Robbies Plans Go Wrong

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It had been almost two months since I had experienced my first over the knee bare bottom spanking from my step dad Paul, and I had wanted to get Danny back for getting me into trouble that day.

Since that time I have done my best to keep out of mischief, and only on one occasion has Paul taken me across his knee for a spanking, luckily he let me keep my soccer shorts on although the thin nylon didn't help much because my cheeks were naked underneath apart from the bands of my jock which offered little protection from his firm hand.

I had decided what I was going to do to Danny when I got chance, and it was just a matter of waiting to get the opportunity of being alone with him so I could carry out my plans. It was a mixture of wanting him to pay for getting me into trouble in the first place and also wanting to have his butt across my knee so I could get a good view of it as I let loose my anger and teach him a lesson.

Luckily Paul and my mom announced they were going away for the weekend on a short vacation to the country to visit some relatives. They asked if we wanted to go but I wanted some time alone so said I would stay home, and Danny said he would like to stay home to. Mom and Paul were unsure about leaving us alone together but I said "I'm 16 and will take care of everything, don't worry about us", and as though all my wishes had been granted they said we both could stay home alone.

It was a week before there departure and I was plotting my revenge on my step brothers backside, I was looking forward to punishing his butt and he had no idea what was coming.

The week soon passed, and I had been thinking of nothing else but spanking Danny all week, my _c_o_c_k_ hardened at the thought of what I was going to do and I had set the scene in my mind and I had to jerk off every time I thought about it.

Mom & Paul had gone, what a relief, they had finally left and we were alone in the house. It was Friday night and I decided to get Danny wondering about my intentions by bringing up the day Paul spanked me for the first time. I asked Danny if he knew that was my first spanking and he replied that he knew as soon as Paul began the spanking because I was wailing so much like a little baby. This pissed me off and I bluntly told him that I intended to teach him a lesson some day for getting me into trouble. With that he told me to go _f_u_c_k_ myself and went to his room, I was furious and could have taken him across my knee there and then but I contained myself and decided to let him think that he had got away with it, until tomorrow at least.

I woke up the next morning and it was a beautiful sunny day outside, I had a shower and spent some time caressing my _c_o_c_k_ while thinking of my main duty for the day. After drying off I went down stairs to get some breakfast, Danny was in the kitchen dressed and talking to a friend on the phone, I caught him finishing his conversation with "I'll be over in about 10 minutes, bye". He put down the receiver and blanked me totally as he opened the door to leave.

"Where do you think you are going ?", I asked,

"Out, whats it to you ?",

I was really pissed with his tone of voice and replied sharply "I am taking care of you and I am telling you that you are not going out without my permission"

"_f_u_c_k_ you", was his reply and left slamming the door behind him, I was so pissed off because I realized I couldn't control him and my plans had been shattered. I was determined to carry out my plans though and it was just a matter of waiting now.

The time soon came, Danny was back home within an hour because his friends parents had decided they wanted to go out for the day and Jake had to go with them, Danny came in and sat down on the couch next to me and mumbled something about having to stay home with his asshole step brother and then went upstairs. I heard him go in the bathroom and start the shower, great when he goes to his bedroom he will be naked and he'll have a nice clean ass to punish, I thought, so I went upstairs and sat on his bed along with a wooden hairbrush I had found just for this day.

Danny opened the door and walked in just wearing a white towel around his waist to cover himself, he was shocked to find me sitting on his bed,

"What the _f_u_c_k_ do you want, get out of my room now",

"I'm here to teach my little step brother a lesson, come here and get across my knee",

Danny laughed which made me angry and I stood up and took hold of him, he was quite strong but I soon had him across my lap, the towel was damp even through my jeans but I left it on for a few minutes admiring how it clinged to his bottom, then slowly I unwrapped it and I got the view of his bottom I had been waiting for, his round ,full, naked butt cheeks there before me and after a few seconds to enjoy the site I started my revenge.

'Crack, Crack, Crack' my hand spanked the living daylight out of his bottom, he cried out for me to stop almost straight away.

"I haven't even started yet, Danny", Crack, Crack my hand landed onto his bouncy cheeks they were slightly wet which helped increase the sound of my hand slapping against the bare flesh, "You got me spanked by Paul, now its my time to get you back",

'Crack' once again onto his bottom my hand began to redden the flesh very quickly and Danny was moving about to try to get away, "Stop that", I shouted,

"It hurts, please stop Robbie",

"No way, and this is what boys get who try to get away", I picked up the hairbrush and brought it sharply with all my force into the blow on his right cheek,

"Aaaargh", he screamed as the pain surged through his body, I didn't care I intended it to hurt him as much as possible and I used the hairbrush on the same spot for several blows, 'Smack, Smack, Smack' the point of contact was bright red and almost going purple, he was going to remember this I though as I switched cheeks and continued the spanking.

As I spanked his left buttock he screamed out for forgiveness and was bucking about on my lap, his legs all over the place I got a good view of his smooth pink asshole and his balls bouncing on my thigh. My _c_o_c_k_ was bursting in my jeans and I intended to _f_u_c_k_ him soundly after I had finished.

