Wisconsin Jungle Torture Games (Part1)

by T. Clifton <Cliffff@rocketmail.com>

It's been a long time since those days when we romped through the woods half naked on a secluded southwestern Wisconsin farm. I can still see Tarzan chased down by sadistic natives; captured, tied up, stripped, spanked, whipped, and .... As I stand at the doorway of the old farmhouse on that secluded ridge surrounded by deep narrow valleys, I can't help but think back to those fun days. What I shall tell you is true, the farm is still here, I can personally show it to you; but what we did back then was wild and exciting. In the imagination of your mind you can come back in time with me. Let's relive those days once again.

It began as a thought, then it became a challenge. A game where the looser would be hunted down, and if caught... well you can imagine what would happen. There, you're now in front of the old farmhouse. Take a look around. There's over 120 acres to romp in, and notice, not one residence or building in sight. The ridge we're standing on is narrow, isn't it? Look at the valleys all around. There in front of us is the main one, about 200 feet deep and 800 feet wide. To the right is the barn which we converted into a native camp, complete with a whipping post and other devices. Quite a play land, isn't it?

There were four of us, Rick, Tom, Burt and me. We spent hours at a table hashing out what could be done to one another and what could not. We then went to the barn to build our whipping post, find the best straps and whips to use. We even tested them out on one another so see which ones would produce the prettiest welts while reducing the chance of serious injury.

Lets go inside the barn. I want to show you the barbed wire tunnel for the looser to go through. We made about 12 barbed wire loops and attached them to 2 boards lying parallel on the floor. We made it adjustable to fit the looser snugly. The idea we thought of was this. We decided that no one could remove the looser's briefs, loincloth, or whatever he would be allowed to wear. So we devised this barbed wire tunnel. It would place the looser in danger of loosing his clothes. We turned all the barbs so they pointed inward, but slightly in the direction the person would crawl through. This was to avoid deep punctures and serious gashes. There were a couple of hooks at the entrance to place in one's shirt and a couple of carefully placed barbs pointing toward the victim to catch his briefs.

Rick tested this out stripped to his briefs and managed to get through without loosing them.

I tested this out and it was wild. Wearing nothing but a t-shirt and briefs, this device literally ripped and stripped me completely naked as I slid face down through this tight tunnel. The scratches were deep and plentiful but blood was minimal. The stimulation of the barbs, the clothes ripping off my outstretched slender body, and my _c_o_c_k_ rubbing along the cement floor, gave me a hard, pulsating erection. The other guys simply stared at it as I stood up, naked and scratched from the ordeal. We all were turned on by the experience

We decided on three after capture tortures. 1. Dragging a heavy rock uphill to the barn while being spanked and beaten. 2. The barbed wire tunnel and 3. The whipping post where each would administer no more than 30 strokes, or lashes each of their choice.

We decided on each throwing $30 into a pot. If the looser survives his tortures he gets all $120. If he doesn't, the other three get $40 each. Also, if he can go for four hours without being captured, he may go free.

A game of strip poker would decide who would be Tarzan. The looser, naked, would put on only a loincloth and a pair of shoes (the woods are thick). He then gets a 10 minute head start before the pursuers begin to chase him down. In order to keep this game decent , the loser would not be allowed to masturbate or shoot his wad in any way or manner. If he did, he would considered as one who had no self control and the winners would be free to do anything they wanted. If someone removed his loincloth, he would be severely disciplined at the sawhorse.

Part 2

On the day of the game we took a large cement block, a rope, and a round wooden post to the bottom of the hill. We left it there with a flat stick, a belt and a broom handle for the first torture and headed back to play our game of strip poker. Come on inside and watch as we play.

The seriousness of the game began to settle in as we sit around the table in our bare feet, waiting for Rick to finish dealing the first hand. Whatever was lost, was lost for the whole day. We could all put our shoes back on to run through the woods. Because I always liked to be the center of attention, I didn't know who I wanted to lose the game more, me or Burt. Burt? Wait 'till you see Burt, you'll want him to lose also. I could throw the game and become the looser myself. After all, it's easy to get a bad hand. Four hands would be laid down, the worst one would have to remove an article of clothing: shirt, T-shirt, pants, briefs.

