Judment Day P1

by Bendover-Boyuk <Bendover_boyuk@yahoo.co.uk>

The boys knew that this day would come and as they lay on their beds with there red butts glowing in the flame light of the camp fire they reflected on the days events.

It was a lovely Friday morning and Adam and Paul where packing the car with there day for the long camping weekend they where going on with there farther.

"Adam" came the load call from there farther "Adam go to the study and pack the bag with the things I will need and make sure I have enough to choose from"

Adam nodded and felt his heart slightly sink, the long weekend away had been planned for months and both boys had been looking forward to it despite Paul been 19 and Adam 23 they both enjoyed camping with there farther but they had taken the car out on a night out and Adam had let Paul drive the car a little in a car park despite not passing his driving test they drove it around an empty super market car park and lost control hitting a security barrier and damaging the car.

There farther was furious and they knew that they would both soon be naked and receiving the paddle on there butts but he had decided to wait till they went camping.

"You both need to be punished for this and punished you shall" he had told them " but not until we are out in the country" both boys though it was strange just for a paddling there farther never used to mess around it was strip and bend over but this time it was different.

Adam approached the cupboard he knew now what his farther meant they where going to be really punished not just the straight paddling but also a thorough thrashing. He heard his farther enter the room behind him.

"Right let me see..... Open the bag and let me fill it" he started to get things out of the cupboard 2 straps, a thick wooden paddle, and a cane. " Right that should do. Close the bag"

He did as he was told then he noticed his farther go back into the cupboard and get out a wooden paddle and tossed it onto the bed, perhaps he was going to bring more he thought.

"Right your brother should have finished packing the car by now put the bag in and then both of you come back into the house so that we can check that we have everything sorted before we leave"

When both boys entered the house excited and ready to leave they noticed the chair sat in the middle of the living room and there farther stood by it. They knew what was coming " shut the door strip and Adam bend over the chair! "

Both boys did as they where told they knew better than to argue with him.

" You both know that you have done wrong and that you are going to be punished both here and while we are away I feel that you need something to be thinking about while we are on our way and this seems to be the best way to deal with it"

Without anymore warning down came the paddle on Adam exposed buttocks "slap" He drew in a breath as his butt exploded with heat "slap, slap, slap, slap" the paddling came down again and again slap, slap, slap, slap, slap, it continued his butt was bright red his farther was really letting into him this was going to be a paddling he was going to remember, slap, slap, slap it came down on his buttock harder and harder.

After 5 minutes his farther stopped.

" Right pull your shorts up no briefs they will be coming down soon enough"

Adam looked horrified just his shorts they where his lycra swimming shorts and he knew offered very little protection and where very tight his farther had been planning there punishment deeply for a few days and knew this was going to be painful. He winced as he pulled them over his sore butt he thought about walking to the car with just the shorts on they did not cover all of his butt and if anyone saw him would surly know he had just been spanked by his farther.

" Get to the car and wait for me and your brother".

He did as he was told and went out to the car quickly sitting on the seat he felt the warm glow of his buttock and whished he could pull the shorts down but knew that would be impossible.

5 minutes later he heard the front door close and Paul and his farther came to the car, Paul moved uneasy dressed like him just in his swimming shorts as he got into the car he saw his brothers tight buttocks red around the edge where his shorts did not cover he could see Paul had had trouble with the spanking dad normally took the most of the spanking out on Adam leaving Paul to receive what a tired dad had left in him, now he took it out on both boys just the same.

The journey to the cottage took around 1 hour it was in a quiet deserted part of the country and both boys and dad knew that they would not be disturbed.

He sut off the power to the car and looked at the two boys

"Right then boys you know what is coming, lets get this over with so that we can enjoy the weekend shall we, leave your shorts in the car, Adam get the bag out of the car and bring it over to the bench"

Both Boys looked at each other it was a good thing no one was around, they both slipped out of there shorts there butts still red from the paddling they had received before and slipped out of the car, Adam turned around and got the bag of daddys toys out of the car and both boys walked down to the bench outside the cottage. Next to the bench was an old wooden tree stump they knew it well for both boys had spent time bending over it on the receiving end of daddys hand.

"Ok Paul as you where the one driving causing damage to the car you will be going first" he got the paddle out of the bag "how much did it cost to get it repaired?"

"150 pounds Sir" Paul answered

" Correct " he said " so thats one with the paddle for every pound you cost me, bend over the stump"

Paul briefly look at his brother Adam knew this was going to be a hard punishment he had taken them before but Paul had only had a big punishment once before he was going to feel it.

His brother was down and in position, both boys where slim build and muscular.

His farther stood behind Pauls bottom lined up the paddle and stood what was he waiting for.

"Adam" his voice brought him back to his fathers face " as you where the one that let him drive you will count out every hit of the paddle you are letting your brother take"

He could not believe it his brother was going to have to here me count out every hit he was to take "Yes Sir" he answered back.

"Very well he answered" his farther then drew up the paddle and with all his might brought it down on the already red buttocks.

"One" Adam answered "Two" as the paddle struck "Three" the slap of the paddle and scream of his brother when it made contact

"Five" the paddle slapped down.

