by Jack

Some of you won't beleive this one but it really did happen to me when I was 13.

I was sent into town to sell a cow for money and bring it home but on the way there I ran into a guy who was selling magic beans. I had an idea it was not a good move but I did it anyway. On the way home with the magic beans I stopped by my favorite swimming hole, planted the beans, and fell asleep by the side of the pond after stripping down to my white bikini underpants. It was HOT. When I woke up an hour later, this huge beanstalk had grown all the way up to the sky, as high as I could see.

For some reason I was compelled to climb the beanstalk and so I did, all the way to the top. I got to the top and climbed over the edge and stood looking at beautiful new world filled with light and crystals and castles. But I wasn't there more than 10-15 seconds when I was suddenly grabbed by a giant!!! He was at least 7'4" tall and huge and strong. He grabbed my wrist and began to walk, and I had no choice but to follow along.

"Fe Fi FO FUM, I'm going to paddle your bare little bum, HOHOHOHO", he laughed.

I was like, what the hell? Did he just say he was going to paddle me? Why? What did I do? I begged him to let me go but as we neared a small town people along the road began to gather around as they saw the giant dragging me toward the town square. Finally he let go of my wrist and just threw me about 10 feet in front of him. By the time I got myself up off the ground he was right on top of me again and he grabbed me by the waist and carried me the rest of the way kicking and pleading to be freed and wearing nothing but a pair of skimpy white underpants. People began to clamor around and jump with excitement. I could see a whole crowd of people about 100 yards ahead of us as we neared the outskirts of the town and they dispersed as we got closer and headed into town. I could hear people talking, and I heard "town square" a number of times and knew that's where we were heading.

When we finally got to the town square, there were 500 people waiting for us, as if a celebrity had been cited and they all wanted to see. The giant sat down on a huge tree stump and sat my my 5'6 110 pound body down facing him. The entire crowd saw me standing there before the giant in my underpants. He reached toward me, put his huge fingers inside the waistband and yanked them down, all the way to my ankles and showed the crowd my bare backside. God, that was so embarrassing but there was nothing I could do. 500 people were looking right at my ass, my bare ass at that, both buns and the crack. The crowd cheered and the giant stopped them and brought them to total silence with a wave of his hand.

He grabbed my arm and hauled me over one knee, jacknifed with my bare ass in the air as the crowd remained silent. He then proceeded to give me the longest hardest most embarrassing spanking in all of history. His hand was so huge and hard, and he slapped with all his force, over and over and over again as I squirmed and tensed and tightened my ass cheeks to absorb the stinging slaps. 100 times his hand landed, and he stung me from the top of my crack to the base of both buns. Then someone ran up and handed him a paddle!!! He spread my legs a little, opening up my butt, and then began to tear my bare butt up with a heavy wooden board. Tears streamed down my face and I cried like an 8 year old, as the crowd watched my bare ass turn shades of red and get stung half off. He beat my butt with the paddle mercilessly. Finally he let me up of his knee. But I was forced to stand in the town square for an hour with my underwear around my ankles while everyone was allowed to walk by and look at whatever they wanted to look at.

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