by Rebuk <>

My punishment is delivered with various implements, with my favourites being a very firm paddle or ruler, followed much later by the cane. He is always completely uncompromising in my punishment. Hard, very hard and never stopping until long after the logical and conscious part of me has been silently screaming for mercy for ages. When I think that I cannot stand any more pain from the smacks across my glowing tender skin, he goes into a brief overdrive mode and angrily delivers at least a dozen more whacks always harder than anything that has gone before.

He has an expert sense of timing and waits for the sharpest pain to peak and tip into another kind of more deeply red hot throbbing stinging that expands through my whole arse, before adding another vicious impact across the vulnerable sensitive skin. When the permanent pain starts to level and is only slightly accentuated by more of the paddle or ruler or whatever other implement he has chosen to start things off with, he moves to the cane. On top of tender red swelling skin, comes the bite of a cane delivered with all the force he can muster. Ruby welts slowly appear after each swish and crack of the cane upon already screaming cheeks. I cannot see these, I can only imagine.

Deep, almost cutting strokes are whipped high and low, again and again across the top of my buttocks and as low as the top of my legs. He changes the angle now and then to ensure both sides of my round bottom receive as many marks as the middle. Thirty, forty or more full-force strokes are unhurriedly whipped onto every part of my sensitive bottom without mercy. The thrill of the exquisitely pure pain radiates from my behind, into my brain and awakens every never ending in my body. Although my whole body is by then totally alive awake and _s_e_x_ually charged, often by this time my _c_o_c_k_ is no longer hard. With nearly all my thoughts overpowered by the screaming sensations of pain radiating from my arse cheeks, my exquisite _s_e_x_ual charge pumps through my whole body but leaves my innocent _c_o_c_k_ hanging only half enlarged. My most vulnerable and sensitive entrance tingles in the centre of the bruised flesh. I feel alive. I feel prepared for anything and full of energy. The waves of pain mix and flow with equal waves of pleasure. My balls hang loose. I wait. I wait for the next move. The one who has taught me a lesson and delivered his message with violence and pain across my arse, waits for me to fully accept the situation. He has control. He is in charge and I am his property. We both know that I accepted the punishment and pain he inflicted without a fight. I gave in to his dominance. I have accepted his superiority.

"You have taken your punishment well." he says calmly. "You know that you now have paid for your crime, the slate is wiped clean, you have paid your debt for your past misdemeanours."

I hear the words and realise he has decided that the beating that I have received is enough to atone for my crimes. I am grateful to inwardly acknowledge the bargain. The punishment for my crime is over, I have paid my debt by accepting the humiliation and withstanding the pain he has inflicted. I need feel no more guilt nor regret for my previous actions. I have paid my debt.

I am still bent over the desk. My arms are still stretched out; my wrists are still tethered and prevent me from moving. The pain from his thrashing had obliterated all other thoughts, but suddenly in the empty space after the relentless overload of sensation, I start to feel self conscious again. My arse is throbbing and feels as if it is burning. I am stretched out naked and vulnerable before him, unable to see where he is looking. I do not know whether to speak and acknowledge his words. I cannot think of words that would sound appropriate. Through heavy breaths I eventually mumble "Thank you" to break the silence. Speaking towards the empty wall unable to see him makes me feel silly. He remains silent and I add "Sir".

I am aware that my legs are parted and my feet are still touching the inside of each of the two rear legs of the desk. Although I have been in this position for almost fifteen minutes while receiving the punishment, I now feel very exposed. I do not dare to move for fear of incurring his wrath, but feel so very self conscious. HE is behind me, I am aware of my nakedness.

My position means that my arse cheeks are open and my balls are hanging down in full view. I can sense my _c_o_c_k_, but am unsure as to whether it is hard, half-enlarged or shrunken. It tingles anonymously.

He speaks and the sudden break in the silence slightly startles me.

"One lesson learned." he says, "Now one more to come. I am going to teach you who is boss."

