Doctor Robert and the Afternoon Physicals

by Brian48071 <>

Doctor Robert and the afternoon physicals

I stopped outside the examining room and picked up the next patients file. I flipped through it quickly to get the important details. Name- Thomas Stevens Age- 23 Height- 510" Weight 175 lbs. Job- construction supervisor Marital status -single.

He was here for a routine physical. I tapped on the door and went in. He was already sitting up on the exam table and he was a hunk. Medium length sun-bleached blond hair, blue eyes, tanned and muscled arms and legs. He wore a white sleeveless tee shirt that stopped about three inches above his khaki shorts. He had a nice "inny navel and a light trail of blond hair running down into his shorts. My practiced eyes dont miss much in a quick scan.

"Hello, Thomas." I thrust out my hand. "Im Dr. Robert Reed"

We shook hands and I went and sat down on my roll-around chair. I opened the file and read his statistics to him. He shook his head in agreement.

"Youre here for a physical?" I asked. He nodded his head. "Work requires it once a year."

I looked back down at his occupation. "Tell me about your job. What do you do each day?"

He smiled broadly, apparently proud of his job. "I supervise the men on my crew. Assign them to their jobs, answer questions, and discipline them.

My head shot up. "Discipline them?"

He smiled again. "Yea, you know, when they screw up I have to correct them."

"And how do you do that?" I was really interested.

"Well, I lecture them or give them days off if its really something bad." He laughed. "Theres not much else you can do since they're adults and can quit on you if you get too harsh."

I smiled thinking to myself, theres a lot more you can do if you plan it right."

"Is it a stressful job? I asked.

He nodded again. "It can be. Sometimes I wonder if Im being too harsh when I send these guys home without pay. Some have families and I feel a little guilty."

"You didnt make them misbehave. So you shouldnt feel guilty. Look at it as helping them get back on the right road. They should thank you for it."

His head was nodding as I spoke. "I agree but sometimes I feel Im not doing right by the families. I need to find another way to get their attention. Maybe offer bonuses for guys that dont screw up."

"I can think of more fun things," I thought to myself. "That might work," I said. He laughed as if to a private joke. "My dad would beat-"he paused and his face reddened. "Whats that?" I asked. He reddened further. "Oh nothing, just thinking."

"Go on finish your thought." He hesitated and I nodded at him. "Well I was just thinking that my dad would beat their butts if he was the boss," he said.

I looked at him seriously. "Oh," I said raising an eyebrow.

He laughed again. "Yea thats his answer for everything."

"Mine too," I thought but said, "How old is your crew, 12?"

"No, if they were 12 Id feel OK with spanking them. Most are my age or younger down to 18 and we have a 25 and a 27 year old"

"But that wouldnt matter to your dad?"

Thomas laughed again. "Hes 60 so hes the elder to all of them and thats what matters to him. He taught us boys to obey our elders." Then he smiled again. He had a beautiful smile.

I wasnt sure how far to take this conversation. Even though beating ass was my passion and Id like to get this hunk over my knee I still had to remember where and who I was. I didnt want to blow my cover. Being a Doctor has been a great way to exercise my fetish. Im only 29 and have a practice with friends from college. I take guys from puberty up to about 40, my lesbian friend Laura takes the girls and young woman and our friends Bill and his wife Angel take the rest. Angel takes pediatrics and Bill takes the older men and woman. It has been a good partnership so far. We each know our specialty and Laura and I know to be discrete. Dont get me wrong, I dont go around spanking all my patients. But I will admit I fantasize about all of them when Im doing the exams. And I do spank a good amount of them if only a playful slap after I've done a rectal exam. Only I know that Im imagining them over my knee when I slap them. But theres an amazing amount of guys that will let you spank them once you can get the topic out in the open. I always listen to what a patient says when I playfully spank them because theyll give me clues. A lot of guys get off on rectal exams and thermometers as well as spankings and I work those fetishes when I hear the clues. Hell, I was the best rectal practice dummy in med. school since I get off on both those myself. The rectal temps of course happened in the dorm rooms before the spankings, but thats another story.

While I was talking the nurse put the Phillips brothers in the next room. Martin was 21 and Mark was 18.

