Meeting Last Night

by Jack

Thought you all might like to hear about my entertainment last night. I got a hold of a good one. I had been talking to this 20 year old for about a month on instant messenger and FINALLY got him to agree to take a real life spanking, which he wanted, but was scared. His picture was super cute, looking no more than 18 tops with a boyish look and charm and 5'11 and 140 pounds, skinny.

FINALLY my door bell rang, and there he was. Just as cute as he could be and hot and thin with perfect skin. He didn't even shave. He was nervous, but we had talked quite a bit and so he was comfortable after a few minutes and relaxed as we drank a beer.

We had a great chat, and he was just so cute I couldn't wait to haul his pants down to his ankles. Finally it was time, he giggled as I told him, and he was directed into my (his) bedroom. I had a chair pre-placed in an open area and I told him to stand in front of the chair. I sat down and looked at his beautiful body just imagining what was underneath the baggy jeans and worn out t-shirt. I went at his pants, unbuttoned them and took them down to his ankles, as we had agreed. He was wearing a hot pair of black bikinis that fit loosely. I put my fingers in the waistband and hauled them all the way down to meet his jeans. And there he was. Totally limp. His legs were almost completely smooth and outside of his pubic hair he was perfectly smooth in that region. He had perfectly straight hips and his limp dong hung down about three inches and then began to grow to about a 5 inch half hard on a few seconds after his exposure. I stood up and turned the chair around, stood to the side and ordered him to bend over the back and grab the far end of the seat. And finally I got to see his bare bottom. There before me was two perfectly matched buns, smooth and bubbled with dimples on the side and a smooth crack down the middle. WOW!!! It was a totally hot butt and he was gonna let me spank it!!!

I told him he had 100 slaps coming, and not to let go of the chair or I would add 10 slaps every time he did. I got a good rub in before I started, running my hand over the cute little bottom, kneading the buns and running my hand over his crack. I couldn't help it. And then I began the tanning of his ass. I gave him 10 hard slaps, about three seconds apart, then stood back to let that be his warmup. His little buns jiggled and tightened with every slap and turned pink, and I knew he had a good sting goin on. I figured if I let that settle in he would be able to take a good hard spanking.

When I moved back into place he actually said, "I want it hard." I complied, with 90 stinging slaps with a stiff hand. He took it very well, even as I got to about 50 and I could tell he was on fire, a little worried about each slap as he tensed his cute little cheeks in anticipation of each one, then took the slap, absorbed the sting, and relaxed again. I spanked him cherry red and he never once moved his hands out of position. After 100 landed, he stood up, and cupped his red cheeks in both hands and rubbed out the sting right in front of me. He was fine, he just had a red butt and needed a little time.

Chances are I'll never see him again. He left soon after, and I hit the shower thinking of him driving home, or where-ever with a warm bottom. His hot little ass would have my handprints on it for a day or two. He had taken a solid spanking. Thinking of the view of him bent over, with me looking down on his hot red buns and crack, I blew cum all over the shower curtain.

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