Tom was the first to lose his T-shirt. Come, watch him as he stands, peeling his T-shirt upwards over his head, isn't it exciting to watch the unveiling of his large 17 year old well muscled chest. Nice smooth shape to it, isn't there? Look at his upper arms and shoulders. Wow! They are the most developed of any of us. His waist is smooth and slightly ribbed. It compliments his 6 foot frame nicely.

O goody. Now Burt lost. He's gonna stand and unveil his torso. Burt, at 5'9" was is best proportioned of all of us. Slender, well built from years of work and, notice, not one ounce of fat anywhere - all muscle. Now he is lifting his T-shirt bp over his chest. Aren't those the most beautiful pointed nipples you have ever seen. Don't you just want to grab and pinch them? I couldn't help but remember the first time I saw them a few days ago, when he was selected to try out the sawhorse. Let's go there. There he stands, watch as we strip him naked. When I first spotted those tits you're looking at now, I wanted to pull and twist them until we were both hot and excited. Watch this, his pants are being unzipped and dropped. Now to drop his briefs and find the hidden treasure. Ah. Look. A half hard _c_o_c_k_, not large, but beautiful and well proportioned. Take a close look, he can't see you. I think my heart rate just doubled. Do you feel the excitement building. Tom and Rick are now bending that chiseled, muscled body over the sawhorse, the padded beam pressing into his well proportioned stomach. Stretching his arms out makes the ribs across his back rise even further. Tom is now securing his outstretched wrists to the front legs of the sawhorse, simply tying them down with rope. Now they are spreading his legs and to anchor them. Look at those cute little cheeks spread as his legs are being pulled apart. Doesn't it look inviting..

Don't get too excited, we're only testing this device to be used sometime in the future. Even though, Burt is still gonna get about a dozen wacks. Do you like spankings? Watch. Rick is now holding the paddle. Isn't the way Burt moves as Rick begins spanking him with the paddle awesome. Look at his _c_o_c_k_ jump to attention, mine is getting hard also. His muscles twitching until numerous veins line his silky arms. His rock hard chest expanding in anticipation. Wouldn't you like to clamp those nipples and stretch them to their limit, or to grab that hard wiggling organ and pump it until it gloriously explodes in pulsating bursts of orgasm. Rick, who gave him a dozen wacks, got so turned on that he forced himself to stop before things got out of hand. The three of us standing around that stretched out wonder, red ass high in the air, all silently agreed to wait and hope that if Burt loses, we could do anything to him we wanted. Wow!

Lets go back to the game.

It looks like I'm the next victim of the card table. Now you can watch me remove my T-shirt. Here let me stand and slowly remove my T-shirt for you. What do you think of my chest. At 20 I am the oldest, but I have no hair on my chest. I am simply average, 5"7, 132 lbs, 30 inch waist, but look 16. My heart rate increases as my upper body is liberated from its cotton prison.

Rick loses the next two hands. Watch as his t-shirt comes off. At 6'2", he's not only the tallest but also by far the thinnest. He doesn't have a lot of muscle but you can see every rib. Don't you think he has nice nipples? Then Rick has to stand to remove his pants. We all watch with excitement for Rick had the best _c_o_c_k_ among us. It isn't the longest, although it is 6", but it is the biggest _c_o_c_k_ around that I have ever seen. This 18 year old tool is as thick as a pop bottle. You can't get your mouth around it. It's twice as big around as anybody else's. Inside that massive dong is enough juice to swim in. As his Levi's drop, we all stare at his briefs; his bulge is highly noticeable without a hard on.

Now it's my turn to loose my pants. Since Burt still has his pants on, and we all really want him to lose, I decide to try my best to win and hope that Burt will lose his pants. He doesn't.

With three down to their briefs, I'm dealt two Kings, two tens and a four. I decide that I want the challenge of being the hunted. So I throw one of the Kings and one of the tens away, and ask for two more cards. They are a nine and a seven. I loose.

