The Wal-Mart Spanking

by David Mosier <>

The following story came to me after a particularly scary Code Adam at work today. For any of you that do not know what a Code Adam is it is a lost child at Wal-Mart. Hope you enjoy it. Comments and suggestions welcome as always.

The Wal-Mart Spanking Written by: David Mosier

It was about 6:00 P. M. on the Friday before Halloween and Wal-Mart was packed as 8-year-old Matt and his mom walked in. Matthew immediately asked to go to the electronics department but his mother said no it is to busy in here tonight for you to go by yourself and besides we need to get your Halloween costume and then just a few other things then go. Things went smoothly for the first part of the trip, they got Matts costume and then some Laundry soap and a few other items there close. Then his mother decided to go look at clothes for her, and as you can expect it did not take long for Matthew to get bored and decided to pull an early Halloween trick on his mother so when she turned her back to him he snuck around the corner and hid underneath a rack of clothes. When his mother turned around and noticed him gone, she hollered a couple of times and hi stayed where he was hidden. At first when she noticed him gone she got mad thinking that he had just snuck off to the electronics department against here orders. So she headed that direction still looking for him just in case he had not got there yet. But after she went through the Electronics department and did not see him, she got scared and approached a Wal-Mart employee and asked if he had seen Matt. The Associated told her that he had not but if she would describe him a little bit he would send out a Code Adam and get everybody looking for him. Well after the Code Adam was paged, all the associates and several of the customers started a search for the boy. After about 10 minutes of not finding Matt, The Wal-Mart associates and his mother were all getting nervous thinking the worst. In fact, Wal-Mart management had shut all the doors not allowing anyone in or out until the boy was found and had started to call the police but just before they answered Matt was seen by a Wal-Mart Associated by the name of David sticking his head out of the rack of clothes he was hiding in. David immediately pulled him out and led him to the nearest phone an! d cancel led the Code Adam much to everybodys delight and then took him to his mother who by then was waiting up front at the service desk.

Mam if I may say so without being to far out of line, I think that you ought to give this boy a spanking for the scare that he put into everybody here today because I found him hiding under a rack of clothes. Normally I dont spank him but this time I think you are right. She then handed Matt back over to David mush to his and everybody elses surprise. She then went over to the Snack bar and got one of the straight back chairs and took it back to the front of the store and set it right in the middle of the main action alley and told Matthew to come here that if he was going to act up and cause all this people problems then he was going to be punished in front of all of them.

Matthew immediately started crying and pleading, Mom please dont spank me here, please. Matthew James if you dont get your little butt over here right now it is going to be worse than what it already is. In fear of what was going to happen but even more fear of what would happen if he did not go to her, he slowly walked to his mother who was setting in the chair waiting. When he finally got close enough she grabbed him by the arm and started to pull down his pants and underwear. Matthew started hollering again not to be spanked bare. All his mom told him was that if he had behaved and stayed with her to begin with he wouldnt be in this is position.

She then started the spanking and scolded between smacks. After she finished his but was a nice rosy red and his underwear and pants ha flew down the aisle after being kicked off. She then grabbed a cart and while setting Matthew done on the hard seat in the cart she told him that she was going to shop some more and he would just have to set in the cart Naked from the waist down until she decided that she was done shopping. They shopped for about another 30 minutes much to Matthew embarrassment.

The End

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