My mind races between imagining more of the cane, and sudden thoughts of something else that I try to block out. I am not sure what he means and feel guilty for the thoughts that keep flashing in my mind. I have paid my debt, - we are even. He speaks again

"You've taken your punishment for being disobedient, that's over." I hear the noise his feet make on the floor as he adjusts his stance. "Your attitude needs correcting however" he says. "I am going to instil some respect. You will not forget the next part of this lesson."

I hear what sounds like his belt buckle being undone. My mind suddenly realises that my previous thoughts were not crazy, but may about to be fulfilled. I tell myself I am imagining things that simply would not happen.

"Don't you dare try and move." He says. My hands are tied anyway, but my legs now feel very wide apart. I hear his zipper being undone, then what can only be his trousers falling to the floor. The next sound paints a picture in my mind of him lowering his underpants.

"One sound unless spoken to means 40 more of the cane." he says calmly, "Do you understand?"

I whimper a 'yes' as my mind races in a blur of different thought and images. I hear another sound that could be him spreading lube over his _c_o_c_k_. Deep down I realise that is exactly what it is.

Suddenly I feel something slide between my cheeks and press against my sensitive and exposed arsehole.

I feel him there. I feel his manhood pressing against the most private part of my body. I try not to move but my upper body tenses involuntarily. I dare not move my legs or my arse. I feel my hole tense and tighten despite me trying to let it be relaxed. I know what is about to happen. The ultimate extreme is upon me. IT is going to take place. The impending event fills my head with a thousand conflicting thoughts. Suddenly things hardly feel real. I know that I should relax against what feels such an enormous object pressing against the outside of my tightly tensed tiny hole. I know I cannot fight what he is about to do to me. I try to relax, knowing it would lessen the pain. Although I feel myself twitching there, I cannot seem to make it relax.

"I control you" he says, "I am the boss, you will obey and respect me, I have power over you." I feel a slight thrust on my hole and suddenly it reverts back to the steady pressure. "You are mine" he whispers, then lets out a small laugh "This is going to hurt. You'll feel me in you, taking you, having you, invading you, .... Sticking my _c_o_c_k_ hard into your arse."

I say nothing, not moving, my arms tense against the bonds round my wrists. There is nothing I can say.

"Ready?" I hear him ask. The pressure on me goes for an instant as he pulls back a tiny way. I still feel him there. His _c_o_c_k_ touching me there.

Suddenly he thrusts hard into my hole. I feel his _c_o_c_k_ push momentarily against my resistance then suddenly slip easily into me through so much tightness. The sudden pain and surprise makes me feel as if I am going to faint. Nothing has ever hurt that way before. My muscle screams in silent pain around this violation. His _c_o_c_k_ feels so huge in me I briefly wonder if it is something else that he has rammed into my arse. I let out a gasping whining whimper against my will. My arse hurts so much in that instant I want to faint to escape the pain. I feel his erect member pushed savagely hard inside me, it feels as if its pushing my stomach from inside, I feel queasy. The searing burning pain of my stretched sphincter does not subside at all. I can feel my stretched muscle spasm uselessly against this huge sudden intrusion. Then suddenly he has pulled out. The pain doesn't subside initially. It twitches and hurts as much as it did when he his thick _c_o_c_k_ first violently invaded that tight virgin muscle. I think I started to cry.

Just as the worst of the intense pain started to recede, I felt him - slowly this time - firmly thrust back into me, stretching again my tensed tight muscle wide and multiplying the unbelievable, burning, screaming hurting. I felt him slide deep inside me in one big slow determined thrust till I felt his legs on my ass cheeks, his stomach on my back. His huge _c_o_c_k_ so deep in its invasion of me that I felt almost split, - like he was all inside me. Every thought vanished, the agony took over, and I tried to deny that this unbelievable violation was happening.

I was aware I was letting out a very quiet high pitched whine, crying involuntarily. As he paused still pushing deep inside, he said into my ear

"Mine now. You're mine. I'm going to _f_u_c_k_ you, _f_u_c_k_ your arse, _f_u_c_k_ you hard you little prick"

I was completely helpless. Hands tied, pain destroyed all strength, and I submitted completely. Hoping with every sinew that it would be over soon.

