Slave Boy's Spanking 2

by David Mosier <>

Disclaimer: I am just continuing a story started by Tristan with his permission so I dont own the rights to all the characters in this story just the ones I make up. If you are not 18 or dont like spanking stories of children then dont read any further.

It was about a month after Eleven year-old Michael had been punished for stealing and all the marks had since disappeared. He had been ordered to help the cook in the kitchen today with the cleaning and anything else the cook wanted him to do. He had just finished up the dishes when another of the slave boys came in and told him that Master John wanted to see him in his study immediately.

Michael immediately started toward the study because it wasnt wise to leave the Master waiting. On his way he tried to think of anything that he had done recently to get himself in trouble and couldnt come up with anything that he could remember.

As he entered the study he immediately took of his tunic and headed for the corner but before he got there he heard his master laughing. Then Master said, No boy put your tunic back on and come here I just need to talk with you. As Michael turned around he saw for the first time a boy of about eight or nine standing beside Master John.

Michael the reason I wanted you to come in here is to meet David. He is eight years old and my newest slave boy. Where you come in as my oldest boy I want you to train Him on the way things run around here. Show him the ropes, what needs to be done, what the rules are because for the first Month that he his here any time he gets into trouble and I have to whip him you will get double what he gets.

All was well for the first week but then it happened David was found off goofing around instead of doing his chores. He was sent immediately to Master Johns study where he took off his tunic just has Michael had told him to do if he get in trouble and went to the corner to wait. He was only there a couple of minutes before he heard the door open. He didnt dare to look who it was for fear that it was Master John but eventually he heard somebody also undressing and realized with a start that Michael would also be getting punished because of him trusting David to do his chores and leaving him alone.

But he didnt have very much time to think about that though because the door opened again shortly after Michael had entered, It was Master John.

David, Michael both of you over here in front of my desk. Is there any reason I shouldnt give either one of you a good hiding?

Both of them together said no sir, as there was no other answer.

Ok David since this is your first time in trouble I will only give you six with the cane. Michael that means you will get twelve after I am done with David. Now go back to your corner. David assume the position. David bent and touched his toes and waited in nervous anticipation. Master John waited for just long enough for Davids cheeks to unclench then he swung the first one which David took without a sound after a short pause number 2 landed and as short grunt came out of him, then as number 3 landed David let out a loud scream but it didnt stop 4,5 or 6 from coming which where followed by screams. After the master was done there where 5 neat lines across his but with one diagonal across them.

Ok David you can get up now. He let him try to rub some of the sting out for a couple of minutes then said for your first caning you took that pretty well. As master told Michael to come over and get in position David assumed that he was too go to the corner just like Michael was during his caning, but Master John stopped him and said no David I want you to watch this and think that just because you didnt do your chores Michael is going to get punished. Maybe it will remind you to get your chores done next time before you go play. During all of this Michael was bent over in the natural naughty boy pose awaiting his twelve stripes of the cane.

Ok Michael are you ready? Yes sir. With that Master john swung the first lash and proceeded to give Michael 11 more just like it with Michael taking 6 of them before having to grab his ankles to keep from raising up early which the master notice d of course. Michael ended up with the same 5 across with one diagonal except his where bigger due to the 6 extra.

Ok Michael you can get up and both of your are free to go. Just remember David to get your work done before you go start playing and goofing off.

to be continued...... Maybe

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