My Slave Spanking

by Ronald

Chuck is my 24 7 slave and is a very prominent newspaper man. He is 37 years old and very attractive and nature has also well provided him.

Every day, Chuck goes to work and when returning home, he has to strip naked and and kneel in front of me in a pslave presenting position to confess his daily mischief and then wait for his master to decide for his punishment.

Today, his mischief is a major one, he confessed that he had a _s_e_x_ual encounter with another man and that he enjoyed it even if he knows that our master slave agreement forbids him to have any _s_e_x_ual encounter without my consent.

As an immediate punishment, he had to lay on my knees and get 20 strokes of a hair brush and that made his buttock nice and red and he always cries out loud when he gets the hair brush treatment and watching him crie like a baby gets me very horny. He then had to kneel in the corner for an hour and go without dinner. He then had to prepare and serve me dinner and then had to do the dishes and get on with his house cleaning chores.

I then ordered him to get back in his slave presenting position to find out what additional punishment would be administered to him for the major mischief that he had done.

While I was having dinner I had time to think about what would be an appropriate punishment.

I know that Chuck is very reluctant to be humiliated in front of other people and I usually respect that. So I decided that for the fault he had done, he deserved to be punished in front of an audience. So that was what would take place this week end. I saw a twinch on his face when I annouced him that he would get punished with an audience, but he remembered that he was a slave and that he could not question my decisions and said right away, Yes Sir Thank you Sir.

As you can see Chucky kwows where he belongs and that is at my feet and service and something special is waiting for him this coming week end.

I will be back to you to let you know in detail how Chuck's humiliation session went.

See you soon !


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