Expense Report Spanking

by Pants Down Son

Some boys just never learn their lesson no matter how many times they promise to be good during a spanking. It always seems the next time temptation stares them in the face, they are powerless to resist and they forget all their promises to be good.

That is certainly true in the case of one of my co-workers. His name is Steve and he has been with the company about a year. He is one of the top sales reps and everyone knows him and likes him. As part of his job he does a lot of travel and entertaining for the company.

The first day I saw him I was attracted to him but I knew I had to keep things professional. He has one of those builds that I call solid or stocky. He works out but is not muscle-bound. You can tell through his suit pants that he has a large, tight, well-defined bottom. I never thought I would get the chance to make my fantasies of having Steve over my knee a reality.

Steve submits a lot of travel expense forms and as part of my job as Chief Financial Officer I have to watch the company's travel and entertainment expenses. Even though travel and entertainment is part of the cost of our business, we are always looking for ways to economize. So employees who turn in expensive reports usually get audited at some point.

Steve was bringing in a lot of business so his reports went by unnoticed for the first six months even though they were larger than any other sales rep. As the economy worsened everyone's reports got audited, even the top producers. So it was only a matter of time before Steve's reports would be scrutinized. I started entertaining my fantasy of having him over my knees again.

A routine check of all his reports for the past six months showed he had violated many company policies. He traveled in first class without authorization, stayed at hotels where we did not have a company rate and went way over the limit on food costs. He also had a real weak spot for hotel porn channels. I sent him an e-mail explaining the situation and told him to come prepared to explain the violations.

I wanted to say "come prepared to pay for these violation, one way or another" but thought better of putting that in writing, especially in an e-mail.

Steve showed up right on time and didn't seem the least bit concerned. He claimed to be unaware of the company policies and said they shouldn't apply to him since he was the top producer for the last six months. I didn't like his attitude and I told him the policies applied to everyone. I also told him that I was disallowing more than $25,000 in charges from past expense reports. He knew company policy well enough to know he could appeal my decision and he said so as he shot out of my office.

I didn't think much more of it but I was curious to see how the company would react. Steve was a top producer and had rallied the morale of the department since he started. But he had also flagrantly broken a lot of company policies and wasted a lot of company money at a time when that kind of behavior does not go unnoticed. I figured he might get a warning or that the company would reduce my amount dramatically.

Needless to say I was pleased when the review board upheld my recommendation and told me to proceed as per company policy. I sent Steve another e-mail and told him to report to my office immediately. Even though I knew nothing would happen to fulfill my fantasy of spanking Steve at this meeting, I was more nervous than he was when he walked in and shut the door.

I told him to take a seat, and thought how much I wanted to add "it is the last time you will be sitting comfortably for quite a while." I told him the company policy gave him three options: he could pay the amount in cash or he could repay the amount by doing community service and volunteering his time. While these two sound like good options, they both come with an aspect of public humiliation as well. If you choose either one of the first two options then the punishment and the crime are published in the employee newsletter as a warning.

The third option allows the person to keep the whole situation quiet, but it also requires them to drop their pants for a bare bottom spanking. The spanking is done in private and usually only involves the two people most directly affected. But Steve had screwed himself over by appealing my decision. If Steve accepted the spanking, the Appeals Board would see that nothing appeared in the employee newsletter and they would know he had chosen the bare bottom spanking. And I knew from experience that they wouldn't keep that knowledge to themselves.

I looked across the desk and asked Steve what his choice was. He said he would do anything to avoid the public humiliation, even if it meant a spanking. As he said the last few words, his head dropped down and his voice trailed off. He sounded a lot like a frightened little boy and not a grown adult in his 30s.

I told him that the only way to work off so large a debt to the company would be to set up a regular weekly spanking session for the rest of the year -- and this was early January. Each session would be 100 strokes with an implement of my choice on the bare ass while spread across my desk or over my knee.

He asked what the implements might be and I quickly reviewed the collection my partner and I used on each other at home. I mentioned the frat paddle with the holes, a well-worn tawse from my Father and a collection of hairbrushes my partner put together to use on me.

With that Steve stood up, told me he agreed and started undoing his belt to drop his pants. It took all I had not to let him continue but company policy was that these sessions should be carried out in private after working hours. We agreed that he would come over to my house every Sunday morning for a regular session. As he turned to walk out of my office he said "See you Sunday." Then he came back into the office and asked "What should I wear, briefs, boxers or nothing?" I told him to wear whatever was comfortable because he would be stark naked within a minute of walking in the door. To my surprise he grinned, winked and said "Well, then, see you Sunday."

