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This archive contains thousands of stories that are erotic and sexual in their content. If this type of material offends you please exit this page now.


This web page contains stories of Male/Male sexual situations. Many of the stories envolve S&M, and some are extremely explicit. Not all the stories are explicitly gay/homosexual, but most do have a high degree of homo-erotic sexual content. If this sort of thing bothers or offends you or if you are not old enough to legally read sexually explict material, please leave now. Contents of the stories in this archive do not reflect the views or opinions of MMSA Stories. MMSA Stories does not promoet sex with minors or abuse of children.

This site is not a forum to promote sexual abuse of children. Stories are included in this archive semi-automatically and are for entertainment and artistic expression only. They are not examined for content, quality or screened in any way before being posted. If you the believe a story you read in this archive is either irrelavent to the subject of homo-erotic spanking, or if it contains description of the sexual abuse of children, please read this.

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