Subject: STORY: Pledge Hazing
Date: 12 Aug 1994 19:04:58 -0700
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The Hazing

by Bruce

Three pledges reported for "attitude adjustment" and initiation. The pledge uniform was gym shorts, tight jockeys, and a half t-shirt - no shoes.

First, I blindfolded them and bound their wrists together behind their backs. Then they were lead, one at a time, into the candlelit initiation chamber. I lined them up along the wall, bent them over and told them to grab their ankles, and gave them each five swats with a large paddle to warm up their butts.

Next I took off their blindfolds and told them to turn around. I told them that we needed to see how smart they were because the frat didn't like dumb pledges. I began reading trivial pursuit questions to each of them. If they answered incorrectly they had to step the the middle of the room, bend over grabbing their ankles with butt toward the other pledges, and take a swat with a paddle. If they ansered two in a row wrong, they got two swats, and so forth. Brian, at one time, got five! After several rounds of this, I told them that we needed to speed up their learning. Henceforth the paddling would be administered bare-butt. They were to assume the position and then pull down their shorts and jockeys to their knees. Brian's butt was already pretty red from all the swats he'd taken so his bare ass bent over presented quite a sight! We did four rounds of punishment this way.

Next, I told them they needed a little exercise. I made them strip naked and sit on the floor in a row. I placed 7 1"- diameter marbles on the floor in front of each pledge and an empty wine carafe on the other side of the room. They were told to crabwalk butts down to the marbles, pick one at a time up in their butt crack and walk it to the carafe and drop it in without touching it. Whoever got all his marbles deposited first won. A great sight watching the three guys, naked, _d_i_c_k_s and balls flopping, trying to pick up marbles in their butt cracks! Phil won. He got to give the two losers five swats each with a paddle of his choice. Brian and Bob bent over and took their swats.

I then told them to put their jockeys back on and to line up. I told them to hold the back waistband open for a surprise. I dropped a handful of ice cubes into their jockeys to cool their asses off. Except that Phil's ass wasn't hot so, while the other two stood their with ice melting on their butts, I bent Phil over and gave his ten swats to warm his butt up, and then put ice down his jockeys too.

Now that their butts were cooled off, I told them that pledges needed to have hot butts at all times. I would take care of this problem. I lined them up one in front of the other, and I crossed the room. I told them that they would walk in a clockwise circle around the room. When they got to where I was standing, they would bend over all the way, pull their jockeys down, grab their ankles and take a swat. They would then pull up the jockeys and continue around the circle. I gave each pledge ten, fairly hard swats on their bare butts with another large paddle. Their asses were hot and red again at the end of this!

Now time for a little exercise. I told them to strip naked and line up. I gave each one a carrot. I told them that they would have to do ten jumping jacks. But as pledges, they would have to do a little more than that. They were told to insert the carrot in their assholes and then do the jumping jacks. If the carrot fell out, they would have to start over. This was great watching these guys jumping with an orange carrot pointing toward the ground out of their buttholes. Brian won. He got to give the other two ten swats.

I then told Brian that his butt had cooled off and that it had to be heated again. He bent over without being told and I applied ten hard swats to his butt.

Then I told them to line up with hands on the wall and butts out. I told them I needed to pick the winner of the reddest butt contest. Phil won and he got to give the other two ten swats to redden their asses a little more.

After this, it was time for the initiation ceremony. The upholstered paddling horse was brought out to the middle of the room. Brian was put down first. His waist was strapped to the top of the horse and his legs were tied to the horses legs. I then applied fifteen, hard swats to his naked ass. I used a large, redwood paddle on him. He squirmed and tried to get up but the straps held and his butt stayed in position to receive the swats. After my fifteen, the other two pledges were told to apply ten swats each to Brian's butt. After that, with Brian's ass glowing, I told him that he was now a full member of the fraternity. The other two pledges took their initiations and it was over.

I lined the new brothers up and told them that there was a tradition in the fraternity that new initiaties were allowed to pick another person in the room and paddle them. They of course all picked me so Brian grabbed me and threw me over the horse and held me down with his chest. He thrust his leg between my legs and spread them. Phil yanked my shorts down and off. Bob started in on my butt with full-force swats. Then Phil. Then Brian. My butt was HOT! But I took it like a brother !