Roomate Behaving Badly. Part Two.

by Jack495 <>

Three days.

Thats all it took before Tim turned the tables and it was my turn to be on the receiving end. He planned his moves brilliantly, creating an opportunity that involved an infraction that took full advantage of our rule to include others. In this case our mutual friend Pete.

The bad thing was that I was guilty as charged. There was no defense. I had no idea that the problem, one involving social skills more than anything, was a hot button for Chris and Tim, make that three, as Pete cast an immediate and noncounting third vote. I resigned myself to my fate and was ready to accept whatever I had coming.

I was ordered to my room and told to report to Chriss room wearing only my boxers. I felt an odd mix of dread and anticipation knowing that I was a few moments away from receiving my first adult spanking. It took me only a few moments to pull off my sneakers, socks, shorts and shirt then I headed into Chriss room.

Each of their eyes, Chriss, Petes and Tims, went to my boxers as I walked into Chriss room. I knew I was hard but I also knew that they probably expected me to be.

Chris was already bare foot and bare chested and sitting in the spanking spot. "Over here," he said quietly. I walked to him. "I cant think of a single good reason to keep that hard _c_o_c_k_ in your tight underwear for any longer can you?"

"Because thats how we did it with Tim a few days ago?"

"No, thats not it. You should remember that we all agreed that each of these spanking sessions will develop their own character and be specific to the day, the person and the circumstances. I think were way past building up to the point where the first ass is bared."

He slipped his thumbs into the waistband of my boxers and slowly slipped them down. I stepped out of them as they hit the floor.

I was so hard. My _c_o_c_k_ was pulsing and was already leaking a little pre cum. It didnt bother me that they were all looking at it, they had all seen my hard _c_o_c_k_ before. I knew that in a few minutes theyd all be naked too. Their _c_o_c_k_s would be just as hard as mine if they werent that way already. I pulled the loose skin back down the shaft of my _c_o_c_k_ and gave my balls a quick jiggle.

"Lets go, over my lap." Chris said. "You know you want it." His words from the other night echoed. I positioned himself across his lap, remembering how we positioned Tim. I kept the crest of my ass on the outer edge of Mikes right thigh so that my _c_o_c_k_ wouldnt get squeezed under me or positioned somewhere between his legs.

"Another firm and hairless ass." Chris commented as he began rubbing, squeezing and slapping my butt. This continued for several minutes before he began delivering a hard spanking.

It didnt really hurt and seemed to fuel my arousal. He hit me five, ten, fifteen times or more. It wasnt as bad as I expected and I kind of enjoyed it.

"Switch. Get up." I awkwardly found my way to my feet. Chris stood and said simply "I think well let Tim have you last. Pete? " Pete pulled off his shirt, adjusted his hard _c_o_c_k_ in his shorts, and settled into the spanking position.

"Lets go, dude." I didnt know what to expect as I eased myself over Petes lap. He wasnt there a few nights back so was probably unaware that things never became brutal. He had his Frat experiences to draw on and was no stranger to receiving or giving a good spanking.

I tried to position my _c_o_c_k_ as I had with Chris, pressing it against his outer thigh. Pete had me move up so I was more on top of his lap, my hard _c_o_c_k_ between his spread legs, my own legs spread wide open. I was shocked that Pete began with my _c_o_c_k_, stroking me and milking me of every bit of pre cum that he then smeared across my ass.

"Man, you are so hard. Maybe youll cum while one of us is spanking you."

I felt myself relaxing and getting comfortable.... Thats when Pete began spanking me. It hurt immediately but in a good way. Between blows none of my private areas were immune from his exploration. He stroked my _c_o_c_k_, fondled my balls, and ringed a warm wet finger around and nearly in my hole. His blows seemed to rain everywhere, random and impossible to predict.

"Relax your cheeks." He commanded at one point.

It was an effort not to clench the cheeks of my ass as Pete took me across the line between pleasure and pain. His spanking soon became uncomfortable then slowly built to being painful. He seemed to know this because he backed things down a notch. I hoped it would end soon. He finished by rubbing my ass softly and saying "thats how you get a good start to a red butt."

I stood, feeling more pained and less comfortable than I had a few moments earlier. I reached around and felt my ass with both hands. It was warm to my touch and tender.

Tim didnt wait for anyone to tell him it was his turn. He was already bare chested and immediately took the spanking position and motioned me over his lap. He began slapping my ass and thighs immediately. The good news is that for all his pent up desire, his spanking was no worse than Chriss or Petes. It was tolerable, uncomfortable, but could have been much worse. It took an effort not to give him any feedback as his hand struck the rapidly developing sensitive areas of my butt. It was soon over and I stood to see what the boys had in store for me next.

