The End of the Holidays

by Jtts <>

Author's Note: This is the continued story of Davey and Uncle Paul. It follows 'Home for the Holidays'.

Davey did his best to keep the promise he'd made to himself to be good during the holidays and avoid additional spankings. He nearly succeeded, too.

Davey's one mistake was going out to the barn to visit his horse directly after Sunday services. He was not allowed to change from his church clothes until after dinner, and knew he shouldn't risk dirtying them, but the boy was anxious to feed his pet the sugar cubes he'd snuck from the kitchen. He had the misfortune of catching and tearing his slacks on an exposed paddock nail, and had no choice but to admit his carelessness to his mother.

Uncle Paul had stayed late at the church, for a meeting of the elders, but Paul fully expected his mother to report his misbehavior to his uncle immediately upon his return. Mother surprised Davey, however, by spanking him herself. It was a comparatively minor punishment, delivered on the seat of his torn trousers with the back of Mother's hairbrush, but Davey had been officially spanked, and so the matter was settled.

Uncle Paul seemed a tad disgruntled when he learned of the incident, later that day. Davey's mother suspected, correctly, that Paul considered his nephew's discipline to be his duty alone, and did not approve of her interfering and possibly being too lenient with the boy. But only Davey was aware of the REAL reason that Uncle Paul was feeling cheated!

After Davey's punishment on his first day home, Uncle Paul had promised him a reminder spanking before his return to school. True to his word, Paul summoned Davey to his study on the morning the boy was to take the train back to school.

"Davey," Paul said sternly, "Once again, I must impress upon you how appalled your mother and I are at your recent school performance. I must ensure that your misbehavior is not repeated. Bring me the slipper, please."

As Davey went to the desk to fetch the slipper, his only glimmer of hope was the knowledge that his uncle truly DID NOT wish for his nephew's deportment to improve! Surely Uncle Paul would realize that if he spanked Davey too hard, he might actually convince the boy to change his behavior. Therefore, it stood to reason that Uncle Paul would hold back enough that the punishment would not be too memorable!

Unfortunately for Davey, Paul was willing to rely on the belief that no boy, no matter how resolute, would be able to keep out of trouble for long. And he wasted no time in crushing Davey's false hopes as to the severity of his forthcoming punishment.

As soon as the boy handed him the slipper, Paul decreed, "In order to make certain this lesson sinks in, young man, I will be employing the slipper twice. Six before your hand spanking, and six more after."

Davey flinched visibly at this announcement, but nodded resigned agreement.

Paul drew his nephew close, and reached for the buttons on the boy's pants. He slowly lowered them, along with the undergarments, down and off, then allowed his eyes to linger a moment on Davey's front side, before guiding the boy across his lap. When Davey was positioned to his uncle's satisfaction, Paul raised the slipper high and began.

As the six hard whacks rained down, Davey made no effort to contain his displeasure over the stinging pain he was required to endure. Paul hoped that his nephew was able to remain more stoical at school when punished in the presence of his classmates! He assumed that Davey appreciated the opportunity to express his discomfort without shame, in the privacy of his own home, whereas he must put on a brave front at school. While this reasoning was partly accurate, what Paul did not realize, was that Davey was intentionally overreacting to enhance his uncle's experience.

Paul put the slipper aside, and lightly stroked the red circle in the center of Davey's right bottom cheek.

"Are you ready for me to continue your punishment, Nephew?" He asked.

"No, Uncle. Not yet, sir," was the boy's reply.

This was fine with Paul. He allowed his fingertips to travel across his nephew's bottom cleft to gently touch the slipper marks decorating the left buttock. He was content to sit and admire the view for over a minute, before reverting to the firm demeanor that this exercise required.

"We really must get this over with, Davey," Paul said brusquely, attempting to leave the impression that this punishment was merely a time-consuming and annoying chore for him. With that, he raised his flattened palm and brought it down smartly on his nephew's vulnerable, bare bottom.

Paul spanked with the vigor and ruthlessness acquired from years of practice at the art. Davey took the first ten or so smacks with little resistance, but soon began to squirm and whimper at the terrible onslaught.

Davey was now fighting two wars, one physical and one mental. While the sting in his bottom was building by the second, his uncle was not the only one with previous disciplinary experience, and the punishment was easy enough to take at this point. Davey was making more of a fuss than necessary, because he assumed, rightly, that his distress would excite his uncle. The boy was concerned, however, at his own actions. Davey liked the thought of pleasing his uncle, much in the same way that Uncle Paul enjoyed the delight on his nephew's face when it was announced that they would spend the afternoon at a cricket match, or would be taking a fishing trip to the lake. But while he truly did desire to make his uncle happy, Davey was undecided as to the prudence of encouraging his Uncle Paul's fondness toward discipline. It could very well lead to many an unpleasant session in this very study!