The spanking, paddling and severe caning faded into a distant memory. I could feel him inside me. It felt like I was his property and his play thing. It hurt, HE was hurting me, and I knew that he was loving every minute. Every second of my pain was another second of his exquisite pleasure. I knew that for him it wasnt just the physical feeling he got from sticking his big _c_o_c_k_ into the tightness of my unwilling arse, but that the fact he knew his _c_o_c_k_ hurt me multiplied his enjoyment. He savoured my pain and his dominance.

He pulled out again, and thrust in again. Out completely and in again. After what felt like an age but was probably only a couple of minutes, the pain from my stretched sphincter slowly started to subside. I learned to relax and the screaming spasms started to die. He started into a slow powerful rhythm, not pulling out fully, but almost. Then thrusting fully into me. _f_u_c_k_ing me. _f_u_c_k_ing my arse. Buggering me slowly, forcefully and with no care as to how it felt for me. He took his pleasure with casual violence. IN, slow slide out, IN, slow slide out, IN, IN, IN, IN. The sensations started to overwhelm me. Any hope that he would come quickly and make the violation furious but brief, disappeared.

The front of my hips hurt against the desk as they were continually and rhythmically pressed hard against the wooden edge. My hole had eventually accepted his huge girth. I still felt slightly sick each time the head of his _c_o_c_k_ seemed to slam into my stomach. After a while that feeling too started to dwindle.

He had started to vary his movements. The slow powerful deep thrusts were then interspersed with more teasing short fast _f_u_c_k_ thrusts at the edge of my hole. In such stark contrast to the immense overpowering pain of the first few minutes of having his hard _c_o_c_k_ stretch my screaming virgin muscle, I found myself rhythmically tensing in time to these movements. When he thrust suddenly savagely deep - I relaxed completely. I submitted as his _f_u_c_k_, I started to love my submission.

By the time his _f_u_c_k_ing speeded up to what felt like a relentless frenzy, slamming in and out so quick it felt surreal. I was loving every minute of it. My _c_o_c_k_ had grown hard against the underside of the table. I discovered in the last five minutes of his domination, what people meant when they wrote about 'arse' pussies. Boy pussies. In my mind my hole became a cunt. He was _f_u_c_k_ing me up the arse and I started to feel a kind of heaven. It hurt, but felt wonderful. He thrust low which felt like it touched the inner base of my _c_o_c_k_. He thrust from the left and wiggled and thrust from the right. It felt like I grew with each rotating angle that he chose to push his penis into my softness. He thrust high which hurt but felt good and still felt like his _c_o_c_k_ caressed the inside of mine as he withdrew.

He built into a frenzy. My hands still tied, my feet now spread even wider, I tensed my arse around his _c_o_c_k_ as I sensed he was near to climax. His movements became almost jerky and then I felt his huge _c_o_c_k_ tense and twitch inside me as I lay bent over the desk, almost gasping when he did. He came inside me suddenly slowing his thrusts to move in time with his orgasm.

I felt _f_u_c_k_ed. I felt used, abused and in total submission to the man whose huge member was starting to soften inside my bottom. He reached down and grasped my _c_o_c_k_. With his penis still buried inside me, he wanked me and within less than half a dozen strokes I came and came and came. My whole body exulted in orgasm as I ejaculated under the table with my mind floating and lost in a strange new pleasure.

I was his. I was his _f_u_c_k_ thing; he had used my arse for his pleasure and inflicted pain. He had violated my most private area; he had taken my virginity and made me feel like I never had before. Helpless under his power and domination.

I was his property.

Before he first thrust that 8 inch weapon so violently into my vulnerable innocence, I could have said no. Before he made me cry with shock and pain, I could have shouted no. I could have said no at any time. He would have probably respected that word and not committed the act.

Knowing that at any time I could have said no, means despite the aggression and disregard for my feelings, it was consensual.

A consensual act between adults. Consensual _s_e_x_ and therefore not r-pe.

But it felt like it and I loved it.

He pulled out of me then suddenly slapped me really hard between my arse cheeks with his hand connecting right onto my tender abused hole.

"Mine" he said as the stinging shock radiated.

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