Pe Lessons

by Alexander <>

I was at a boys' boarding school in the west midlands during the late sixties early seventies. Like several others who have posted messages we had a strict P. E. teacher who insisted on us wearing only a white cotton t-shirt, white cotton shorts, white socks and plimsoles; all the kit had to be spotlessly clean and unwrinkled. When we got changed into our kit we had to remove all our school uniform first before putting on any item of the P. E. kit so that the P. E. master could see that we were not wearing anything under our shorts. Then we had to line up for an inspection, and any garment that was not up to standard had to be removed (if one shoe was dirty you had to remove both plus both your socks). In each class it was usual for at least one boy to be shirtless and several times a term there would be someone shortless running around the gym, and once or twice a term there would be a naked boy in the class, with or withput his gym shoes.

It was fairly comon for us to gang up on one of our class mates before the P. E. class and try to get hold of his kit and crumple it or dirty it just before the class began - I guess this accounted for most of the nakedness during the gym classes as the school laundry was pretty efficient at washing and pressing our kit each week. Once I had to perform the class without my shorts, and by the end of the lesson my t-shirt was distorted because I had kept on stretching it to try and cover my privates. Another time when I was shortless the class was divided in two teams, skins and shirts, and I ended up in the skins team an so was stark naked. I thought this was most unfair, but the others thought it was funny and laughed at me when they realised what was going to happen.

The P. E. master kept records, and at yout third clothing offence you would get six whacks of the plimsole. This was carried out at the end of the class, shorts removed, bending over in the middle of the changing room. Then of course we had a compulsory shower which the master monitored to make sure no one tried not to have one.

This P. E. teacher also ran detentions. These were 30 minute periods during our free time which we had to do as punishment for breaking some rule or other, for example not completing homework, and we could be sent for one of these detentions by any master. Sometimes there would be up to a dozen boys sent to him, and sometimes there might be just one. This was worse as all the P. E. master's attention was focussed on you. The usual rules about P. E. kit applied, and additionally anyone who was on their third detention would get six whacks with the plimsole, or sometimes a leather belt. For these punishments you had to strip naked in the changing room and then walk out inot the middle of the gym and bend over a vaulting horse. I was doing a detention on my own and the maths master who had sent me there came along to observe. The P. E.master put me through a routine of physical jerks, sprints, rope climbing and trampoline. During the rope climbing my dick was rubbing against the rope, and it began to get hard, then just jumping up and down on the trampoline because it was slightly tumescenct it flapped about a lot and became stiffer. I could see the P. E. master and the maths master standing by the side of the trampoline watching my dick as it began to poke out of my shorts. When I came off the trampoline my shorts were caught up with my _c_o_c_k_ and the maths teacher came over to me with a big grin on his face and tugged the legs of my shorts and repositioned my _c_o_c_k_ saying that I needed to make my self decent. The P. E. master then said that it didn't matter as I was due for a beating now and that my shorts would be coming off in any case.

I did as I was told and went into the changing room to remove all my kit, then walked over to the vaulting horse. My _c_o_c_k_ was still half hard and I kept it covered as I walked to the horse but I couldn't stop them seeing it as I swung my leg over to mount the horse, bent forward with one leg on each side. I got six strokes of the belt mostly on my arse, but two of the strokes wrapped around my thigh and one caught my balls. When I was told to get up and go and shower I was surprised that despite the pain of my burning backside my _c_o_c_k_ was rigid. I turned round to hide it from the two masters and walked quickly back to the changing room to get showered. Both of them followed me shortly, and made sure that I showered properly before I could dress and leave.

During my time at this school I must have attended a dozen detentions, three of them on my own, getting four beatings and watching several more. I do not remember purposefully misbehaving in order to get a detention, but after the first two I used to look forward to going especially if there was someone who failed the kit inspection or who was getting the plimsole or belt.

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