"You were right Marty we did get in fast." Mark said and jumped up onto the table.

Martin laughed at how his brothers white painters pants dropped below his waist. He could even read Calvin Klein on the waistband of Marks red underpants. "I told you we wouldnt have to wait through all those people. We just had to make a little fuss and here we are."

Mark laughed. "Yea, throwing those Legos at me worked. "

Martin was proud of himself. "Throwing them back at me so they bounced off the receptionist window helped."

"I hope the doctors not mad at us." Mark said.

"No problem Mark. If he is Ill handle him. Martin walked over to the cabinet and pulled the drawer open. He smiled and reached inside. "Its party time", he said. He held up a tube of KY and a rectal thermometer.

"What if someone comes in? Mark asked.

"Dont worry that guy in the shorts just went in before us so itll be a while Ill bet."

"You better be right, I dont want someone coming in here and seeing my bum with that thing stuck up it."

"Quit crabbing little boy"

"OK, Dad" Mark said and smiled.

"Thats right, son. Dad has to take your temperature so get down and bend over the table."

"Daddy do you have to put it in my butt Im a big boy now?" Mark tried not to laugh.

"Yes, I do. Now get down here before I have to spank you," Martin said sternly.

"Oh, dont spank me dad, Ill be good. But I just think Im too old to take the thermometer in my butt."

Martin reached up and grabbed his brother by the arm and pulled him down. He spun him around quickly and roughly bent him over the table.

"Please Daddy dont do this" Mark whined.

Martin swung and spanked him hard twice.

"Oww-oww," Mark said. He turned around and looked at his brother. "Whats that in your pants Dad? It seems pretty big and hard."

"Dont look at my crotch, you bad boy." He spanked his brother twice more. Marty set the KY and thermometer down on the examination table and reached around his brother. "It looks like you have the same problem, young man." He laughed as he grabbed his brothers hardon.

Mark also laughed and then felt his brother pull down his baggy pants without unbuttoning them. He stopped just below the cheeks.

"My what a nice red butt you have, son." Marty rubbed both his brothers cotton covered cheeks several times. He knew Mark was getting harder just as he was busting out the front of his black jeans. "Now hold still son, here we go" He grabbed the top of Marks underpants just as someone knocked on the door. Martin jumped back and sat down leaving Mark to try to get his pants back up.

When I entered the room I noticed Mark fumbling with his pants. They were halfway over his butt and he yanked them back on. After all the spanking talk with Thomas I was pumped up for some action and thought this might be the time for it. I had seen the boys before but they were with their father. He seemed to be strict and they had been very polite. I turned to Mark.

"Why were your pants down?" I said harshly.

"Well, ah, I was" he stammered.

I saw the KY and thermometer on the table and realized what had been going to happen till I burst in. His face was red and he was sputtering. "Stop that now," I yelled.

He stopped fumbling and looked at me.

"Get up on that table and sit still. I want to talk to you boys." I glared at Martin while Mark jumped up on the table his pants sagging back down. "My nurse tells me you were both creating a disturbance in the waiting room so what was that about?"

"It was Martys idea," Mark blurted out.

"Shut up Mark it was just as much your fault."

"But it was your idea so we didnt have to wait so long."

Martin crossed his arms and frowned at his brother.

"Well Martin what have you got to say?"

He shrugged, "Come on, it was just a joke. We didnt want to wait all day."

"In other words, you felt that punching each other and throwing toys-"

"Legos," Mark said

"- was the mature thing to do?"

Martin shrugged again. "I guess we werent thinking very far ahead."

"What would your father say about this behavior? Both boys took on a scared look and Mark said,

"Youre not going to call him are you? Hed be pissed and boy would we get beat"

"Shut up Mark, "Martin yelled.

Mark shrugged now. "Well he would be pissed." My radar closed in on boy would we get beat and I saw an opportunity to do a good deed and get my rocks off. I stared at them without saying a word for a full minute.

Martin finally said, "Youre not going to call him are you?"

I thought about it for a second and said, "Im not sure yet."

"Please Doc", Mark said. "We were only playing."

