Hayden Asked for It

by Paul Cassidy <Kneeboneuk@yahoo.co.uk>

I know I am ill.. dying even. But my boy is just the pits. He is doing drugs. He is selling his body for money. He smokes all the time. He cusses and swears. He is lazy, useless. He needs to be taken down a peg or two. Or about sixty-two, actually. He might be sixteen, but he can't carry on like this. I'll have to deal with him. He is living in my garage with me, and we are building this house together, but he does nothing. In the morning I will surprise him!

Well, it was better than I expected.. a lot better. I thought there would be a fight, but he was as meek as a lamb. I made sure I was fully awake before I woke him. "Get up, boy! We need to talk." I said. "Leave me alone."

"Now" I pulled the blankets off him and there he was in his track suit bottoms and sweat shirt. He looked all innocent and sweet, but I know what a rat he can be. He sat up. "What, now?" His voice was surly. "It's time I acted like your father, and you acted like a son." I replied, "You are so annoying, you have no respect for me, for your mother, or for yourself." He looked a little shocked. "It needs to be dealt with doesn't it?" He was very quiet, and just shrugged his shoulders. "Answer me." I said. He sighed a long sigh and then said, "If you think so."

"I do think so, and I am going to punish you."

"Well, you've already taken away my freedom.. there's nothing else you can take away. I've got to work for you all summer, haven't I?"

"Yes, you have, but you deserve to be punished like a little boy cos' that is how you act most of the time."

"What are you going to do?" He looked a little nervous.. maybe sheepish. "I am going to spank you." He gulped, but I also saw a trace of a smile on his lips. "I have not been spanked before. What will you do?" I was surprised as I thought he would fight me. Instead he seemed to want it. "I will spank your bottom as you lay across my knee."


"No time like the present."

"I suppose it's better cos the neighbours won't be around yet and they won't hear anything." I was pleased and excited. This is my son. He might be a pain, and soon be in pain. But one thing is for sure.. he is the best looking guy in the area. Certainly nothing to be ashamed of in that area. "Stand up then." He did so, slowly gathering himself together. He stood facing me as I sat on the edge of his bed. "Put your hands behind your back and your feet apart." He complied. I began a short lecture, "You are going to change as a result of what is about to happen. From now on I will beat you when you disobey. I will find novel ways to warm your rear until you learn to do what is right. Is that understood?" He nodded. "OK, take down your pants." He pushed them down slowly to reveal that he was wearing nice red briefs that fit him snugly and showed what I had thought for a long time.. he was nicely developed and would make someone very happy one day. "Move around to the side." He shuffled around with his pants round his ankles and looked amusingly awkward. He was handling the humiliation so far. "Across you go." He stretched across my knee and rested his fingertips on the floor. "OK?" I asked. "Yes." He grunted. "Ready?"

"How many?"

"We'll just see how it goes this time, eh?"

"OK. Ready." I could hardly believe that this surly, downright pig-ignorant son of mine was lying across me awaiting the spanking without so much as a whimper of dissent. I raised my hand high and brought it down hard in the middle of his briefs. It made a lovely smacking sound. He made no move and no sound. I did it again - SMACK! I felt a surge of excitement. My son is receiving a spanking. I am beating his butt and he is taking it! SMACK! SMACK! I found a rythym. Left cheek, right cheek, middle. Left cheek, right cheek, middle. After administering fifteen, I said "OK let's have these down shall we? Just lift up a bit." He raised up his torso so that I could push down his briefs. His rear was nicely enflamed with a lovely dark pink colour. "Good." I said, "I'll finish you off like this" I raised my hand again and brought it down hard. The smacking sound had a higher ring to it as it was now on bare flesh. My son made no move.. SMACK! SMACK! SMACK! Each one gave me a feeling of great exhilaration. My boy was actually submitting to me. A total of thirty smacks on the butt was enough for a first time. Sadly, I stopped. I let him rest there for a good half a minute. He had not moved at all which was commendable. Perhaps next time it will have to be worse. We will see. "OK" I said "You can stand up now." He slowly stood up without trying to hide his manhood. I glanced at it.. seven inches long with a nice pair of balls dangling down under almost jet-black hair. His _c_o_c_k_ was as handsome as he was. "I deserved that." He said quietly. "Yes, you did. But, thanks for taking it so well." He was slowly and a little painfully pulling up his briefs. "Thanks for giving it to me. It must have taken some planning, cos I bet you thought I wouldn't agree."

"Well, yes. It had occurred to me."

"well, I'm not all bad, you know. And I'll take it again if I deserve it." He smiled a broad handsome grin showing all of his pure white teeth, "When I deserve it!" He bent down in order to draw up his pants. "And you know I will deserve it." He was tying the chord as he continued, "And next time you will have to hit harder."

"I did not hit you. I spanked you." I said. He smiled again. "Yes, like a little boy. You certainly did that."

It was a great day. We got a lot of work done. As we settled down together in the evening for some pizza ( his favorite) he said, "You will have to do it again, you know. You know, spank me." I looked at him blankly. My look must have asked the question. "No, not just when you know I did something wrong. I did a few things today which you didn't see. When I couldn't get that nail out I swore. When my little brother brought me cold coffee I shouted at him and threatened to hit him. I apologised later, but I still did it. I hid in the bathroom to smoke a cigarette. The only one I had all day.. but you have to help me to give up. So, if you are going to keep your word you have to do it." I nodded. "OK. After dinner we will put some loud music on.. and I'll give you a good spanking." After the events of today I might even decide to stay alive.


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