Buy the time they had nearly reached the end Paul had submitted to the thrust of the paddle on his buttock that where now deep red Adam felt he could feel the glow from his brothers buttocks from where he was stood.

"One hundred and forty-eight" Slap "One hundred and forty nine"

"One hundred and fifty" the paddling was finally over.

His brother was just a crying boy laid over the tree stub, crying with the pain in his buttocks.

"Adam move your brother off the stump so that you can take his place," his farther ordered.

He moved down and helped his brother up, when he looked into his face he could see the tears rolling down his face, this had been a paddling he was not going to forget and he knew that his buttocks where next to receive the same fate.

He laid his brother down on the grass away from the stump and without having to be ordered laid over the stump his buttock in the air ready and lined up for what his farther was going to dish out to his butt.

"Adam you are the older brother and as such you should be the one looking after your younger brother not getting him into trouble, his sore buttocks are a deliberate result to a mistake on your behalf, a mistake I thought you where old enough by now not to make. I am going to teach you a lesson that you will never forget. I want you to count every hit of this paddle you have done it for your brother and now you will answer for every one that you will get"

Before he had time to answer he heard the swoosh and slap on his buttocks. He knew better than he think about the pain in his butt.





He carried on counting his brother had been given 150 how was he going to count all of them out

"fi__f__t__y" he managed to get out his mouth before the pain took over

"Fifty________one" slap it came down

Slap "fifty two" his farther answered he knew that the counting was going to continue even if he could not manage it through the paddling

"One hundred and fifty" he heard through the crying and panting he was now constantly been forced his butt was no fire his farther was really giving him the paddle and he knew without having to turn around that his butt was the same colour as his brothers. But he was there 150 he had taken it and now it was over


"One hundred and fifty one" he bucked the pain was sudden and unexpected he was not prepared for the 151st strike of the paddle butt there it was pain sizzled through him. His farther seemed to have found a new strength and he was on the receiving end the paddling then started, no counting just fast and hard.

Slap, Slap, Slap, Slap it continued Adam was now bucking up and down on the tree stump this was the hardest paddling his farther had every given him.

Slap, Slap, Slap, Slap, Slap, Slap, Slap, Slap, Slap, Slap, Slap, Slap, Slap, Slap, Slap, Slap, Slap, Slap, Slap, Slap, Slap, Slap, Slap, Slap, Slap, Slap, Slap, Slap, Slap, Slap, Slap, Slap, Slap, Slap, Slap, Slap, Slap, Slap, Slap, Slap, Slap, Slap, Slap, Slap, Slap,

His butt must have been hit full force by now more than 200 times and boy was his butt telling him.

"Ok boy get up"

He did not know how he could get up his legs shook when he felt the arm of his brother around his. Paul had recovered enough to help his brother get to his feet.

"Right boys.... just like when you where little kids you are going to your room."

Both boys headed for the cottage trying to get away from the tree stump when they headed their fathers voice boom out.

"After you unpack the car and dont bother putting your shorts back on you will be going back over the stump later today I assure you"

Unload the car NAKED was he serious the car was parked a little up the road by the cottage viewable from the main road if anyone was to drive past they could be seen NAKED and spanked with there deep red buttocks. However both boys did as they where told.

They had very nearly unpacked the car when to there horror they heard a car pull up along the road side, both boys where in full view naked, exposed and very red butts. The car came along the road there was no where to go and both boys looked at each other in horror which then turned to panic as the car came alongside the turning and pulled down into the cottage.

The Car they recognised as belonging their uncle who lived a few miles away.

He got out of the car and looked at the 2 boys naked and embraced.

"Well, well look what we have here turn around"

Both boys did as order to show their red butts.

"Yep just what I thought up to no good again"

The boys grabbed the last 2 bags and moved quickly down the lane to the cottage and inside with there uncle hot behind them.

Uncle Steve had to admire the sight he had in front of him, 2 mature men walking down a country lane both naked both with very y very red butts" Off course he knew what to expect he had see the boys spanked before and handed out a few to them before in the past.

When inside theyre farther spoke to the 2 boys. "Ok boys this is whets going to happen its 1pm now you have 1 hour for a break then me and your uncle Steve are going to give you a spanking you will never forget. Paul at exactly 2pm you will report to your uncle Steve in the boat hut while you Adam will report to me beck over the tree stump"

Both boys looked at each other

"At exactly 3pm" there fathers voice brought them back to reality " you will swap places and be spanked again....do I make myself clear"

" Yes Sir" both boys replied.

"Good go to your room"

Both boys walked down the hall, as soon as they got into there room they stood in front of the full length mirror looking at the damage on there butt, deep red and they knew that they where both going to get another 2 hours worth of spankings to come there farther was right it was going to be a spanking neither boy would forget.

During the hours break both boys took the opportunity to take a cold shower and rest on their beds.

Both boys jumped at the sound of the clock in the hallway striking the hour.

The spanking was about to start, both boys got up from there beds gave each other a hug and walked there naked bodies out of the room into the open air ready to take the spanking of a lifetime.............

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