"I dont think it was just playing. I think your bad behavior is an insult to everyone waiting their turn."

"We can go out and apologize to them if you want us to," Mark said. He sounded like a 12-year-old.

"Oh, come on Doc, Martin said. "It wasnt that bad. We were just a couple of grown guys having a second childhood moment." He put on a big grin hoping to get me to smile in return.

I crossed my arms. "Im not sure youre grown up guys. I find that behavior very juvenile."

"Whats that mean?" Mark asked. He was leaning back against the wall.

"It means you were acting like bad boys not grown up guys."

"Oh," he sighed.

Martin shifted in his seat. "We said we were sorry."

"And I heard you but saying youre sorry doesnt magically make it right or mean you wont try it again some other time."

"What else can we do to make up for being bad?" Mark asked.

I went over to my roll around stool and dragged it to the middle of the room. "Its not what you can do its what I need to do as your elder."

Both boys looked surprised. I sat down on the stool.

"What do you think you need to do?" Mark asked.

I looked him in the eye. "I need to punish you for your misbehavior so you wont do it again."

"What do you mean?" Mark said

I patted my knees. "Im going to spank your butt Marky thats what I mean."

"No way." He said quickly.

"Or I could call your dad and see what he wants to do."

Mark looked at Martin for a second and then moved to get off the table. "Dont call him," he said.

I pointed to my knee and he got off the table and walked over to me.

"Do you have to do this?"

I nodded but didnt answer. Even though, he protested I couldnt miss the hardening penis already showing through the front of his pants. I let him think about it for a few seconds then grabbed his arm and pulled him over my lap. He was wearing baggy white carpenter jeans that hung loose on his butt but I could still see the outline of two round mounds. "This is for your own good, right?"

He nodded and dropped his head down. I raised my right arm up, paused for a second and then brought it down hard on his ass. He jumped a little but didnt make a sound. I spanked him again and again. After the 5th spank he said,

"Thats enough Doc."

I heard his words but I also felt his hard on jabbing my leg.

"Weve only begun Marky." I grabbed the waistband of his jeans and started to pull them down.

"Please dont pull my pants down," he whimpered. His head bobbed up and looked at me. I paused but then continued to pull them down. His head dropped back down as his full red Calvined butt was exposed.

I brushed the seat of his tight Calvins with my hand as I admired the two round mounds I had unveiled. His butt was one of the nicer butts Id had lately. Two nicely firmed bubbles hiding under the tightly pulled red cotton. As I rubbed I dipped my finger into his crack expecting him to jerk up or say something. All he did was sigh. I brought up my arm again. SPANK, SPANK, SPANK, AND SPANK. He jumped with each spank and by the fifth started to moan. SPANK, SPANK.

"Please Doc thats enough" SPANK, SPANK

"Oww- oww. Stop" SPANK "Please stop." SPANK. SPANK, SPANK "-oww-oww-oww". SPANK.

"Please, please stop" He was starting to cry now. I could hear it in his words.



I grabbed the top of his briefs and yanked them down. I think I really surprised him because he didnt have time to complain before I started again on his pink tinted butt. SPANK on the right cheek, SPANK on the left, SPANK in the middle. He was really jumping around now and there was no doubt about his crying because he sobbed loudly."

"Enough please Im sorry. I wont do it again".


"I promise", he yelled. "I wont do it again."

As I spanked longer and harder he struggled more. As he did his cheeks opened and I saw where Marty had hoped to stick the thermometer.

I stopped spanking and rubbed his cheeks again. This time I pushed my finger between them toward his anus. Again he didnt jump or tighten up his butt. In fact, he seemed to relax his cheeks so my hand could get in. I rubbed around his anus with my fingertip and he moaned. For a minute I almost asked Marty for the thermometer but decided the rectal temperature was something I could look forward to later.

His butt was bright red now and he was crying and snorting. From his sighs I realized he was enjoying the probing too much. I spanked him again twice really hard and fast." He jerked up this time. He looked back at me and I saw his red eyes and snot-dripping nose.

"Get up and go bend over the table."

He got up slowly, obviously in intense pain and limped over to the table dragging his pants across the floor. He was well trained. He bent right over and never once rubbed his butt. I looked at Martin and crooked my finger.