"Whats going on here" a voice boomed, I looked up and saw Phillip our next door neighbor in the doorway,

"Oh, I em, Danny was naughty and I decided to punish him",

"Well let the whole neighborhood know why don't you, I can hear whats going on in my house. Now let Danny go and you come with me",

I let Danny go, his _c_o_c_k_ was rock hard and he dropped onto his bed and buried his head in the pillow crying.

"Come on Robbie, which ones your bedroom ?", Phillip asked, I pointed to my room, "Get in there and wait for me".

Oh god what was going to happen now? Phillip was a police officer and big guy, he had obviously just finished duty because he still had his uniform on, maybe he could arrest me for assault or something. _s_h_i_t_ he's going to tell Mom & Paul and I'll probably get another spanking. A million thing went through my mind but I didn't worry for too long because Phillip came in my room and calmly announced what was going to happen.

"Right Robbie, I spoke to your Step dad Paul before he went away and he said if their was any trouble with you two boys to sort it out in my own way, now if my son Jason is naughty I spank him, and thats what I intend to do to you",

"But Phillip, Danny was naughty, he got me in trouble over nothing and I got a spanking from Paul, I didn't do anything",

"Don't lie Robbie, Paul told me what happened, he said you had both been fighting and he had to punish both of you, as far as I am concerned you both deserved the spanking, and if you were my son I can tell you that I would spank you much more often than Paul, I have heard the way you talk to Paul and Danny and you have to realize they are part of your family now and if you talked to me in such a manner I would have no hesitation in putting you over my knee for a whipping".

A few seconds of silence passed and then he told me to take of my t-shirt and drop my jeans, I did as I was told because I knew that I was going to be spanked and couldn't get out of it, I just hoped that no one would find out I got a spanking from Phillip the cop, I knew Danny would hear though and he would tell everyone just to intensify my embarrassment.

Phillip beckoned me over to his lap and I bent across it his hand pushing me down firmly, he spent a couple of minutes getting me into position and then slipped his fingers into the waistband of my white jockeys and pulled them down to meet my jeans which were already around my knees.

He didn't waste anytime and commenced my punishment straight away, his large firm hand hit my bottom and the familiar pain began. He worked his way from side to side covering my entire bottom from the top and then down each side of my cheeks, he pushed my legs towards the floor so I didn't have the dimples in the side of my bottom allowing full contact between my skin and his hand. It hurt but not as much as the spanking from Paul did, in fact I think he was going easier on me. He finished the coverage with a few blows to the back of my legs which took me by surprise and I yelped on each stroke.

Unfortunately it wasn't over, and he said that now my spanking like a little boy was over, he had to give me one which was more suitable for a boy my age. I was really worried and looked round to see what he was doing.

"You just carry on looking forward Robbie", he said, "I'm taking off my belt, that should give you a few clues to whats next!",

Oh no, I didn't think I could take a whipping with a belt, the four strokes Paul had given me were so painful and I knew Phillip meant business this time.

I heard a swish sound followed by a loud crack onto my backside and a second later the pain shot through my body followed by a scream which I realized was me!, Phillip whipped my bottom like there would be no end, each stroke was like a hot flame across my bare skin and he whipped me rhythmically every second without any pause or hesitation. My legs flayed in the air each time the leather hit me and my hands pulled away from his ankles which I was trying to hold onto, my _c_o_c_k_ was hard and rubbing against Phill's trousers, suddenly I jerked a felt my _c_o_c_k_ cumming all over the floor in an incredible orgasm.

Phillip stopped, "You dirty little _s_h_i_t_, look what a mess you've made", I got up on my feet and placed my hands on my burning arse, Philip was really mad I had cum all over his uniform trousers.

"Look at this mess", he shouted, "I'm going to have to wash them now before I go back home", he took off his trousers and my _c_o_c_k_ jerked up again as I got a look at his muscular hairy legs and his noticeably big _c_o_c_k_ in his underpants.

"What are you looking at ", he asked with a really pissed of sound to his voice,

"I wasn't", I said,

"Maybe you want it, come here and kneel down", he pulled down his underpants and his large _c_o_c_k_ fell from them, he slid his underpants down over his tanned, thick legs and sat down on the chair.

I knelt down and just knew what he expected, I had never sucked a guys dick before but it didn't take much to learn what to do, I took it in my mouth and licked the circumcised knob with my tongue and moved my mouth up and down the shaft, at the same time I caressed the hair on his legs and then played with his heavy balls as he moaned and got ready to shoot his cum. I took hold of the base of his _c_o_c_k_ and began to jerk him off as my mouth took care of sucking his knob. He let out a gasp and his cum shot into my mouth, his hot, salty juice slid down my throat and I sucked every drop out the slit.

He stood up and put back on his pants and then went to the bathroom to rinse off his trousers, he left without a word, leaving me wondering if he would tell my step dad.

My plans hadn't gone entirely how I intended but I think they changed for the better ?

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