by Jack <NBAMAGUY@AOL.Com>

After about an hour of driving around in circles hoping to find my way to the interstate I gave up. It was about noon and hot as hell. I saw a gate with a no trespassing sign that led to a farm house off in the distance. I figured that the sign was not ment for an honest lost sole and choose to ignore it. Before I could get out of the car I felt a hand around my arm.

"Can't you read" he said "The sign clearly says, No Trespassing".

"Well," I responded, "I'm lost and I just wanted to get directions to the interstate".

"Thats not my problem Bastard," He yelled at me.

"Fine, I'll leave and get someone else to help me.

"It's not that easy." he snapped back.

Suddenly l felt my shirt ripping from his grip around my collar. Buttons began to pop off as he pulled.

"You're tearing my shirt"

"No I'm tearing my shirt", he replied as he ripped it completely off my body.

"Hairy Bastard", he mumbled as he ran his hands across my chest.

I thought about making a run for it as I felt hin hand grip the waist band of my pants and begin to pull me toward the barn. Suddenly my pants began to rip right down the seem exposing my white ass. As we entered the barn I saw two ropes about 4 feet apart hanging from the rafters. I knew I wasn't the first visitor to this place.

He tied my wrists to the ropes and secured me with arms outstretched above my head. He ran his hands down my arms, across my sholders and to my chest. I was scared _s_h_i_t_less yet it felt arousing at the same time. He was in complete control. He reached into a paper bag and reteived two closepins which he placed on my nipples. I immedietly felt a stirring deep inside which began to manifest itself as an errection.

Smack ... Smack ... Smack He began to spank my exposed ass. It stung and brought heat to my backside. He rubbed my ass cheeks and the returned to spanking Swat ... Swat... Swat ... Swat.

"You are enjoying this aren't you," he asked sarcastically looking at he wet buldge in my pants.

"NO!" I replied, I ain't no queer."

"Lier, thats not what your _d_i_c_k_ is saying," he replied.

I began to cry as I realized he was right. I was enjoying this as much as it hurt. I was hoping that he would reach around and touch my _c_o_c_k_. I longed for his manly touch.

Just as I was thinking about it, he reached down and riped my pants enough that what was left of them slid down around myu ankles. I was now completlely naked, exposed and in his control. He removed the closepins from my nipples and suddenly they were more sensitive than I had ever Imagined.

Swat ... Swat... Swat... Swat He returned to blistering my ass, stopping reqularly to rub my cheeks and balls. My _c_o_c_k_ was throbbing and soon I felt his grip around my shaft. At first I pulled away, but soon found myself thrusting my hips in rythm with his pumping. It took nearly no time for me to explode. He cought most of it in his palm and then rubbed it across my chest and face.

He untied my ropes and left me there. I looked around for my clothes but soon realized that they were ripped beyond wearing. Naked and covered in sweat and semen I found an old pair of overalls hanging in the barn. I put them on and made a dash for my car. _d_a_m_n_ that was good I thought as I drove away. If I'm ever near there again I think I'll stop for directions.

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