With 120 dollars on the table, I stand before my enemies and, with my heart rate increasing rapidly, I drop my briefs. Well, how do I look as I stand here naked? I would sure like to know what you imagine me to look like? Taking a deep breath, tensing my muscles, I let my body enjoy the attention given it by my opponents who study me from the nipples of my chest to my 6" half-limp penis. Hey, lets have a little fun. Do you remember that rule about not masturbating, and that it would result in, literally, unlimited torture. Well I think I'll tease them a little, so I rub and play with my penis until it begins to rise and get hard, then I wrap my hand firmly around it and pump up and down on the shaft. I look into their eyes, noticing that they are focused on my _c_o_c_k_. As soon as bursts of pleasure shoot through me, I grab the loincloth and slowly and erotically put it on. With my erection, it hangs out like an awning. Come, follow me as I slip on my shoes and flee into the woods.

I know they were watching me from the house as I fled into the valley, and I suspect they did not wait 10 minutes, but...two of my pursuers were wearing only briefs..

The loincloth is simply a thin chord with a small square piece of cloth sewn on the front, and a wider piece of cloth sewn in the back. It does not offer much protection or privacy. You can see my _c_o_c_k_ if you stand at my side and look under the loincloth. The loincloth would flop around when I ran, beating my _c_o_c_k_ into an erection. For the next two hours, every time I ran I got a hard-on. And when I jump, the flaps go up, exposing everything.

After two hours I'm exhausted. I'm covered in scratches from running repeatedly through brush, berries, and brambles. My legs received the most scratches. I'm resting in some bushes in the bottom of the valley, wondering whether to hide all day or get caught. I'm glad you're with me. Tell me, what role would you prefer in this game? Would you like to be the hunted like me? Or would you rather be the one doing the hunting? Do you like to be spanked and whipped? Or would you rather be the one doing the whipping? Tell me what your interests ...Oh no, I've just been spotted by Tom. He yells as I flee. But the others are close by. I try out running them but it's too late, the end finally came. Burt tackles me to the ground with a crashing thud. I'd like to see him try that without any pants on. Shaken, I can't get up before Rick had arrives. With a hearty shove from his foot, I collapse back to the ground, my chest heaving for air.

The time has come.

Part 3.

"Get up, Jungle boy" Rick quips, kicking me down once more. "Tom, hurry. Look what we found. A jungle boy."

"I think our catch needs to learn who's boss." Burt fires back.

"Boy, You've got something we have." Rick continues. "You have $120 of ours. Now all you have to do is tell us where the money is and we'll let you go."

Still lying flat, face down on the ground, I groan, "No way. I don't have any money. I don't know what you're talking about"

"Well, Maybe we'll give you a sample of what is to come" With that Rick steps on my back, leans over and with one hand raises the back of my loincloth revealing my bare ass.

Whack! Came a hand from nowhere. The sting shot through me causing me to squirm under Rick's foot. Five more times I feel the sting of the spanking before it stopped. Tom grabs one arm and pulls it behind my back, then the other and zoom, my hands are bound. They spank my bare ass some more before replacing the loincloth. They pull me to my feet and we head for the base of the hill leading to the barn.

"This is what we're gonna do," Rick began as he pushes my scratched body forward, "We are going to give you three tortures. You may tell us where the money is or pay the price. If you survive all three tortures, you will be free to go, the money is yours. Do you understand?"

"Uh Huh." I grunted.

The hill we arrive at is steep, with a 45 degree angle and rocks strewn about everywhere. It's difficult enough climbing without being tied up, but dragging a cement block may prove too much, especially trying to climb over the several small ledges that jut out on the 200 foot climb to the top.

"On your knees, Jungle Boy" Rick demands as we reached the base of the hill. "It's time for your first torture."

I drop to my knees. My hands are quickly untied.

"Now lay face down on the ground."

I cooperate.

The next thing I feel is the heavy thud of a round, wooden post being painfully dropped across my back, bruising my shoulder blades. A rope had been tied around the middle of this post, the other end of which was tied to a large cement block weighing almost 100 pounds. I feel my arms being pulled out and tied tightly around the post on each side. I feel helpless and vulnerable. My heart begins to pound and the excitement and anticipation sends blood flowing into my _c_o_c_k_. I almost feel unable to move, pinned down by the post lying and pressing across my smooth shoulders.