I hopefully wondered if this session would lead to the strong _s_e_x_ual overtures that we experienced the other night. "I think well let you take a little breather." Chris said. "Your next round will be with the paddle. Go ahead and get on your knees while youre waiting." I knelt on the old carpeting. I stroked my slightly softened _c_o_c_k_ and brought it back to a full erection.

Chris looked at the bulges in Petes and Tims shorts. "You guys mind if we all get naked too?" Chris asked. "Maybe we can each get off while were at it too?" Pete smiled. "Fine with me.

"Sure." Tim said.

I had the best vantage point as Chris, Tim and Pete slipped off their shorts and underwear, unleashing their hard _c_o_c_k_s. The four of us were all naked now, our _c_o_c_k_s hard and proud. We stroked ourselves and enjoyed the intimacy and pleasure of the moment.

The moment broke quickly. Chris picked up the paddle and stepped towards me. "The next round is with this." Chris slapped the paddle into the palm of his hand for effect. Chris stepped very close to me and waved his big hard _c_o_c_k_ in my face. He stroked it a few times until he oozed a large glob of pre-cum that he swabbed it over his glans as it glistened. "You can choose to be paddled or you can choose to blow us until we cum."

"I understand."

"Tim wasnt very responsive to this alternative so I thought wed try something different. Its not all or nothing this time. Your decision will be for each of us, individually, at the moment your paddling from each of us is about to begin. So you can choose to blow me and I wont paddle you. You may choose to be paddled by Tim, you wont have to blow him. Make sense?"

"Ive got it." I said as I mulled my options. I didnt seem like such a bad thing, blowing one of these three. It might pull us all over the edge for more fun as these sessions continued. My eyes roamed to each of the three hard _c_o_c_k_s.

There was no way I was going to put Chriss large _c_o_c_k_ anywhere near my mouth. Doing anything with Tims, well it was Tim. Pete easily had the smallest _c_o_c_k_ in the group and his hand spanking had packed the greatest wallop. I remembered that long ago he shared that he was a quick cummer. I could be over quickly and a paddling from him might be the best to avoid. "I dont have to swallow, do I?"

"No, you can pull out or spit out." Chris said. "Anything else?"

"Im good."

Chris sat back on the bed and stroked his _c_o_c_k_. "Paddle or _c_o_c_k_?" he asked.

"Paddle." It seemed the response he expected. I worked my way across his lap with his assistance. He wanted me in the higher position that Pete had showed us. I felt his _c_o_c_k_ brushing my stomach. He palmed and squeezed my ass then helped me spread my legs as wide as I could. He roughly fondled my _c_o_c_k_ and grasped my balls and gently squeezed my sac. He then spread the cheeks of my ass and ringed my hole with a warm wet finger.

It was about then that he began slapping my ass in final preparation for the paddle. Then the paddle. The first blow was worse than I expected and I involuntarily let out a soft "Oooh." The second blow was even harder. He delivered hard targeted blows across my entire ass and upper thighs. I knew that I was responding to this paddling with various verbal cues, "Aaach, Ouch, oooch, hhhmph," among those, but didnt care. I also knew that I was squirming around a lot in response to each strike. It was a long and painful series.

"Back on your knees." I eased himself off Chriss lap and knelt. Amazingly my _c_o_c_k_ was still rock hard. I felt my ass with one hand as I stroked my _c_o_c_k_ with the other.

"I think twenty five or thirty well-spaced blows each with the paddle each should be enough." Chris said. "Let him take a little breather then you can go." He said to Pete.

Chris stood and stepped towards the others. He was drooling pre-cum and as hard as me. Pete surprised us by grabbing Chriss _c_o_c_k_ as he approached him. "Looks like that monsters ready to blow his load."

"Why, you gonna help?" Chris asked.

"Weve got the boys spanking to finish first." They turned to me. Pete stepped over and waved his _c_o_c_k_ in my face. "You know the drill. Paddle or _c_o_c_k_?"

I waited a few moments. "_c_o_c_k_."

Pete was surprised. "OK then." He stepped a half step closer. I took a good close up look at his wares. Of the four of us, he had the best example of a washboard stomach. . I ignored Chris and Tims comments as I focused on his _c_o_c_k_ and balls. He was so hairy, his _c_o_c_k_ was the centerpiece in a thick mass of wild and untrimmed pubic hair. He had a blunt _c_o_c_k_ head with a pronounced glans. I began working on his _c_o_c_k_ with one hand, and his small tight balls with the other.

