Stealing Ended with the Strap Paddle

by Brad Smith <>

I knew the moment that the clerk called the police that I was in deep trouble. I begged the clerk but that did me little good. This all started one nice sunny morning when I decided that I was going to the adult bookstore and decovered that I didn't have enough money to purchase all the items that I really wanted. Having been on probation for the last three years for stealing and having been given the strap and frat paddle before I was very careful to find the right place in the store to stuff the two itmes in my pants. I had no idea that there was a theft sticker in the items. I paid for my items that I had money for and walked to the door and then the alarm went off. I returned to the counter and acted like the clerk didn't check something correctly but the clerk and other customers knew. He had me walk back the door and it beeped again. Then then the clerk said that I must have something else or the alarm would not be going off every time I stepped up to the door. I got very nervous and said that I did have a couple of magazines but didn't have any more money for today. He said that is not my problem, it is yours.

The clerk called the police and I was taken to the back room and searched where they found the magazines and found out that I have been on probation for the last three years. They called Mark and he meet me at the police sation, got me released and said that I was in for one major bare ass punishment as soon as he can arrange it with the guys and all parties involved.

Marked said that I was to remain at his house in handcuffs and an ankle braclet till the judicial punishment was to take place. Marked reminded me that this was not my first time being punished for the same crimes and the punishment was going the be given without before my friends and the store personal that I was stealing from if he wanted to attend. Marked called all my friends that witnessed the last punishment and the store clerk, all are coming in four days. Mark decided to use this time to place me in chastity and handcuffs where I would not be allowed to jerk off or even eat without him knowing what I was doing. Mark had total control of my doomed ass.

Mark said that he will issue my sentence in two days after carefull consideration of all the facts. Brad, I have decided your punishment. You will strip just like last time and be bound to the punishment table. But, the number of swats has increased since this crime has been comitted before boy. Brad, 25 swats will be given with the prison strap (32"x4") at full force. You will recieve a ten min break to allow the full effective of the strap to take place. Next, 25 swats with a frat paddle (22"x5" with holes) at full force. You will be given another ten min break and then a leather single tail whip will be applied to your bare back. You will be given 25 with the whip while hands cuffed above your head and you wearing nipple clamps and a _c_o_c_k_ and ball weight boy. Brad, after ten min the whole process will be repeated for a total number of 50 swats with the strap, 50 swats with the frat paddle, and 50 with the single tail whip boy. You will remain tied hands above your head for two hours so the guys can observe and you will not be allowed the chance to comfort your sore ass or back boy.

Part two coming soon where Brad gets punished.

Brad Smith (Brad2spank) Allentown, PA Fratpledge@hotmail. com

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