Why School Uniform Is Smart By Tony Marston

by Shorty <Short_pants@bigfoot.com>


Why School Uniform should always be worn correctly.

Mr Whitworth has told me to write this on why I think school uniform should be worn correctly. Mr whitworth said that I should write one thousand words on the subject. When I came to school this morning I had on my normal uniform but I couldnt fasten my top button because it was missin. When I saw Brian Parker coming into school I couldnt beleave my eyes because he was wearing short trousers and he is nearly 15 years old.

My Dad told me when I was 13 years old that I was now a teenager and that I had erned the right to wear long pants. He told me that while I was good and didnt get into any trouble that I could be treated like a man. If Brian Parker was wearing shorts then he must have been naughty and his dad had made hime wear shorts again. Because he had been naughty I didnt think I would get into trouble for calling him a pufter because his dad must of known that he would get loads of stick from us other kids when he came to school dressed like that so I thought I was doing right by laughing at him and taking the mickey.

When Mr Whitworth cought me laughing at Parker he told me to report to his office. When Mr whitworth came to his office he showed me a copy of the school rules and it said that boys could wear short pants or long pants. Mr whitworth also showed me a picture on the wall of his office and the picture was very old. It was a class photo and all the boys were wearing shorts and mr whitworth said that that is how all boys used to dress for school and that it was much smarter and because all boys were wearing shorts nobody laughed at any of the others because they were dressed the same.

I told mr whitworth that I thought I was doing the right thing to laugh at Parker because it would teach him a lesson not to be naughty but mr whitworth said that parker was now the smartest dressed boy in the school and that I should dress like parker to see what he means. I havent got any school shorts at home but I told mr Whiworth that I would put some on tomorrow if my mum or dad would get me some and so he phoned my mum up at home and she said that I was wrong to laugh at parker and she said that she would get me some school shorts and see how I liked it. She also said that she would cut the legs off all my long pants so that I didnt own any long pants any more. She also said that my dad would be very cross when she told him that I had been naughty and that I would get the slipper when he got home from work tonight.

I now think that all boys at school should have to wear short pants until they leave school and that the school should make this a rule. I think boys look much smarter in short pants than in long pants and I promise to ask my mum to sow a top button on my shirt so that it looks tidy and so that my tie does not keep coming undone. I am sorry for laughing at Parker and I will make friends with him when I see him tomorrow.

I am sorry that I have upset my mum and dad and that I have let them down. My mum told mr whitworth on the phone that she and my dad would teach me not to laugh at other boys. It is nearly the end of detension now so I am going to go home and see what my dad has to say. I am sorry for laughing at parker in his shorts pants and I think his uniform was very smart and I hope that I can look as smart has him frorm now on.

Tony Marston

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