The Way to Deal with Teenage Vandals

by Aaron From Enfield <>

After punishing the two boys described in my previous offering I suppose you could say my interest was aroused. I began to fantasise about disciplining wayward teenagers who had misbehaved. I became a sort of vigilante. Obviously I had to select youths who would not run to their parents or the police.

I soon discovered that amongst young men there is a belief that they can look after themselves, particularly where the law is involved. So one night, not too long ago, as I was taking a brisk walk along the A10 after my dinner, I was in a way pleased to notice two youths walking from a bus shelter which had been vandalised. I crossed the road and told them I was going to report them for vandalism as I had seen them (I had not but they didnt realise this) wreck the bus shelter. I grabbed each of them by the arm so they could not run off. One of them however wriggled free and ran off. So now I had one of them held by both hands.

On his own he wasnt quite as lippy as when I first caught them both. I asked him his name and address and he told me his name was Phil and he lived in Ponders End. He gave his actual address but for obvious reasons I cannot write that here. I asked him for proof of this and he produced a bus pass which showed his picture, name and school. It also showed him to be 15 years old. I told him I was going to take him home with me from where I was going to call the police as his friend had run away.

He asked me not to call the police and told me it was his friend, who he said was called Martin, who had actually broken the glass. I said something like "save it for the police" and started leading him to my home, about 5 minutes away on foot. He said he would phone his friends mobile (he had a mobile phone with him) and I said "OK, get him to come back here and Ill see what I can do".

To cut a longish story short Phil phoned Martin who (unknown to both of us) had only disappeared round the nearest corner and was in fact watching our conversation. It could not be heard as he was a little way off. Martin duly appeared and I established his address (also Ponders End) and I told both boys to come home with me.

Once inside I told them I intended calling the police. They both asked me to re consider and so I thought "here goes" and made a suggestion. "Not too long ago boys who misbehaved were given corporal punishment, I think a dose of the cane would do both of you some good". They were not the sharpest tools in the box and wanted to know what "corporal punishment" meant. Martin told me that his dad occasion ally hit him and his brother with a belt when they misbehaved and Phil said his dad used to before he left the family home about 6 years ago.

I had some long bamboo garden canes in my shed and had soaked two of them in warm water to make them pliable and whippy in hopeful anticipation of such an opportunity. I fetched one of them into my lounge. I faced the two boys and simply said "well?". They looked at each other and then nodded at me. "Who actually did the damage" I asked and Martin admitted it was him although he said Phil was encouraging him. I asked what he meant by "encourage" and he said Phil was saying things like "hit it Mart" and such like.

I decided to prolong the drama. "No Im calling the law" I said and made as if to lift the phone. To my astonishment both these street wise 15 year old lads appeared ready to cry. Both made renewed pleas to me.

I relented. "Very well. But this will be painful and embarrassing for you. Take off your jeans". Both boys started removing their jeans. Martin took his trainers off first but Phil left his on and I almost laughed as he nearly toppled over while trying to get his jeans over them. He sat down, took off his trainers, and then fully removed the trousers. Both boys were now facing me in polo shirts (they had taken jackets off on entering the house) and boxer shorts. "Boxers Off" I ordered. The youths glanced at each other and Martin appeared ready to complain but after a few seconds off came both pairs of boxer shorts. "Shirts too" I said. Off they came and two teenaged youths both stood before me in all their glory wearing only white sports socks. One of Martins socks had a little hole in the toe.

I beckoned for Martin to step forward. "Bend over" I told him. He obeyed and I delivered eight firm strokes with my garden cane. He was clearly in distress when I had finished. "Stand straight hands by your sides" I told him after I had finished. I then told Phil to step forward. "Bend over" I said. I only gave him 6 ,as he was not the main perpetrator, before telling him to stand next to Martin, hands by his sides.

I then asked if they had learned their lesson and told them they had to promise not to ever vandalise property again. Both were clearly totally humiliated, standing naked, and were softly weeping, I suspect from embarrassment rather than pain. I actually wanted to hug them both and tell them it was over but I obviously resisted THAT temptation. I made them stand there for a few more minutes before telling them to get dressed. They gladly did so. I then told them I would drive them both home, Ponders End being around 1 to 2 miles from my home. They said to take them as far as Ponders End station and they would walk from there as they didnt want to be seen getting out of a car by their parents.

I have seen both of them since in the town centre and we nod and say "all right" and then go our separate ways.

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