Bull-Whipped Part 1 Repost

by Wild Adolescent <Isoreno@hotmail.com>

Since MMSA Stories is closing the site to new stories on January 1, it's time I submitted my sequel to this story about a 19-year-old boy in Colonial Times in America who volunteers to get his butt bull-whipped in public because of the guilt he had over slapping his mother. I've put it off too long. The first part of the story was posted here when I was 17. Now that I'm 19, it's a good time for me to finish it up.


My name is Roy Olson. Up until today, I was a _c_o_c_k_y, musclebound, 19-year-old prick. Pa has tried to control and correct me. It ain't his fault I turned out like I did. Ever since I was 12, Pa has took me to the woodshed when I was disobedient. There, he gave me some mighty hard bare-rump whippings with his razor-strop, always with my two younger brothers looking on. Doug and Troy would laugh and tease me as they stood there, hands on hips, treated to the sight of their buck-naked older brother holding on to his ankles, yelping in pain, getting his sturdy buttocks belted and welted.

But, Pa's whippings never stayed with me. As soon as my big rump was healed enough to sit on again without jumping up, I ws back to being full of myself - - thinking that my _s_h_i_t_ didn't stink. I was usually only sorry I'd been caught misbehaving. I never looked forward to a woodshed whipping, and the sore set of humps it left me with, but I didn't fear it much either. What irked me the most is that, after age 14, Pa's bare-rump beltings gave me a forced, straight-up erection, which of course my two little brothers thought was funny as hell. They loved to see their strapping, older brother, stark-naked in the woodshed with tears in his eyes, holding onto his stinging butt, sporting a big erection!

This morning, my teenage arrogance crossed the line. I did what no dutiful son should ever do. I learned that I was a coward and a bully at age 19. While being scolded by my Ma for not doing my morning chores, I slapped her face. That beautiful, careworn face that still showed she loved her bully of a son, even after he struck her.

It didn't take too long for Pa to show up and send me packing to the woodshed. Hanging my big, stupid young head, I marched to the shed of correction and stripped buck-naked to wait for my punishment. Like always, Pa wanted us boys to wait a good, long while in the woodshed, stripped naked, to think long and hard about what we'd done. Then, properly guilty, the offending man-child would spread his legs, bend over and grab his ankles, glad to have his bare butt whipped hard in payment for his "crimes." My Pa was more lenient than some. He'd threatened to brand my arrogant young rump a few times, but never made good on it. Some men in our township had done exactly that in correcting their sons. It was real common in those days for farmers to build stocks and set them up in their farmyards for the correction of the young men in the families. We knew one man, twenty-seven years old, with a wife and two children, working his parent's farm, who was regularly ordered to sit, barefoot and bare-chested, with his wrists and ankles locked in the farm stocks by his Pa! This happened whenever the old man thought his son had shirked his work duties. Most of my buddies were whipped regularly by their parents in their farm woodsheds and some got their heads shaved when they were really disobedient. A boy or a young man sporting a shaved head in public had obviously been punished by someone, either the authorities or by his Pa. It had even happened to me, and I'd been glad of it.....once, I'd let a calf escape our pen and she was later found, dead in a barrow pit. Pa whipped my bare butt good that night and shaved my head bald! I'd felt so bad about the calf, I was glad to have the welted and bruised rump and the shaved head, even though I was sixteen years old and proud of my looks. That was the one and only time I could remember that I welcomed the humiliation of punishment.

Pa and Ma love me, even when I'm so rebellious they'd rather see my insolent young head stuck on a spike. What my folks worry about is my future. They're worried I'll get into law-trouble, with all my arrogance and dishonesty. In these colonies, just like in the old country, criminal bucks as young as fifteen are regularly hanged or beheaded for serious crimes. The thought of their handsome, musclebound young son, his arms and feet bound up, his head shaved from the crown to the nape of his neck, stripped to his waist, his big bare chest flat on the chopping block, his face staring down into a basket, becomes more possible each day! I should worry about it, too. I've seen sailors, vagrants, thieves and soldiers as young as 16 get their heads chopped off, right in our town square, for crimes as small as assault or stealing silver. And, I've watched their manly heads par-boiled and stuck on spikes at the scaffold, to slowly rot away.

It wasn't until I slapped Ma that I realized that MY head could soon end up on a spike in the Town Square. My attitude toward authority was that bad now that I was 19. Thinking over what I'd done this morning, standing naked in the dim woodshed, I saw that I wasn't due for a woodshed whipping. I'm 19 years old now - - almost a man! And, even though I knew men in their 20's who were still whipped on their bare rumps by their Pa's, I, Roy Olson, didn't have that coming.

Waiting obediently for Pa, I sweated at what he'd do when I told him that I was refusing his whipping. It seemed like an hour! When Pa came through the door, finally, I turned to face him with all the courage I had. Hanging my giant, stupid, empty head, I told him, "Pa, I know what I done was powerful bad. I never felt so low and bad in my life as I do now. You wanna give me a bare-rump whipping right here and now - - maybe even brand my big butt, or shave my head. Maybe that's what a boy deserves when he slaps his Ma. But I'm 19 years old now, Pa! I'm almost to manhood. You can't whip my bare butt with your stap anymore for what I done. It just ain't gonna work on me!"

"You shut your dirty mouth, young buck! Just because you're a MAN of 19 now, you think I can't belt and welt that big, hairy rump of yours?! You got another thing coming, boy! Now, GRAB them ankles, Roy and QUICK!! I'm gonna wale the tar out of them big humps of yours, son!"

