My Slave Spanking - Part 2

by Ronald

Chuck really apprehended the coming of the week end cause he knew that there was a humiliation session waiting for him.

I organized a private dinner at our place and 6 guests were invited. One of them was the fellow that Chuck had his _s_e_x_ual encounter with and you should see the buck, WOOOWW! The hunk was very pleased to accept my invitation and said he could not wait to participate to this humiliation session for Chuck and offered to be active in the process. The other guests were friends of ours that Chuck knew very well.

So every body arrived at the end of Saturday afternoon for a _c_o_c_k_tail which was being served by Chuck himself.

After the _c_o_c_k_tail and before dinner, Chuck was ordered by me to strip in front of everybody and to kneel in front of us in his presenting position. He then had to go to every member of the crowd and kiss their feet and thank them for coming to this party.

Then Chuck, looking very annoyed, of having to show is nakedness to everyone, confessed his mischief and accepted the punishment that his master had decided for him.

David, the guest that he had _s_e_x_ with, then offered to proceed with the beginning of the punishment. He grabbed Chuck by the balls and pulled him toward a St-Andrew cross which was installed in the backyard for the circumstance. Dave tied Chuck to the cross spread eagle and then got a hold of anice brand new paddle to proceed with a first step in this humiliation event. Dave and i had agreed that Chuck would first get 10 strokes of the paddle. Dave really went at it full blast and every blast made Chuck yell outloud and cry for mercy. The crowd really appreciated the scene and the bulge showing in their pants was a good sign of their appreciation.

As usual, when being spanked, Chuck could not help crying and big tears were rolling on his cheeks. He was let off the cross and had to kneel in front of everyone and cry outloud and thank me for allowing him to be my slave and again agreed that he well deserved the punishment that I ordered for him.

Then everybody proceeded to the dining room where the dinner was going to be served by Chuck. So red cheeked Chuck remained naked and proceeded with the service. The guests were patting his red ass and you could tell that every pat was an additional pain for Chuck.

Between each course, Chuck had to knell in front of the table and watch us having dinner and play with his huge dick as a special entertainement for his guests. At one point he could not hold himself and came all over the floor. IIt made me very mad and I got up, went to him and slapped his face and ordered him to lap the mess with his tongue. So he did and you could see his shame and tell that this was the supreme humiliation for him.

Everybody except Chuck seemed to enjoy the dinner, and someone suggested that since Chuck did not have any dinner, everyone should offer him a cum load as a delicacy. This was cheerfully accepted and Chuck had to kneel in front of every guest and suck his load of cum. Since everbody had their pants down it was decided that we would continue the party naked.

Chuck then served coffee to everyone and was returned to the Cross to get his final spanking. This time, each one of the guests would give him five stokes. The guests reaaly appreciated that and their hardon really showed that this exercise was an excitement for them. As for Chuck, every blast was an additionnal pain and his cries were so loud that I had to order him to stop yelling, which he did immediately as the good slave he is.

After the spanking session, Chuck was ordered to get on all four in front of evrybody exposing his red flaming ass and everyone was invited to piss on his red bottom and this special shower was also giving more pain to Chuck.

This dinner party was a real succes and Chuck being a renonwed journalist was asked to address the audience to thank them for the help they gave me to make him realize who he was and were he belonged. And that is at my feet and service.

So long!

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