and, just for good measure, counted out twenty-five more hard swats concentrating on the lowest area just above the thighs.

Paul stopped spanking, and eased his aching hand as he massaged his well-punished nephew's battered bottom. He rubbed heavily, at first, then as the crying eased into sniffles, stroked the upturned buttocks lightly, almost in a caress.

When Davey seemed to have recovered most of his composure, Paul patted his bottom and said with false reluctance, "I'm sorry Davey, but I believe I promised you a bit of the slipper this time. Get up, and go over to my desk. You'll find a slipper in the lower, right-hand drawer."

Davey eased himself up slowly from his uncle's lap. As he shuffled across the room, trousers around his ankles, he marveled at how hard his uncle had just spanked him. And he was to get even more with the slipper! There was little doubt in Davey's mind now, that Uncle Paul saw these punishment sessions as something beyond than a tedious chore. The signs were obvious, when one stopped to pay attention.

Davey had mixed feelings as he positioned himself, once again, over Uncle Paul's knees. His bottom was throbbing mightily, but he somehow felt better than he had on previous trips to his uncle's study. Even though he was hurting on the outside, it felt good on the inside to know that he was participating in an activity that gave his uncle pleasure. And he was positive, now, that his uncle did enjoy it. A certain firmness that Davey felt against his belly as he nestled into Uncle Paul's lap definitely confirmed his suspicions!

Davey was considering the idea of misbehaving on purpose, just to give his uncle another opportunity to spank him, when the slipper smacked against his sore bottom.

"Owww!" he wailed. All thoughts of intentionally earning a spanking were immediately vetoed from his mind. One spanking was enough for him, and would have to do for his uncle as well, Davey decided. The slipper came smashing down again, and Davey couldn't help but cry out. He hoped that was what his uncle wanted.

After the third whack, Davey no longer cared what Uncle Paul wanted. HE wanted his spanking to be over with as soon as possible!

"Ouch, Uncle! Please no more!" Davey begged.

"Only three more, my boy," was his uncle's unwelcome reply.




Uncle Paul carried out the sentence with a mighty strength that left Davey's bottom twitching in agony. As the boy lay over his uncle's knee, reduced once again to hitching sobs, he promised himself that he would be so good and polite this holiday, that even his overly-strict uncle would find no fault to warrant another spanking.

But it was not to be. As Uncle Paul slowly rubbed Davey's burning bottom - a not entirely unpleasant sensation ? the man began to speak.

"I'm sorry that I had to spank you so severely, Nephew, but I'm afraid this incident is not over as easily as that. Your proper behavior at school is a serious concern for your mother and I, and we both agree that a harsh lesson is in order to ensure that your conduct shows improvement next term. Therefore, as a reminder, we will repeat this spanking in its entirety the morning that you board the train to return back to school. Do you agree that this punishment is fair, Davey?"

"Yes, Uncle," Davey whimpered. But he cringed at the realization that his next train ride would be far less comfortable than today's had been! Once again, he resolved to be as good as gold, and avoid any additional spankings this holiday . . .

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