"Youve got to be kidding Doc," he said. "Im not a kid like Marky."

"Your behavior in the waiting room tells me you are," I said softly.

"Please Im an adult now."

"Same argument, Marty," I said.

He hesitated for a minute and then walked over to me. I reached up and grabbed his belt and he immediately jumped back. "No way, Doc. You can spank me but Im not letting you pull my pants down."

"I dont have time to argue, Marty. Just hand me that phone and Ill call your dad."

He shook his head quickly and came back over to me.

I reached up and unbuckled his leather belt. He tried to pull back as I unsnapped his black jeans but I pulled him closer and then unzipped him slowly. I was really enjoying his humiliation and knew this was only the beginning for him. His jeans came open and I got a quick glimpse of baby blue Calvins before he bent down over my knees. "You should know better than this," I said.

He didnt answer but groaned when I spanked him the first time. I purposely hit him harder than Mark, one reason is he was older and the other is that I wanted to spank that arrogance out of him. Im the boss here.

SPANK. SPANK, SPANK. Each spank hit a different part of his jean-covered butt. His jeans were new and stiff so I couldnt see my imprints like I did with Mark but I could see that he had equally nice cheeks. SPANK, SPANK, SPANK, AND SPANK.

"Please Doc, thats enough.

"Not nearly Marty." I reached up and grabbed the top of his jeans and pulled them away from his waist and held them there for a second. I wanted to see if hed protest but he didnt. He just let out a puff of air like a steam leak in resignation. I continued my movement and pulled the tight jeans down below his butt. To make a point I paused and then pushed them down to his knees. This left me a great view not only of his baby blue ass but also a nice view of his lightly haired legs. His head bobbed a few times and then dropped down. I rubbed his butt a few times longer than I did his brothers and noticed a hardening on my leg. No, it wasnt my dick. It had been hard since I first grabbed Marks arm. Martys dick was hardening against my leg. As I rubbed his butt I felt his dick go rock hard. Well Ill spank away that hardon I thought.


He moved a little with each spank, not a lot but enough to let me know he felt it, good or bad. SPANK, SPANK

"Please thats enough,"

"Ill decide when its enough."

"Please Doc Im sorry. I really am."

I had a hard time believing him as he speared me with his hardon. SPANK, SPANK, SPANK.

"Oh god, "he said softly.

I wasnt sure if that was Oh god it hurt or Oh god that makes me horny. I knew that it meant the latter for me. I rubbed his butt again and dipped my hand between his cheeks like I did with Mark. I got a totally different response. His cheeks clamped shut to keep my hand out.

SPANK. SPANK. SPANK I nailed him extra hard for his reaction to my hand and spoiling my fun. His cheeks loosened up quickly.

"Plee-aa-sse," He was moving his butt from side to side and reaming my leg at the same time.

I paused.

"Thanks," he said as I grabbed his briefs.

"Youre welcome, "I said as I tugged them down

"No, dont, please."

He said that but I noticed he lifted up a little so I could get his underpants unsnagged from his dick. I pulled them down almost to his knees. I looked at the reddish pink cheeks that I revealed. They were shaped just like Marks except slightly bigger. I put my hand on them again and felt him immediately clench up. I tried to get my finger between his cheeks but he wasnt having any of that.

"He dont like anyone touching his crack," Mark said.

I looked up and noticed he had been watching me. I dont know if my face reddened but I said, "No one told you to watch me. Turn toward the wall now."

He turned quickly and I raised my hand and brought it down hard on Martins bare butt.

He yelped and tried to get up. SPANK, SPANK, SPANK, SPANK. "Stay still." I yelled. SPANK, SPANK, SPANK, SPANK, SPANK.

He was really moving around now. His butt had also gone from pink to a deep deep red but he had a few white and bluish spots. He was crying worse than Mark had. I set my hand down on his butt again but he still resisted. As his cheeks tensed I spanked him again and again.

"Please stop, Doc my ass is burning up"

"I dont think so."

"It is. Im not lying. Please dont spank me anymore." He had calmed down a little and wasnt jumping around but he was still crying and sniffing. "Please, doc Im on fire."

