Spanked and Topped

by Tom C

Every once in a while you meet a guy that you know wants to have fun. For some reason or another they have not allowed themselves to explore their desires and fantasies. Joel was one such guy. He's 36 years old, 5' 10" 170 #'s trim, guy next door looks and a very pleasant personality.

Joel works in a local retailer, always eager to please and do his job to the fullest. That's were we met and got to know me a little. One Saturday afternoon I was on the beach (I'm lucky enough to live right across from one) and I noticed Joel sunning himself not to far from me. He was alone. I walked over to say hi, as usual he was his upbeat self. We talked for a while and I found out that Joel did not date, had no social life and I suspected he was gay but afraid of his _s_e_x_uality. Too much of a people pleaser, raised in the bible belt loaded with guilt.

When I mentioned I lived across the road, Joel asked me if he could use the bathroom, I said yes and off we went. While walking to my place I checked this guy out. NICE BODY, smooth legs, some chest fuzz, firm and tan. I wanted him. We got to my place and he did his thing and was ready to leave when I offered him a cold beer, he settled for soda. I was glad to get some time with him. I told him I was gay and unattached and very much a top. He blushed with shame and excitment and soon a tell tale sign began to appear in his bathing suit which he tried to ignore but I didn't take my eyes off of. The conversation went around and around until finally I looked Joel in the eyes, smiled and offered to take care of his bulge (if you want something ask for it). He turned beet red. I was sure he was a vrigin. He got up, his bathing suit loaded with a _c_o_c_k_ ready to blow and said he was going to leave. I reached for his arm and assured him he was safe saying: "it's OK, let go, enjoy it". I turned him toward me and reached for his bulge and gently massaged it. I took out my _d_i_c_k_, now also ready to blow, and placed it in his hands. He stroked and looked at it like it was the first time he saw another man's erection. We moved to the bedroom, laying down on the bed and enjoying the feeling of erect _c_o_c_k_s and hot rocks. I guided Joel's head to my _c_o_c_k_ and invited him to suck it. He did. I turned him around and had him sit on my face breathing him in as much as I could. He jumped, he was embarrassed, he reached back for his suit, but I stopped his hand. He jumped off the bed and said he was going to leave. I just looked at him and said : "I want you", "I want to be inside of you". He gasped for air, stepped back, his bulge was rock hard.

I reached out for him, guided him to the bed, flipped him onto his belly and slid the bathing suit down. Pulling him by his hips to his knees to get that ass in the air I then squirted some lube into his crack. While fingering him he pulled forward and jumped off the bed pulling the suit up again. I went after him, pulled him by his wrist to a chair and took him over my knee. He shreiked: 'what are you doing?', I responded: "are you going to let me in?", 'I'm afraid to' he responded. "Then, I'm going to spank you!". I yanked down the suit in the back and began a rapid fire spanking. His butt turned red quickly, he kicked, put his hands in the way, tried to get off my knee, when suddenly he jerked, gasped, arched his back and let go a loud grunt. I stopped spanking him and stood him up. He filled that pouched with hot goop. "Will you let me in now?" he nodded yes. Back to the bed, I layed him flat, parted his buttocks with my thumb and middle finger and slid in. As I penetrated him he sighed. I knew he wanted it. As I filled him with my _d_i_c_k_ I could feel his hot spanked ass cheeks against my groin. He pushed up against me to get every inch. I blew my load. We stayed there for a while when he asked me: 'when can we do this again?'. As far as I'm concerned we can do it anytime.

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