This took place on a Tuesday and it was a long, long week while I waited for Sunday to arrive. I was really angry I hadn't told him to come over for his regular spanking on Saturday. But somehow I made it until Sunday morning. The doorbell rang right on time and when I opened the front door, there he stood. Under his coat Steve had on a pair of tight fighting jeans, and an Oxford shirt he would have worn to the office.

He walked right into the living room and asked "Where do you want me?" Since he was all business and clearly did not want to talk about what was going to happen to his bottom I decided to play along. I told him to face the wall, remove all his clothes and put them on the chair next to the sofa. In this position he couldn't fail to see all the implements laid out on the coffee table. He tried not to notice them as he turned around but I saw his eyes keep going back to the array of implements. I had added a bedroom slipper, some wooden spoons and a few of my old, pliable leather belts.

He removed his coat, shirt and pants quickly and then kicked off his sneakers. I was surprised he wasn't wearing anything under his jeans and I commented on it. He replied that he thought it would be faster if he had one less article of clothing to take off and then added a quick "Sir" at the end.

I let him stand there facing the wall for a minute and told him to think about what he had done, what was about to happen and why it was going to happen. It gave me a chance to run my eyes over his well-defined back, the broad shoulders and the strong, hairy legs. But mostly my eyes came to rest on his bottom. He had a perfectly formed, firm ass that was nicely covered with black hair. There was an especially attractive little triangle shaped patch of black hair running from his waistline to the top of his crack. Both cheeks were snowy white but the rest of his body had a nice tan.

I told him to turn around and I got my first look at his chest and _c_o_c_k_. The chest was well-defined and covered with a nice distribution of black hair. He had a thick black bush of pubic hair out of which was sticking a very erect, seven inch, cut penis.

As he turned around, he said "I am ready ,sir." To which I could only respond "Yes, you are." I sat down on the couch and felt a reminder of the hairbrush spanking I had gotten the night before. Many of the implements on the coffee table had been used on my ass cheeks less than 24 hours before.

I motioned for him to get over my knees. He lowered himself with ease and adjusted his dick between my legs as I picked up the first hairbrush. He saw what I had selected and started to say something but then thought better of it.

I told him to get ready and to start counting. And then he said the cutest thing. He turned his head to me and asked "When this punishment is finally over and I count the last stroke, will it be number 25,000?" With that I brought down the hairbrush for the first of many strokes.

By the time we took a break he had taken 50 strokes, 10 each with three different hairbrushes, 10 with the paddle and 10 with my hand. He had been making small grunting noises but it was clear he was trying to take it without crying out. His ass cheeks were a very nice, bright red and since the last 10 strokes had been with my hand I could tell they were warm too. I told him we were going to take a break and he asked if he could just lie there across my knees. Even though the feeling of his erect dick pushing against my leg was pleasant, I informed him that bad boys had to stand in the corner with their hands on the head until they were told to move.

He shot up off my lap and stuck his nose right in the corner and stood there motionless. I got the feeling this was not the first time he had done this. I started with a stern, verbal lecture while rubbing his bottom to remove a little of the sting.

I told him to put his hands on the wall and spread his legs. While I continued to rub his cheeks my hands found their way into his crack and between his legs to his balls and still erect _c_o_c_k_. While I rubbed his cheeks I also gave a little tug on the some of the hairs since I knew from experience how much that hurt on a well spanked butt. After a 10 minute break I told him it was time to start again. I ordered him to stay in that position while he took 10 strokes from my belt, 10 more from the paddle with holes and 10 from the broadest bath brush. By now he was making a fair amount of noise and promising never to break the rules again.

He was ordered over my knee for a final 10 from my hand because I couldn't resist seeing how warm his cheeks were by now. For the final 10 I told him he could chose to take them now with the implement of his choice or postpone them until next week. I warned him that if he postponed the final 10 swats, they would be doubled the next week.

He hesitantly asked for 10 with the cane. He was mumbling so badly I made him look up from the floor and repeat himself. He stated in a clear but somewhat shaky voice, "I would like the cane, please , sir."

I hadn't even laid that out and was surprised he noticed it in the umbrella stand with everything else. But that is what he wanted so I told him to stand up, go over and select the cane he wanted and then to bend over the end of the sofa. He did what he was told and in a flash was in position. I administered the last 10 strokes and told him he could get dressed and go. He was out of the house in a matter of minutes but he did remember to say "Thank you, sir." As he left.

You can imagine my surprise Monday morning when I looked up to see Steve in the door of my office. I asked him what he wanted and he said he had another expense report to submit. He said "Since it is for so much money, I was sure you would want to review it yourself." He put it on the desk and turned to leave but not before giving me a sly wink. He then added, "See You Sunday."

As I said, some boys never learn.

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