"Lets see about that," I said. I put my hand down on his butt and he didnt immediately tense. I rubbed it around a little and as I got near his crack I felt his cheeks tense. "Its warm but Im not sure youre on fire."

"I am, doc, please trust me Im burning up."

I had one of the best ideas of the day. I looked over at Mark. He was still obediantly facing the wall. "Hand me that thermometer," I said.

Mark looked right at me, his eyes wide. Youre cant stick it up his bum."

"Why cant I?"

"He doesnt like that," Mark said. Martin started to struggle. "Please Doc; dont do that," Martin said. "You said you were on fire and Im going to check. Hand me the rectal thermometer, Marky"

Mark handed it and the KY to me. "Please Doc I dont like guys touching my private places."

"Werent you going to do this to Mark? "Yes," Martin said "But he likes it."

"Well Im the doctor here and thats how I take everyones temperature. So get used to it." I tried to push his cheeks apart but he had them clenched again. I smacked him hard on the butt but it didnt help. "Youre being a bad boy again"? "I dont want you to do that," he said softly. "Come on Marty its OK", Marky said. "I dont want any guy in there!" Martin yelled. "Im not any guy, Im your doctor so open up" I spanked again hard twice with no change. "Come here Mark," I said, "Hold this" I handed him the thermometer. I reached down with two hands and forced Martys cheeks apart. When I had a clear view of his pink anus I said, "Stick it in there Mark" Im sure Marty realized I had called his younger brother Mark instead of Marky twice now. "What about the lube?" Mark said "Dont worry about that just stick it up his butt hole." Martin began to jerk around but I held him tight to my knee as Mark slid the cold glass tube up into his older brother. "Its in now so lie still for three minutes." Martin groaned and his head sank closer to the floor. He let out another steam-leak sigh. He turned to look at Mark. "You need to watch?" he said. Mark looked at me without moving. I saw he was rubbing his left hand across the front of his bulging jeans. "Stay where you are," I told him." After three minutes, I grabbed the thermometer. Pushed it in and out a few times till he groaned then I pulled it out slowly. "Youre not on fire, Marty. Your temperature is 98.6". I slapped him on the butt. He was sobbing softly. "Get up and go bend over the table", I said. "You too Mark" Martin got up quickly and tried to pull up his Calvins and jeans. "Leave them down for now" I said. I wiped off the thermometer and put it back in the drawer with the KY. When I looked up I saw two very red bad boy butts staring at me. One had red briefs and white jeans bunched around his ankles, the other blue briefs and black jeans at his knees. "I hope you learned your lesson boys," I said as I walked to the door. "Now pull your pants up and go wait your turn in the outer office. I walked out as they both sniffed together. Before the door closed I hear Martin say, "Youre really going to get it tonight Marky."

"He made me do it, "his little brother answered. "Anyway you probably liked it" Just before the door clicked I heard Martin answer, "Yea it was kind of kinky."

I knocked on the door and opened it quickly. I saw John settling down as if he had just jumped back onto the table. His left ear was red and I saw a full erection going down his left leg.

"Sorry for that interruption," I said.

"No problem," John said his face reddening slightly.

I sat back down on my roll-around stool and grabbed his chart. I flipped back to the history questions. "Where did we leave off?" I said scanning the questions.

"You started to ask if I had something", he said

"Thats right. I looked back at the list. "Have you ever had a _s_e_x_ually transmitted disease?

"No" he said quickly.

"You always use a condom?

He smiled. I watched his face for any other clues.

"Always. Im not ready to be a daddy yet," he said.

Now I smiled and thought to myself "Ill be the daddy you be my boy." But then I realized what he said which tossed a little more water on my fire. I thought Id take another shot. "Do you engage in any risky _s_e_x_ practices?"

He looked at me funny then said softly, "You mean like butt _s_e_x_?"

I looked up quickly and nodded, hoping.

"Only if she lets me," He said. My fire was pretty much out. But I still had a few tricks up my sleeve.

I walked over to him and said, "Lets get started".

I took my scope and looked into his eyes, nose and mouth. Then I went to his red ear. "Your ear is all red, why?"


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