Davey's mental dilemma was eventually rendered moot, however. As the spanking continued, his struggles and cries became genuine, and the decision about how much protest was required was no longer his.


Paul's hand fell again and again, expertly locating the most tender areas of his nephew's rapidly reddening bottom. Davey's most piteous yelps of pain only persuaded the man to target the very spots that elicited the highest-pitched squeals.


"Please, Uncle! It hurts so much! Please, no more!" Davey was unable to suppress his outcry any longer. Even the resilience he had developed during school punishments could not stand up to a spanking of this intensity and duration.

Startled from his trance by his nephew's plea, Paul paused in his work, light-headed with pleasure and nearly as breathless as Davey, himself.

"Have you had enough of a spanking to teach you a lesson?" He asked his nephew, working hard to keep his voice steady and firm.

"Oh, yes, Uncle! Please, sir!" Davey sobbed.

"We will finish up, in that case," Paul decided. "I will now spank the backs of your legs, along with the inner portions of your bottom, then we will be almost through."

"No, Uncle. I've truly had enough!"

"Davey!" Paul said sharply. "How dare you attempt to dictate the terms of your punishment? I will teach you, right now, that I alone decide the severity of your discipline!"

Paul reached for the slipper, and issued a command to his impertinent nephew.

"Davey, reach your hands back and spread your bottom cheeks as wide as you can!" Davey obeyed with a whimper, and Paul administered several burning smacks of the slipper to the sensitive areas now revealed. To his annoyance, the slipper was too wide to land a solid spank to the boy's little hole, but he was able to graze the secret spot well enough to extract a satisfying shriek from his distraught nephew.

"You may remove your hands from your bottom, Davey. I will now pay a good deal of attention to your legs." Paul hitched his nephew further over his lap, positioning his untouched thighs for their impending punishment.

He brought the slipper down four times on the back of each leg, moving from just below the bottom cheeks to just above the knees. Then he spread the kicking legs with his hand, to reveal the inner thighs for two smacks apiece. Paul put the slipper aside, and continued to spank up one leg and down the other until Davey was near hysterical.

When he felt his nephew had been sufficiently punished, Paul rested his palm over one of the steaming mounds and rubbed vigorously, easing the ache in both the punished bottom and his well-used hand. After a few minutes of his uncle's soothing caresses, first on one cheek, then on the other, Davey's cries died down to soft murmurs of appreciation.

"You are aware that we're not quite finished, my boy?" Paul asked tenderly.

"Yes, Uncle. I must receive six more whacks with the slipper, mustn't I?" The boy sniffed.

"I'm sorry, Davey," Paul spoke with false sympathy. "I know you have taken quite a spanking already, but a promise is a promise, after all."

Paul reached again for the slipper. With a mean-spiritedness that contradicted his previous apology, he fired three powerful strokes to the very center of Davey's right buttock.

Davey's tears returned, startled out by the suddenness and force of the three heavy spanks. Paul rested the slipper on his nephew's back, and rubbed some of the vicious sting from the boy's well-punished cheek.

"Ready for the left side?" Paul asked, all too soon.

"Yes, Uncle. But please not all on the same spot again," Davey choked.

"That is not your decision to make, young man," Paul admonished. "I thought we had come to an understanding about you overstepping your place, Davey. Very well, it will now be four strokes, and, yes, they will be on the Very CRACK! Same CRACK! Spot!" CRACK! CRACK!

Once again, Paul rubbed Davey's red and sore bottom, while his nephew regained his composure. When he was released, Davey stood and retrieved his pants, wincing as he pulled the rough clothing over his throbbing posterior.

"Now, Davey, I expect you will be behaving yourself in school," Uncle Paul said with forced disapproval.

"Yes, sir, Uncle," the boy replied humbly.

"To keep me aware of your progress, from now on I will require that you immediately inform me by telegram every time you are beaten while away."

"Yes, Uncle."

"Here is some money for the telegrams," Paul handed Davey a rather large note. "Remember, this money is to be used for one purpose only. It is not for you to squander on sweets. Now go ready your things. We leave for the train in twenty minutes."

Davey nodded grimly as he pocketed the note, but inside he was smiling at his uncle's obvious little trap. He recognized this gesture as a beneficial bounty for both himself and his uncle. Unless he managed to get himself beaten every single day, it was unlikely that Davey would spend even half the amount given him on telegrams to Uncle Paul. This left him free to spend the better part of the money on himself and his friends. He would be spanked for his wastefulness, on the next holiday, but at least he would gain something substantial for his suffering. And Uncle Paul would be guaranteed a valid excuse for punishing his nephew severely, both for the missing money and for the canings he had obediently reported.

"Yes," Davey thought, as he squirmed in his train seat. "Uncle Paul has thought this through a bit, and is seeing to it that things work out to both of our advantage."

But Davey couldn't even guess at the magnitude of his uncle's master plan!

To be continued . . .

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