Bad Weather Bad Boy

by Jeffie <>

It's Monday, the weather last night left another half a foot of snow and the commute this morning was going to be hell. I got up at the usual time and watched the news and weather reports while I sipped my coffee. I usually hated Mondays anyway, so I had a particularly bad feeling about this one. I got my _s_h_i_t_ together and left for work. It was awful. I managed to get to a place where I could turn around and headed back home. Oh well, call the boss and maybe have some fun instead.

Now I could get back to those stories I'd downloaded but hadn't had time to read. Larry was in trouble with Cal again and his writing sure makes me horny.

I headed to my computer and got back on line. While I waited I went to the bedroom and changed into sweats. They had a hole in the back, but who would notice. I was back in the computer room and decided to print off Larry's latest episode.

While I waited for it I went into the kitchen, got more coffe and cleaned up the dishes. I also thought I should clean off the ceiling fan. Yuck what a chore. I could see the dust, and the fan was turning. I took off the domes and washed them too. I removed each blade and wiped them down. Then it was time to check out the story. I slid my sewats down and started reading while I played with my _c_o_c_k_. That Larry sure gets into a lot of trouble. My _c_o_c_k_ was hard as steel and I was pumping it good when....

CRASH! Oops now I'm in trouble. With the story in one hand and tugging at my sweats with the other I ran to see what had broken. I wasn't paying attention though and ran into the coffee table knocking everything off it onto the floor and scattering the story out in front of me. "_s_h_i_t_", I yelled and cursed my stupidity.

Then there was a knock at the front door. I forgot to lock it when I came back and Jack my next door neighbor came strolling in. What a sight I must hav been. Still struggling with my sweats and trying to gather composure.

"Hi", he said. "Just heard the crash and wondered if you needed any help?" Then he started laughing at me in my predicament.

"Shut the _f_u_c_k_ up", I yelled before I could stop myself. Then seeing he was hurt by my outburst I said much more calmly, "Yes, you can help me. I'm sorry I yelled just now. I still don't know what caused the comotion."

While he checked out the damage I got up and pulled on my sweats properly. I bent over to pick up the mess from the coffee table and Jack came back with the report of the damages. "Too bad", he said. "Looks like one of the domes from the fan shattered."

"_f_u_c_k_", I swore.

Still hunched over picking things up, I'm sure Jack was getting a great view from the rather large hole in my sweats. I muttered something about him getting some coffe while I finished the pick up and he went back to the kitchen. On the way he stooped down to pick up the story that had landed near the dorway. He headed into the kitchen and I hoped he wouldn't just read what was on those pages. I finished up and followed him. He was standing by the coffee pot getting himself a cup and I noticed the story on the table face up and properly in order.

Then he hit me with it. "So, you're into spanking?"

I nodded shyly, not knowing what would be in store. We didn't know each other that well. I thought he looked a little like Tom Selleck when I first met him, almost a year ago now. We'd see each other and chat about the weather and all, but I tried to put anything _s_e_x_ual between us out of my mind. After all he's a neighbor. What if he didn't understand?

"Well then, Jeffie" he sneered, "why don't you just head back to the bedrrom. I'll be ther shortly after I've taken off my boots. Just strip down and sit on the bed. Now MOVE." He barked out this last bit as I jumped up and followed his instructions.

Sure enogh he follwed me to the bedroom and started in on me immediately. "Just who do you think you are, young man?" he queried. "I'm not someone who takes very well to being yelled at. Get your socks off too MR. That's better. Now stand up and turn around. I want to see the whole picture before I get started. Good. Now there are a few things I'd like to settle here."

Grabbing me by the arm he simultaneously sat on the bed and flipped me over his lap. He patted my bottom while he talked. "I think you deserve about twenty swats for yelling at me and another couple of twenties for breaking that dome and oh yes, missing work should round it all off to about one hundred". He started slowly. WHACK, WHACK, WHACK. Then mentioned that I wasn't counting, so he'd have to start all over. WHACK (One, SIr), WHACK (Two, SIr), and on it went.

He was holding me accross his lap and spanking me like I'd wanted him to. I was so turned on I was ready to cum by about the first twenty whacks. He stood up after I got to (Thirty-one, Sir) and said, "This won't do. I can't seem to get through to you. You're as hard as a rock and I think you're enjoying this a little too much. Go stand in the corner while I try to figure out what I should be doing."

After a little while, he'd gone to get more coffee and told me to remain facing the corner, he came back and told me to lay on the bed. He slipped his belt out of its loops and started with a few expertly placed hits accross my ass cheeks. "You're not counting", he bellowed and started another round of quick sharp smacks with the belt as I reeled off (One, Sir, Two, Sirs) as fast as I could. After reaching thirty hea again stopped. I was relieved to say the least, but I knew it wasn't over yet. He had me back accross his lap and counting for the next thirty spanks. My ass must have been getting red, but my _c_o_c_k_ was back at full mast. He grabbed it and started stroking furiously. I came all over his jeans and socks. I was spent and red and I thought it would be a great time to excersis my powers and tell him it was over.

"Oh no you don't", he replied. "You have to answer for the cum on by clothing and you haven't gotten the full one hundred yet. Stand up, young man."

I stood and then he got up and in one quick motion he shunned his pants and socks. He was wearing a dark purple thong and his _c_o_c_k_ was pointing right to the ceiling. He made me suck his _d_i_c_k_ dry before we continued with the spanking. He pointed out that the fan needed to be put back together and I should go to the kitchen and get a start on it before he saw what happened. Of course he practically followed me into the kitchen and started whacking my ass with one fan blade as I was trying to put another back on the fan. We continued in this manner untill all the blades were returned to the fan. Then he helped me put the two remaining domes back on too.

"Alright", he said, "Weren't there more to the hundred I was supposed to give you? Back to the bedroom, NOW." I jumped and ran towards the bedroom.

" What a great story this is going to make", I thought.

He finished the count and promised that he'd be back. He also told me to call him if I thought I just needed a refresher. Sure beats the hell out of any other "Bad Weather" days I've had. I'm going to like living in this neighborhhod.

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