I knew he was primed and this would be quick. I finally got up the nerve to engage my mouth. I began my licking his glans then took as much of him as I could in my mouth. I focused the efforts of my tongue on the pronounced ridge of his glans and I fondled his balls with one of my hands. Then I reached around a grabbed two fistfuls of his lean runners ass and held on.

His orgasm built quickly. He began to groan and tighten. I waited as long as I could and pulled him out of my mouth, within moments of his orgasm. I worked his _c_o_c_k_ with my hand as he shot large arcs of cum. I suddenly became aware of Chriss heavy breathing and turned to see him standing next to us working his _c_o_c_k_ to orgasm. He seemed to aim his load towards us as he shot off.

Chris and Pete both exhaled loudly and caught their breath. "Whoa. Wow." Pete said as he continued to look at me in disbelief. "Youve done that before."

"Once." I admitted. "A friend and I were alone, naked and horny. We took turns. Its really not that tough and not that big of a deal."

We rested for a few moments. I noticed Tim was hovering nearby. He was still fully erect and I had another paddling to endure. I thought it was best to not keep him waiting. I noticed for the first time that my _c_o_c_k_ had softened quite a bit.

"You ready?" He asked.

"Lets get it done." He sat in the spanking spot. Pete stood with Chris. "Paddle or _c_o_c_k_?"

"Paddle." I said immediately.

I positioned myself across his lap and he got to work. "Your ass is still pretty red." He said. He began to slowly and deliberately spank every inch of my ass. I know that I grunted and groaned more than I cared to, but it couldnt be helped. I found myself squirming as the blows became more and more painful. It seemed as he hit me that the blows became harder and harder and were spaced at longer and longer intervals. He didnt hold back and delivered every painful stroke I had coming.

"Thats it." He said quietly. I stood and felt my ass with both hands. It seemed to be on fire.

Tim stood. He had a smug satisfied look on his face. His _c_o_c_k_ was still rock hard. My _c_o_c_k_ was semi erect but I wanted to cum very badly. I looked towards Chris and Pete. Both of their _c_o_c_k_s were completely flaccid.

"Thats it. Your spanking is over."

"Why dont you both shoot your loads." I looked around. One of you on the couch, one of you on the bed. You can watch each other if you want."

I grabbed the bed as my _c_o_c_k_ immediately swelled back to a full erection. My ass was very tender so it took me a few moments to get comfortable. Tim took the couch at the foot of the bed. We both spread our legs and went to work on our _c_o_c_k_s.

Chris sat in the spanking spot on the bed near me then looked at Pete and said simply.

"Lets go. You know you want some."

"Oh, I dont think so." Pete said quickly.

"Id like to modify our rules." I said. "Any of our guests that opt to participate in a spanking session becomes eligible to receive one if there is cause."

Chris and Tim immediately agreed. Chris got up and wrote something on the pad that listed our rules.

Tim and I began to focus on getting ourselves off. We were directly across from one another, our legs spread wide so we watched each other. Chris and Pete hung out, staying undressed, and made small talk and they occasionally glanced our way. Tims eyes began to glaze and I knew he was in the chute to cum first. He blasted his wad and softly groaned. I took me a few moments longer but I was soon shooting as well.

Part Three Hyper vigilant A preview........

Hyper vigilant. Those are the best words to describe the next few days. Tim and I were both aching for Chris to make a wrong move and end up next. He knew he was in our sights and went out of his way to avoid any hint of an issue that would throw him onto that path.

The biggest surprise of the week came on Friday. I arrived home to find that Tim had created another kitchen mess while cooking himself an early dinner. He was in his room packing for another weekend away. I said nothing, he knew what would happen.

Chris arrived home a short time later. I said nothing and he drew his own conclusions as he saw the mess and saw Tim packing in his room. He stepped to Tims doorway and said simply: "Tim. Kitchen. Consequences."

Chris and I sat in the living room. "He doesnt seem to care." I said.

"Well take care of him when he gets back. Like we havent done to anyone yet." He said simply. "Then well tell him its time for him to move out."

Tim headed to the door, his bag tossed over his shoulder. "Sorry about the mess. Ill take care of it when I get back."

"No you wont. Were not living with your mess all weekend." Chris said bluntly.

"So, Ill get another spanking. I really have to go. Ill see you Monday night."

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