I stuck out my wide, powerful young chest and looked Pa in the eye. "Hear me out, Pa! My bare rump needs whippin' and....." Just then my two younger brothers bounded into the shed, eager looks on their faces; ready and gleeful to see their big, strapping brother's hairy buttocks whipped and his huge, ugly penis grow to full-staff, right there in the woodshed.

"SHUSH, you two!" Pa barked at them. Your big, _c_o_c_k_y brother was just telling me how a buck of 19 can't be whipped by his Pa!"

"PLEASE, Pa! I didn't mean that!" I said. Then, I slapped both my hands onto my bare rump and held on. "Pa, I can feel a hundred or more whip-welts on my butt. Welts you gave me with your strap, Pa. Now I'm 19 and getting to be more and more a bad one. I need a whippin' Pa - - and a good one! Right on my bare rump! But, I slapped my Ma today. And, a woodshed whippin' ain't gonna be enough for me, Pa. What I need is for you to take me into town, to the Sheriff, right now and have him put me in the Public Stocks and have him and his boys whip me there! They bull-whip bad young bucks like me there, Pa. THAT's what I need! And I need it today!"

Pa stared at me like I'd lost my head. "You want to be STRIPPED NAKED, set up in STOCKS and have your BARE RUMP BULL-WHIPPED in PUBLIC?!? Is that what you want, Roy?!? Haven't you never seen what it's like for them young bucks they bull-whip up there? It's a cruel and hard place, Roy! Hard punishments, there, son! And, you can't back out of it once the Sheriff accepts your guilty plea and takes you into custody, boy! Once you admit to what you done, and ask for the STOCKS, you're a criminal and you'll get PUNISHED!!"

"That's just what I need, Pa. I belong in the Public Stocks today! Buck-naked in the Town Square! My rump needs a bull-whippin' Pa. And I'm probably up for a head-shavin' too! That the least I earned."

"Roy, getting whipped at the Stocks is mighty cruel. You SURE you want to be buck-naked in front of the whole TOWN?!? You'll be up there a long while, son. It's humiliating. And you're certain to get your penis hung, Roy. You know how stiff and randy that big manshaft of yours gets when your rump is whipped, son." Pa put his big, rough hand on my shoulder. "Any buck with hair between his legs gits his penis HUNG if he makes it stiff when he's in the Public Stocks, boy. You know that!"

"Yup, I know it. If that's what I earned today, I SHOULD get it hung, Pa. That's just what they do to young bucks like me when they put us in the Stocks!" We waited for a second or two. "It'll be all right. It's a big, thick, long penis, Pa. It can take a noose and a five-pound weight. And I gotta big, strong rump on me, Pa. It's all muscle! Pa, when a boy gets hair on his rump, maybe it's just time for the bull-whip! Maybe that's the best way to teach him."

"And, a SHAVED HEAD, too!" little Doug said.

"Yup!" I answered with gusto, "A SHAVED HEAD!"

Pa looked at his two younger boys. "You boys realize that the WHOLE TOWN and all the farm families will be there watching your big brother go to the Stocks? He'll be stripped naked!"

"Yeah! Roy'll be BUCK-NAKED!" Troy yelled with glee.

"Troy, they may very well tar and feather your big brother. Do you want to see THAT?!" Pa asked.

"Yup! Just like they did to Brad Hill last year! Now, he's gotta BALD HEAD! For GOOD!" Troy said. He never like me much. "Brad's only 17 years old! And, he's gotta BALD HEAD!"

My heart sunk at the thought of tar and feathers. I'd thought about it today, some. Getting hung by my ankles, still buck-naked then covered head to toe with hot tar and white chicken-feathers, riding a rail under my crotch, holding on tight while my pals carried me around the village and out to the farms to show me off, my stiff, tarred and feathered prick standing up in front of my crotch, children and women and girls laughing at me, my poor young crotch getting more and more sore, and my head being bald for good! It would be mighty rough. But, it was better to face that than the Headsman's block.

"Them women in town just MAY have you tarred and feathered for what you done, Roy," Pa warned. "They may just want to see that big, hangin' penis of yours, that big, handsome jug-eared head you got, and your big, round young man's butt covered with tar and feathers, son! Not to mention them powerful shoulders and that big manly chest! Them women just might enjoy seeing a husky, hulkin' young buck like you in tar and feathers, Roy! That MIGHT just DEMAND it!"

I hung my oversized "jug-eared" young head. "Pa, what I done was wrong. Powerful wrong! What I done makes me a coward and a bully. If a coward and a bully rates tar and feathers in this here township, even if he's just 19 years old, then they should bring it on. If I don't face up to some hard punishment today, Pa, I think it won't be too long before my big, dumb young head'll be rollin' off of the Chopping Block. Better to have your buck-naked son ridin' a rail in tar 'n feathers than to have his big, empty head stuck on a spike! If I don't brave the Public Stocks, a bullwhippin' and some rough public punishment today, Pa, I KNOW I'll be facing the Headsman's axe before too long. I'd rather have a BALD head than NO head! When a buck is 19 year-old and done what I done, Pa, I think his head is headed for that basket they got under the Chopping Block."

"You may be right, son. It'd hurt us beyond all measure to lose you, Roy. If this'll keep that young head of yours off of a spike, then I think we ought to go do it."

"WEEEE-HAWWWWW! MAAAAA! MAAAA! Pa's taking Roy down to the Public STOCKS!" Troy yelled, running headlong toward our cabin.

"Let's get going, Pa," I said, pulling on my tight, leather kneebritches. Turning my back to Pa, I crossed my wrists into the small of my back. Pa tied my wrists securely. That was the only way the Sheriff would accept a young buck brought to him by a parent for correction at the Public Stocks.

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