"Get up, Jungle Boy". I stir at Ricks prompting, but getting up would take a little thought and balance.

"Hurry." The sting of a flat stick crashes across my loincloth covered ass. I stand up, my penis under my loincloth twitching secretly.

"Now march". I really had to lean forward to get that cement block to begin moving. With the warm midday sun beating down, Beads of sweat begin dripping down my sleek, muscled body. Pulling is hard and as I plod forward, each step becomes steeper and steeper. I was beginning to ascend but the worst and steepest is yet ahead of me.

I imagined what I looked like to my captors. My grunting and tugging. My feet digging into the hillside, making sure each step is secure. My legs, muscles and tendons pumped to their limit, straining under the burden of dragging that block step by step. My chest beautifully expanding under heavy breathing. My scratched, almost naked body, stomach, chest and shoulder muscles bulging with the task of dragging a heavy block uphill, all with arms helplessly outstretched. I could sense their excitement in having me captured and bound. I was at their mercy, and it wasn't long before they began to take advantage of me.

"Hurry up" I heard. Crack! A broom handle slams across my sleek, sweaty back. Then it whacks me in the chest. A belt then slashes across the loincloth over my ass, absorbing most of the sting. My body began to tingle under an increasing blood flow. Then I feel a hand slip under the loincloth, touching and rubbing my ass as I struggle to pull the block up one more step. A belt comes across my shoulders leaving a red welt in its wake. I struggle as I enter the rock strewn steepest part. Suddenly the belt comes across the front of my loincloth, not hard, but enough to startle my _c_o_c_k_. Responding to the sting of the belt it begins to grow. Then another and another. Burt, noticing the loincloth growing with each wack, gleefully continues, stimulating my _c_o_c_k_ with the belt until he has worked my _c_o_c_k_ into an upright position. Tom starts playing with my _c_o_c_k_ using the broom handle to poke at it and push it around. He then works the handle under the loincloth to try and expose my erection for all to see. But the loincloth kept falling back into place. No one dared remove by briefs under the penalty of the sawhorse.

I don't know how much time had passed. My shoulders are now aching from trying to pull that block uphill. My leg muscles bulging in the strain of each step. They continue to abuse my tortured body. Fortunately nothing too severe or painful - yet. Tom is standing ready to nudge and whack my penis up should it begin to shrink. A stain had appeared on my loincloth from precum. As I approach the top part of the hill, I notice the ground becoming less steep. I could see I had traveled up about 150 feet; the end of the first torture was near.

Just then the block jams between two rocks. I pull harder but it won't budge. I'm met with a beating across my back and ass from my tormentors. Wack, I pull harder, straining in pain under the slashes of the belt. My foot slips and down I fall forward. With my outstretched arms helpless and unable to stop me, my chest lands full force on the rocky ledge in front of me. I feel the jagged rocks smashing into my chest. Air explodes out of my lungs. Without resistance, the heavy block begins to slide downhill, pulling me with it, lifting my loincloth and exposing the stiff shaft of my prick to the rugged rocks underneath by outstretched body. My balls painfully crash into a rock and I continued to slide while that rock continues on, scraping my penis, then scratching my stomach and digging across my chest. My body continues downwards, being scraped and tortured by rocks, pebbles and brush along the way. Down I continue, my prick smashed and scraped, my chest burning from the scraping of the pebbles. I keep trying to anchor one foot or another, but they keep slipping off rocks, sometimes sending one bouncing downhill. My entire front is burning from friction. I knew that if I slid all the way to the bottom, my entire front would be a bloody mess. Panic grips me. My feet are flying from object to object trying to stop the fall. I feel my first severe gash across my right ribs. The same pointed object gouges across my left nipple. Suddenly, my feet find a rock solid enough to anchor my weight. I had slid about 22 feet, the entire front of my body is burning and raw. My nutsack is bruised and sore. My erect penis scraped raw. I lay there burning, tingling and exhausted. All this only served to give my tortures another excuse to use their weapons on my ass and back.

Continued in part 2

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